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Lueda Alia 02/17/09 02:29 PM

Time And Distance Video Update
Time And Distance have posted a video update from the studio; head to the replies to watch it.

Lueda Alia 02/17/09 02:29 PM

Who's Chris? 02/17/09 02:33 PM


cupcakechris 02/17/09 02:34 PM

awesome i cant wait!!

tbsrock08 02/17/09 02:36 PM

These guys are awesome!!! Cant wait for the new stuff!!!Gonna be freaking sweeeeeeeeeeeeet

tomzenns 02/17/09 02:40 PM

werd up sonz.
shits gonna be sickkkkkk!

joeclayy 02/17/09 02:57 PM

sick should be good.

yocupcake 02/17/09 10:04 PM


Snails 02/18/09 04:47 AM

Haha. Nice.

theguilt engine 02/18/09 07:03 AM