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Joe DeAndrea 03/02/09 11:04 AM

Bands on TV: Week of March 2nd, 2009
Here are the bands on your television this coming week. Check your local listings for showtimes.
Bands on TV3/2 - U2 on David Letterman [CBS]
3/2 - The Fray on Jay Leno [NBC]
3/3 - Lil Wayne on Jimmy Kimmel [ABC]
3/4 - The Fray on Ellen DeGeneres [SYN]
3/4 - Cancer Bats on The Daily Habit [FUEL]
3/4 - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah on Jimmy Fallon [NBC]
3/4 - Little Boots on Carson Daly [NBC]
3/5 - Andrew Bird on Craig Ferguson [CBS]
3/5 - Saosin, The Hives, Flobots on The Daily Habit [FUEL]
3/6 - M. Ward on Craig Ferguson [CBS]
3/6 - Thursday on The Daily Habit [FUEL]
3/6 - Plain White T's on Bonnie Hunt [SYN]

jgord88 03/02/09 11:21 AM

I misread this and and thought it said that Cancer Bats were on Ellen. That would be funny/awesome.

dan sings 03/02/09 11:28 AM

what is this fuel channel? never heard of it before

Yellowcard2006 03/02/09 11:32 AM

Will watch both The Fray performances, I wish I had FUSE.

just.Starla. 03/02/09 11:34 AM

I'll be watching M. Ward for sure.

wybigsteve 03/02/09 11:37 AM

Heads up that U2 is on Letterman everyday this week Monday-Friday.

adam . . . ??? 03/02/09 11:48 AM

oh yaaa jimmy fallon starts this week. As much as I don't want to see him fail, I can't help but think he will. His appearance on Conan a few weeks ago was terrible.

Liter-O-Cola 03/02/09 12:15 PM

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!!

mrxstripes 03/02/09 12:28 PM

Damn,I don't have Fuel anymore. I think this Thursday performance needs to find it's way online

Jake Denning 03/02/09 12:32 PM

Joe made a mistake....its FUSE.

BGP 03/02/09 12:53 PM


Originally Posted by Boomhauer12 (Post 37519352)
Joe made a mistake....its FUSE.

I hope you're joking.

But I'll probably checking out Andrew Bird's performance.

peachcakemike 03/02/09 12:55 PM

David Byrne is playing on The Colbert Report tonight. Everyone better watch. :)

WhoSaidThat? 03/02/09 01:03 PM

Looks like a great week overall.

zubinmoosa 03/02/09 01:18 PM

Thursday! But I don't have Fuel...

iIi 03/02/09 01:45 PM

I wouldn't mind watching Jay Leno & David Letterman tonight, but alas... I'm going to be watching Jimmy Eat World in person. <hee hee> I'm excited.