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Rohan Kohli 02/19/09 09:35 AM

Doug From The Higher Starts Hip Hop Blog On AP.net
Doug from The Higher has started a hip hop blog right here on AP.net.

pennie 02/19/09 09:39 AM


ryanhorizons 02/19/09 09:50 AM

one check one love.....

ACA 02/19/09 10:10 AM

I saw his band at the TLA in Philly opening for.. Motion City Soundtrack? Plain White Ts? I don't remember, but it was awful.


romantic rights 02/19/09 10:13 AM

yeah, no.

Nick Le 02/19/09 11:12 AM

Lol. No. I read it...

anthonydarko 02/19/09 11:33 AM

After reading that, there's only one thing I can do: :hitself:

hollywoodending 02/19/09 11:37 AM

this sucks. nobody seems to care bout good hip hop nowadays.

it don't matter, cause niggaz ain't listening
They ain't listening, they thinkin bout they timbalands
They say the shit we talk about ain't interestin
We got a better chance of blowing up in switzerland

schmohawk 02/19/09 05:14 PM

they should stop messing around and get that new cd out already