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Garett Press 04/02/09 03:20 PM

The exclusive we posted a few weeks back from current featured band, FACT, has been replaced with a brand new one. Head to the band's AP.net Profile to stream "Los Angels," track number two on the band's self-titled, April 14th release.

schmohawk 04/02/09 03:48 PM

wow. just wow. this band keeps earning points in my book

zubinmoosa 04/02/09 04:10 PM

Looking forward to this release.

alert=danger 04/02/09 04:26 PM

This could be a good release.
This album sounds so much better than anything they had previously released.

SuNDaYSTaR 04/02/09 04:31 PM

Incredible. Glad someone found out about them.

RyanFTW 04/02/09 05:47 PM

Anyone who listened to the first 10 seconds of this needs to wait for about the middle of the song and you'll get it. Holy shit this is awesome.

iamtaylorrr 04/02/09 07:31 PM

Wow this is actually pretty good.

Jhutch7 04/02/09 07:36 PM

This is awesome

tonighttonight0 04/02/09 07:53 PM

I'm not really feeling it

SwedishHeat 04/02/09 07:55 PM

I don't get it, is it supposed to be some other band in masks?? Aren't these the guys that had that viral site with AFI lit up in the text??

emkvetwin 04/02/09 08:48 PM

i'm pretty impressed by this.

youngmountain 04/02/09 08:59 PM

The masks and viral campaign puts me off liking these guys

DandonTRJ 04/02/09 09:03 PM

I haven't heard good fast-paced post-hardcore like this in a long, long time. So glad I pre-ordered.

RyanFTW 04/02/09 09:05 PM


Originally Posted by youngmountain (Post 40013902)
The masks and viral campaign puts me off liking these guys

How about just closing your eyes and listening to the music then?

Cheesus 04/02/09 09:09 PM

sounds like this could be really good.