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Julia Conny 03/29/09 07:48 PM

Horse The Band Begin Recording
Horse The Band has entered the studio to record their fourth full-length, Desperate Living, with producer Noah Shain. The release is planned for mid-summer.

exploration #4 03/29/09 07:49 PM


Whereisreggie 03/29/09 07:50 PM

Good News!

mycuban 03/29/09 07:51 PM


From: Skulls 03/29/09 07:57 PM

Sucks that this isn't produced by Jamie Stewart. Would of really liked to hear that.

timb89 03/29/09 08:15 PM

these guys were so funny at soundwave
i just dont like them that much musically

popdisaster00 03/29/09 08:17 PM

they're on vagrant?

Kyle Thrash 03/29/09 08:24 PM

loved the first two, skipped the last one. I'll check this out.

pleasedontpanic 03/29/09 08:29 PM

Vagrant and Epitaph are taking over the world.

Gumbyjag 03/29/09 08:54 PM

fuck yeah.

joshuagilbert 03/29/09 09:17 PM

wow cool a new release from the best band in the world...according to them.

douche bags

Keagan Ilvonen 03/29/09 09:23 PM

This is good news. I like.

davidmest 03/29/09 09:25 PM

worst band name ever. don't dispute that.

jessicalynn-xx 03/29/09 09:34 PM

Hopefully this album will be better than their last.

punk89 03/29/09 09:35 PM

Yes!! This is wonderful. I love this band so much.