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Joe DeAndrea 03/04/09 01:11 AM

Joshua Radin Album on Sale
Joshua Radin's new album, Simple Times, is available for $1.99 on Amazon MP3.

cereal4life 03/04/09 01:23 AM

To anyone out there: BUY IT! It's a goodie and you won't regret it.

camery182 03/04/09 01:44 AM

quite a good cd

wtfTouchMyBalls 03/04/09 01:46 AM

mmm autumnnn.

sionic 03/04/09 03:02 AM

great album

Keagan Ilvonen 03/04/09 04:26 AM

Love this album. Everyone should pick this up for that price.

AbeLurkin 03/04/09 04:56 AM

such a great album.

greggillilan 03/04/09 05:20 AM

A must have

guitarplayerina 03/04/09 06:30 AM

so glad i decided to check this out

thealex_is 03/04/09 06:46 AM

I already have it, but definitely buy it if you haven't yet. Great album.

Hojonny 03/04/09 07:02 AM

Must buy if you dont' have it.

thecobrakais 03/04/09 09:01 AM


Originally Posted by guitarplayerina (Post 37696022)
so glad i decided to check this out

me too. i'd never really listened to him before, but i'm happy i did.

Galedeep 03/04/09 09:04 AM

There's no reason not to get this, for that price. Love this record.

alert=danger 03/04/09 09:21 AM

Such a beautiful record.
For this price you have to check it out.

Love this man.

tacosforcharles 03/04/09 09:21 AM

I recommend this to everyone, fantastic.