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Steve Henderson 03/09/09 08:57 AM

New Yeah Yeah Yeahs Video
Yeah Yeah Yeahs' new video for "Zero" can be seen here.

Broclee 03/09/09 09:13 AM

At first I was kinda meh about it, but I really liked it by the end.

Mens 03/09/09 10:30 AM


kigginsthisprov 03/09/09 11:04 AM

I liked it. Not what I expected though.

demondays524 03/09/09 12:59 PM

I like this video a lot.

hiya 03/09/09 01:57 PM

I like it and Karen O is def. one of the few people who could pull off wearing anything.

ASaveSituation 03/09/09 02:58 PM

Lol @ the asian girl at the end.

Kgod 03/09/09 04:35 PM

Not bad.

zombie!pirate! 03/09/09 06:52 PM

this song is like U2 + The Killers + some punk

I adore Karen O, and anything she touches

con40dmitri 03/09/09 07:31 PM

feel bad their album leaked 2 months before its time..good music nevertheless.