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Joe DeAndrea 02/15/09 03:00 PM

Sing It Loud in Van Accident
Sing It Loud was in a van accident today but everyone is alright.

Submitted by StrangerDanger

atticus18244fss 02/15/09 03:02 PM

That sucks

zubinmoosa 02/15/09 03:04 PM

That's horrible. At least they're ok though.

davidmest 02/15/09 03:21 PM

thats really shitty. hope shit turns around for them. i wonder if their equipment is fucked

aprilrainx 02/15/09 03:25 PM

Oh man, that stinks. At least they're okay :)

myhearturhands 02/15/09 03:30 PM

oh man, that stinks

tomizzlebizzle 02/15/09 03:30 PM

apparently somebody side swiped their trailer in the city... trailer is pretty messed up, but yes, thank goodness everyone's fine!

lissalynn 02/15/09 03:31 PM

Glad no one was hurt.

hiya 02/15/09 03:32 PM

holy crap. thank god they are all okay, and hopefully their equipment isn't wrecked too bad.

thealex_is 02/15/09 03:34 PM

Sucks. Glad they're all okay.

azure19 02/15/09 03:35 PM

That's terrible, but I'm glad they're all okay. :]

WhoSaidThat? 02/15/09 03:35 PM

Agree with everyone else here.

UnderMyDreams 02/15/09 03:36 PM

Hope the equiptment is all good.

ghelms88 02/15/09 03:47 PM

Glad to hear that everyone is ok. It'd be upsetting to not see them this Saturday with Ludo.

paramorekicks 02/15/09 03:51 PM

glad everyone is ok!