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Scott Weber 11/21/05 06:49 PM

Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer - The Popsicle EP
Zolof the Rock and Roll DestroyerThe Popsicle EP
Release Date: November 16, 2004
Record Label: Eyeball

Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer’s new album is in a word – fun. It’s straight-forward, synth driven pop-rock that features a female vocalist. Her voice is cutesy and innocent, and melds well with the nice and friendly tunes the band creates. It’s all very easy on the ears.

The album begins with “Argh, I’m a Pirate” which is a mid-tempo song. One thing you’ll notice about Zolof right away is how simple the format of their songs are. Fortunately, this doesn’t detract from the overall listening experience. The songs are short enough that no song wears old before it’s over. Which such lyrics as “Let’s turn this room into a pirate ship/and plunder each other”, you can’t help but smile. The second track, “This Was All a Bad Idea”, is easily the strongest track on the EP. About 40 seconds in, you’ll hear a familiar voice as Anthony from Saosin returns to his old band to provide guest vocals. His voice counters Rachel’s perfectly as uplifting guitars and quick, clean drum beats assist the happy mood of the EP. Even when Zolof slows down the tempo in a few other songs, the keyboards and Rachel’s cute voice (think early No Doubt) keep a smile on your face. “Crazy = Cute” is full of more classic pop-punk drum beats and guitar lines, but Rachel’s vocal rhythms really set off this song.

There are a million reasons why I shouldn’t like this record, but I do. It’s really basic music and doesn’t bring anything new to the scene – but it’s refreshing. I can write about why I think its great forever, but the bottom line is this: I can’t stop listening to this EP. Zolof truly doesn’t try to do too much – they know the sound they’re trying to create and they do it extremely well. This is one of the catchiest, poppiest, upbeat albums you’ll hear all year.

bummm 07/13/08 10:15 PM

Love them.