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Steve Henderson 04/13/09 06:56 AM

Regina Spektor Album Title, Release Date
Regina Spektor will release her new album, Far, on June 23rd. Press release is in the replies.

Steve Henderson 04/13/09 06:56 AM

Sire Records and Regina Spektor are very proud to announce the release of FAR; the highly anticipated follow up to Spektor's gold album BEGIN TO HOPE. Set for a June 23rd release, FAR continues to reveal new layers in Spektor's songwriting as she pursues the next level in her inimitable musical style. With her uninhibited imagination and her hands on approach in the studio, FAR not only succeeds with 13 impressive and accessible tracks, but it spotlights Spektor's remarkable gift to craft intelligent and refreshingly honest odes to life. Four exceptional producers collaborated with Spektor on FAR: Jeff Lynne (ELO, The Traveling Wilburys), Mike Elizondo (Dr. Dre, Eminem), David Kahne (Paul McCartney, The Strokes) and Garret "Jacknife" Lee (Weezer, REM).

Captivating audiences with songs that are distinctively her own, BEGIN TO HOPE, allowed Spektor to go from hypnotizing small crowds to selling out 3,000 capacity venues worldwide with what Rolling Stone praised as "one of the most intensely joyful rock shows we've seen." BEGIN TO HOPE also spent 5 weeks in a row at #1 on the Billboard new artists chart before moving to #20 on the Billboard Top 100 and selling 1 million copies worldwide (Gold or Platinum in 7 countries).

Spektor's ability to explore rich soundscapes and combine them with her evocative and intricately structured melodies and lyrics has grown tremendously on FAR. From the gripping lyrics of the first single LAUGHING WITH to the intoxicating beat of THE CALCULATION, from the multilayered vocal work on BLUE LIPS to the rocking EET, FAR is the work of a talented, daring and important artist.

Spektor will tour the world beginning in June. Tour dates to be announced soon.


cannibalgirl 04/13/09 06:58 AM

this just made me so incredibly happy!

IPS Josh 04/13/09 07:01 AM

Can't wait. Same day as new Third Eye Blind as well.

John JD Dorian 04/13/09 07:03 AM

this is gonna be solid.

iheartmusic043 04/13/09 07:11 AM

I missed her. This is really good news.

eternalthings 04/13/09 07:22 AM

I like this.

Bruised26 04/13/09 07:39 AM

Cant wait!

Sharon! 04/13/09 07:39 AM

Regina is kick ass! I look forward to this!

mrogerslives 04/13/09 08:21 AM

she is STILL underrated. and remarkably talented, I hope this doesnt become to mainstream.

Etrain4242 04/13/09 08:26 AM

can't wait for this. Regina has got a goood voice.

newfoundnorcal 04/13/09 08:27 AM

great news!

bradsonemanband 04/13/09 08:30 AM

i was wondering where she went... i'm glad she's putting out something new

ESundy36 04/13/09 08:33 AM

I've been waiting to hear new songs from her for what seems like ages.

Tony Pascarella 04/13/09 08:38 AM

Awesome. I'm interested in hearing this.