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Anton Djamoos 04/15/09 10:02 PM

Quitting Time -- Your Thoughts
When Refused announced their breakup in 1998, it came shortly after the recording of their landmark The Shape of Punk to Come, citing that they did not want their art to become compromised. Once they issued their final manifesto, that was it. They were done, and their legacy remains over a decade later.

Bands break up for many different reasons. Some bands like Refused decide that they have been exhausted creatively. Other bands may credit personal differences between members to a break up. Some just can't sustain being in a band financially and decide to get a "real" job.

Music fans often hang on hope that their favorite band will return and 2009 has given many fans on this site their wishes with the return of Blink 182. After years of absence and personal strife, the band announced a much-wanted reunion. However, this year has also highlighted bands that are playing well past their expiration date.

When is it time for a band to throw in the towel? If you could decide, would you want a band like Refused to return?

If a band's music is deteriorating, would you, as a fan, rather your favorite band quit in their prime, or prolong their existence and continue to release subpar music? Could age even be a factor?

In a perfect world, how would your favorite band break up?

kittypants 04/15/09 10:07 PM

First of all, Refused's TSOPTC was and is still a musical opus!
I'd like a band to announce their breakup/retirement with a final record coming out and a final tour. Sort of the way one of my favorites growing up, Five Iron Frenzy, did it. It was tough to swallow but we all knew as fans that 2003 would be THE END.

Enoma Otenki 04/15/09 10:08 PM

in a perfect world....jimmy eat world would never really break up. they would just decide to spend more time at home watching their children grow up.

so i suppose it would be an indefinite hiatus.

Nick Le 04/15/09 10:09 PM

I think that if the band members aren't really feeling it, and they have other things they'd want to do, then it should be time for them to break up. It still sucks, and I'm still sad; like I still miss bands like Chasing Victory, Life in Your Way, Sullivan, Autopilot Off, and Once Nothing and I know I'm forgetting more. Though those are more recent. But they had their reasons, whether it was money or personal reasons...and I still have their music which I can always listen to. And with what seems to be an imminent break up of As Cities Burn, next Tuesday is going to be such a bittersweet day for me. I can't prevent my favorite band from breaking up and if that is what they feel and what they want to do, more power to them. I'll be heartbroken the day Relient K or August Burns Red breaks up, but I will always have great memories associated with their music and I'll always have their songs to listen to.

Then again, it's always great when bands get back together, I'm really hoping Yellowcard gets back together, so stoked that blink is back, and I can't wait for TSL to get together again. It's awesome when bands are able to pick up where they left off and continue to make music again after a hiatus, like Weezer and now blink. And I'll always tend to listen to whatever new projects members of bands begin, like AVA, Runner Runner, and Big If. Sometimes, I'll like them better and that's fine. And I'd rather it be a 'hiatus' rather than a breakup.

Burn That Shit 04/15/09 10:09 PM

I wouldn't want Refused to make a new album, and if they did decide to get together and be a band again it should just be touring.

bobby runs 04/15/09 10:13 PM

New Found Glory just can't physically play their songs live anymore. More than anything I can deal with a band not wanting to record anymore and just continue to play live shows. For a band like blink they have a lot to live up to reuniting. A lot of people are gonna have HUGE expectations for the album. To be honest I just want an album and maybe a live DVD of that tour with footage of them fucking around.

ntcalkin 04/15/09 10:13 PM

I think that if your heart isnt in it anymore than what s the point? Bands like yellowcard are on hiatus, but as you can see ryan key is going on and doing other things. Sometimes thats what it takes. The people who care the most about music will continue to inspire and will continue to do it because its their passion.

Id rather in the situation of yellowcard - if paper walls is their last album, then they went out with a bang, that album was amazing. It sucks because you will always wonder what if? but you have to respect that these artists are people too.

Tom Delonge said over and over - family first, and sometimes its all about your priorities.

Kyle Thrash 04/15/09 10:20 PM

You gotta throw in the towel before the towel throws you in.

(TREOS, Blood Brothers, etc.)

SteffRyanFail 04/15/09 10:21 PM

In a perfect world, my favorite band would just keep making awesome music forever.

But really, if a band is creatively exhausted they should just call it quits instead of disappointing their fans. If they decide later on down the road that there is still something left in them.. then they can make another album. But if I want would them to make a new album depends on the band. A band like Refused would be one that probably should not make a new album. Blink182 on the other hand, I'm curious to see what they're going to come up with.

Max Fischer 04/15/09 10:24 PM

The New Frontiers definitely quit ahead of their time. That's all I came to say...

leftapart 04/15/09 10:28 PM

Damn, I thought absolutepunk.net was shutting down. If only, if only.. If the music becomes compromised than yeah you gotta fucking quit. NFG hasn't put out a good album since Sticks and Stones which was what, 2003? Time to quit. Pink Floyd took a turn for the worst as well when Roger Waters left, and they then put out two shit albums. You just have to know when to stop. I would rather have a band quit and go out with dignity then try and create a somewhat decent album but fail miserably only to humiliate themselves and forever be slandered as a fiasco.

wroteurname 04/15/09 10:29 PM

I have so much respect for bands when they realize they've done their best work and do not want to compromise it by putting out shit. Kinda wish Saves the Day that after In Reverie.

djsclaus 04/15/09 10:33 PM

I couldn't imagine MCS disbanding. I don't want to even think about it.

Also, Guns and Roses should have quit a long time ago

Adrian Villagomez 04/15/09 10:36 PM

I remember thinking a few years back about a musical experiment. A dozen or so musicians with common interests and/or a common background (think of the fabled Long Island scene) form different bands, release music in their respective bands, then after a few years dissolve the old bands and shuffle around to form new bands. Of course this experiment would be difficult due to the long commitment, and it would only work with musicians who get along and "click" together, but the test would be interesting. I wonder if the results would be as fresh as I imagine they'd be.

*crying stars* 04/15/09 10:37 PM

I feel like bands that had to quit due to financial reasons or their labels screwing them over really get the shitty end of the stick, but at least it's understandable. I feel like a band should quit when they realize that there are other things more important to them than what they are doing, and hopefully they have a final tour or something along those lines before they quit entirely.
Of course, being the year of the reunion, you can always hope that they will get back together in the future.


Originally Posted by wroteurname (Post 40849751)
I have so much respect for bands when they realize they've done their best work and do not want to compromise it by putting out shit. Kinda wish Saves the Day that after In Reverie.

Even though Saves The Day is one of my favorite bands, I don't completely disagree with your statement about them.
Here's hoping Daybreak will be good enough.