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SummerxStars 01/26/06 02:19 PM

I love Brandon's voice and I can't wait to see them tour with Brand New (we all know it's going to happen!)

jeremywjmf 01/29/06 04:51 PM


Originally Posted by Drew Beringer
uh, 9.5 is bad?

no, 9.5 is great and its what the album deserved, but your review deserves a 3.5 b/c other than saying that the album was good and regurgitating what has been said 1000x about the band's history, you didnt say anything at all.

LilRyan732 02/22/06 05:45 PM

This is a great fucking album, period.

Chris Yates 11/13/08 09:33 PM

This album is fucking fantastic

denissuxx 04/20/09 07:56 AM

Amazing album. Such a good live performance too.