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Mike Kraft 04/01/09 11:19 AM

Bjork Joins Led Zeppelin
Björk has become the new vocalist for Led Zeppelin.

Submitted by deadkidsean

signal to noise 04/01/09 11:20 AM

holy. fucking. shit.


aidAn 04/01/09 11:21 AM


jawstheme 04/01/09 11:21 AM

Is this a fucking joke?

I'm DC 04/01/09 11:21 AM


Ryzenfall 04/01/09 11:21 AM


Jonathan Lally 04/01/09 11:21 AM

called it.

circatbs 04/01/09 11:22 AM

April fools!

ashiex3 04/01/09 11:22 AM


MarkAndros 04/01/09 11:22 AM

lol didn't get me

solidparty89 04/01/09 11:23 AM

this might be the dumbest thing i've ever have heard of ... i know that Dave Grohl is publicly friends with Led, why not him for a tour? anything but Bjork

Throwback 04/01/09 11:23 AM

baby i'm not fooooooooooolin

alifetmeaway 04/01/09 11:23 AM

oh this isn't even believable haha

signal to noise 04/01/09 11:23 AM

oh shit totally flew over my head....

disregard my first (semi-retarded) comment hahahaha

TheGoodnightMoon 04/01/09 11:24 AM

That was easy.