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Joe DeAndrea 04/13/09 07:54 PM

Of Legends Debut Song on Myspace
A Secret metal band, Of Legends, has emerged on myspace. Any guesses as to who might be behind it?

WalmartPhotoGuy 04/13/09 07:58 PM

I'm just going to say Pete Wentz.

catamaran 04/13/09 07:58 PM

New Jonas Brothers side project?

I am Mick 04/13/09 07:59 PM

gossip grrrlll

FstFtsVsFences 04/13/09 07:59 PM

Sounds a lot like Chad Gilbert to me.

eleven eleven 04/13/09 08:00 PM

Wait. Whats supposed to happen in 2012?

I haven't heard anything about that.

And this song sucks.

catamaran 04/13/09 08:00 PM

Secret Lives?

1.8Nate 04/13/09 08:02 PM

Definitely Chad from NFG's voice.

B-Bones 04/13/09 08:02 PM

Hopefully it's not comprised of any members of The Chariot because Scott Irvine will disapprove because a Kinsella isn't in it and close the thread.l

Ryzenfall 04/13/09 08:03 PM

Of Montreal + He Is Legend + John Legend.

lfdfforever 04/13/09 08:04 PM


Petzl 04/13/09 08:05 PM

The vocals are baaaad.

Yellowcard2006 04/13/09 08:05 PM

Of Machines side project :shrug:

CantSlowDown7 04/13/09 08:10 PM

People should read alot closer to the first few words of the post for clues......and think way outside the box as to who it is.

CantSlowDown7 04/13/09 08:11 PM

and no not chad