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Joe DeAndrea 02/19/09 11:39 PM

Guests on New Silverstein Record
Silverstein's new album will feature guest appearances from Scott Wade on "Born Dead," Liam Cormier on "Vices," and Lights on "The End."

abusedcat 02/19/09 11:45 PM

They play Lights at my work all the time.
Actually a fan - really catchy, especially "Ice".

DCD08 02/19/09 11:48 PM

should be interesting to hear lights mixed with silverstein.

Sherrice 02/19/09 11:49 PM

I don't like Lights.

Alex DiVincenzo 02/19/09 11:52 PM

Great choices

Keagan Ilvonen 02/20/09 12:06 AM


Clark 02/20/09 12:09 AM

Interesting. I may have to give this album a chance.

YouSmellExcited 02/20/09 12:10 AM

nothing special. shoulda got Rody Walker or someone from AOF

Co and Ca 02/20/09 12:25 AM

mmmmmchickfromthatoldnavycommercial mmmmm

singyoutocoma 02/20/09 02:10 AM

What's Scott Wade doing these days?

Gumbyjag 02/20/09 02:42 AM

stoked. this is something they haven't done before.

Mattylikesfilms 02/20/09 02:52 AM

Who are these people??

heyzombiehitler 02/20/09 02:59 AM

I half expected Anthony Reneri. Bummer.

theMIKEman 02/20/09 03:16 AM

Pretty stoked on hearing Scott Wade on this.
I really miss him in Comeback Kid.

Romancebled 02/20/09 03:37 AM

Lights is awesome.