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Mike Kraft 02/20/09 08:32 AM

Alexisonfire Recording Blog
Alexisonfire now have a blog documenting the recording of their new record.

Submitted by orionsendjaron

Keagan Ilvonen 02/20/09 08:35 AM

Hope this is better then Crisis.

Baines on Toast 02/20/09 08:39 AM

What? They are recording? I thought they were on a hiatus. I'm stoked by this.

LagwagonX8 02/20/09 08:44 AM

please be like the s/t, please be like the s/t, please be like the s/t...or like Accidents on Watch Out!...that would be good too

live. 02/20/09 08:46 AM


Originally Posted by Keagan2387 (Post 36515802)
Hope this is better then Crisis.


Sneak Peek 02/20/09 08:53 AM

i wish dallas green was recording another city and colour right now

kevinrocks409 02/20/09 08:53 AM

good stuff!

Poochemist 02/20/09 08:54 AM

Looks like they're already working "real hard".

By the way, Crisis is a great album.

tenacious p 02/20/09 08:56 AM


Originally Posted by Keagan2387 (Post 36515802)
Hope this is better then Crisis.

Loved Crisis. Can't wait for this

staybrave 02/20/09 09:00 AM

seriously? s/t is not their best effort. Watch Out! was great but it was more like George wasn't even on the record and it was at least 85%. Don't get me wrong I love Dallas but it wasn't a City and Colour record. Crisis was great as well and to be quite honest almost beats out Watch Out! as my favorite. Alexis is probably my favorite band ever.

ambiguous.dude 02/20/09 09:16 AM

that's great, it's been a while since we heard anything from them. One of my most anticipated of 2009 (if it comes out in 2009) along with blink.

boscorelli 02/20/09 09:22 AM

dont get the hate for crisis, it was more then solid and i actually listen to it more than watch out at this point.

Shoorty0690 02/20/09 09:24 AM

Did I miss the "Were back from hiatus thread?"

Oh well, good to see them back. I hope they're stuff is better than their last release. I want some 44 caliber influence.

alert=danger 02/20/09 09:25 AM

This should be epic.
What was wrong with Crisis? I thought it was a brilliant album, good lyrics, good vocals on both parts, good production.
Whats not to like?

imagination 02/20/09 09:33 AM

love alexisonfire! i can't wait to get a listen.