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Paul Tao 02/24/09 12:24 PM

Atticus USA Looking For Interns
Atticus Clothing is looking for marketing and new media interns for 2009. Find all of the info in the replies.

Paul Tao 02/24/09 12:24 PM

Must receive college credit and be ready to dedicate at least 20 hours a week. Must be familiar with Atticus artists. Must live in the greater Los Angeles area and have a vehicle. New Media intern must have excellent proficiency in Flash, raw HTML, CSS, Javascript, and be extremely familiar with all social networking sites. Marketing tasks will include helping with the creation and execution of marketing plans, viral and street promotion, as well as some clerical work. Must be organized, detailed and good at multi-tasking. Serious inquiries that meet the previous expectations only. This is probably the best internship you will ever find...

Street Team Members:
In all major markets in the USA. If you are looking for a chance to get out an help at music events crossing all genres and styles, this is for you. You must be over 16 years of age, a car is a plus, and have a desire to work in music, fashion, and/or marketing. Working for Atticus in your area will get you into Atticus sponsored tours, festivals, and of course, some extremely specialized clothes. Love music, love talking to people, and love having a good time!

for any of the above positions, please email mark@atticusclothing.com for more information.

bensATLsummer08 02/24/09 12:27 PM

Doing this right now.

UnderMyDreams 02/24/09 12:39 PM

Sooo... I wish I lived in LA.

Whats the street team thing?

zombie!pirate! 02/24/09 01:09 PM

everything is in LA. How about some Miami Love :(

TSTLSOOM 02/24/09 01:15 PM

i live in LA, but i know there are way more qualified people for the job. however i will gladly sign up for the street team!

lostfear 02/24/09 04:23 PM

I'm down.

djsclaus 02/24/09 09:58 PM

Signed up for the street team

If only I was in LA... 2 more years

AlkalineAvA 02/25/09 08:31 AM

street team sounds cool...too bad i still have a couple of months till im 16 :/.

weaves 02/26/09 10:31 AM

applied for the marketing intership..