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Blake Solomon 02/19/09 02:20 PM

AbsoluteINK: The Masochist
Better late than never! Our newest AbsoluteINK poem is now posted and ready. Take a look at the replies for a short excerpt and information on how you can submit your work.

Blake Solomon 02/19/09 02:21 PM

The MasochistEchoing
a discordant beauty
In exhilarated

Submit to AbsoluteINK:

Now you can submit creative work (fiction, non-fiction, especially good poetry), which can be anywhere from less than 1 page to around 6 in Word (12 pt. Times New Roman, single spaced). Take a look at some of the articles posted during AbsoluteINK's first run to get a gist of the length constraints. The topic can be anything under the sun. We may stifle your word count, but we will never tell you what to write about. If you have parts of a larger story and want to post them as such, drop us a line and we can try to work something out. Obviously, not every piece will be approved for posting, but we do hope to give as many people a chance as possible.

--SUBMIT ALL WORK BY EMAILING blake.solomon@absolutepunk.net or by sending Blake Solomon a PM using the AP.net message system --

This is just another way for you to express yourself.


P.S. Do NOT Private Message or email the AbsoluteINK username. Your pieces will (probably) never be read. PM Blake (me!) or email Blake (me!). That is your best bet of getting something read by our able readers! Thanks!

N8IVIin0rity 02/19/09 02:42 PM

damn i thought this was like a forum to show and talk about tats. MY B

Blake Solomon 02/19/09 02:58 PM


Originally Posted by N8IVIin0rity (Post 36442082)
damn i thought this was like a forum to show and talk about tats. MY B

ha sorry about that. i've made it more clear in the newspost now.

shortone1320 02/19/09 04:46 PM

cool, i like it, i'll be sure to send some in.