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drewz5 03/16/09 05:51 PM

does this mean vampire weekend has new songs to showcase?

they need to release another record, please. it's not too soon is it? no way

Uwe Blab 03/16/09 06:12 PM

Conor Oberst, hell yes. Even though Craig Ferguson's interviews are usually god awful.

birtcho 03/16/09 07:08 PM

id love to see vampire weekend

fadedmemories 03/16/09 07:15 PM


Originally Posted by meghanlail (Post 38728752)
I hope Katy Perry knows that Ellen is married now.

Exactly what I wanted to post.

onthefringe 03/16/09 07:23 PM

i watched jimmy fallon the other day and i didnt laugh once.

chochobonewagon 03/16/09 07:33 PM

i saw a ting tings performance on TV once, it was horrible

johnh5304 03/16/09 08:35 PM

Jimmy Fallon has gotten somewhat better. I may sit through half his show for Vampire Weekend.

knowthisx 03/16/09 10:33 PM

Wow, I actually want to watch all of these

Jbmusic 03/16/09 11:05 PM

katy perry!! :)

dan sings 03/17/09 08:49 AM

is ting ting married yet?