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Steve Henderson 03/26/09 11:11 AM

MSTRKRFT's remix of Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Zero" can be heard here.

guitarsmash0r 03/26/09 12:48 PM

8 more days and I experience MSTRKRFT

humanafterall 03/26/09 01:48 PM


con40dmitri 03/26/09 01:51 PM

good stuff..check out hypem.com if youre into remixes.

middlenameboom 03/26/09 02:17 PM


Originally Posted by guitarsmash0r (Post 39535441)
8 more days and I experience MSTRKRFT

I saw them last week. So amazing. It totally blew my mind.

The new MSTRKRFT album Fist Of God is the best thing I've heard all year. Go check it out. Also if you want to listen to this, but don't want to sign up for it, it looks like you can hear the song HERE.

Also I agree with the other guy. Hype Machine is the place for remixes. I check it constantly.

zombie!pirate! 03/26/09 03:14 PM

All i do is party

middlenameboom 03/26/09 03:49 PM


Originally Posted by zombie!pirate! (Post 39544952)
All i do is party

Ha. Ha. Ha.

bouttogetfancy 03/26/09 05:52 PM


After Hours 03/27/09 01:47 PM

About the fifth time I had seen the cover of "Fist of God," I did a total double-take and realized what that fist was made of :-0