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Forum: News 11:40 AM - 07/02/14
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Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: What a terrible song!
Waldorf: Yeah, it should have been called "Harsh Noise."

Oooooh oh oh ho ohohoohoh!!!!!!
Forum: News 11:39 AM - 07/02/14
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Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: That headline was misleading.
Waldorf: How so?
Statler: Because it said: "Third Eye Blind Almost Done." What a letdown.

Oooooh oh oh ho hooho!!!!!!!!
Forum: News 11:36 AM - 07/02/14
Replies: 31
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Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: I know the Muppets were in one of their videos, but I was over them even back then.
Waldorf: Yeah, everything will finally be alright once this band ends.

OOoooooho ho hoh h oooh!!!!!!!!!
Forum: News 10:02 AM - 07/02/14
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Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: After listening to that single, we are.
Waldorf: We are what?
Statler: I was just responding to track 11's title.

Ooooooh oh oh oh oh ohoohoho!!!
Forum: News 10:00 AM - 07/02/14
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Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: Did that last sentence make any sense to you?
Waldorf: Nope. But I think our jokes will always be in the style of our jokes...
Statler: Who says we were joking to begin with?

Ooooooh oh o...
Forum: News 06:04 AM - 07/02/14
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Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: Sounds like a crappy excuse for a musician.
Waldorf: I disagree. He's keeping his crappy music to himself!
Statler: Oh, you're right! Carry on, Jamie T. Carry right on!

Ooooho ho ho ho...
Forum: News 06:01 AM - 07/02/14
Replies: 13
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Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: I think we'd all love that.
Waldorf: Yeah, because then maybe someone would pick something good for once!

Ooooooh oh oh oh ho ho oho hoh!!!!!
Forum: News 06:00 AM - 07/02/14
Replies: 7
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Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: Oh, thank goodness!
Waldorf: Huh? I thought you hated this band.
Statler: I do! Now I know all the places I need to avoid!

Ooooooh oh oh ho hoh hoh!!!!!!!
Forum: News 05:58 AM - 07/02/14
Replies: 8
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Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: Darkest Hour? Wasteland?
Waldorf: They're really making our job here too easy.

Oooooh oh oh oh oh hohooh!!!!!
Forum: News 05:54 AM - 07/02/14
Replies: 264
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Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: I can honestly say I've listened to just about everything mentioned in here.
Waldorf: Me too! And these really are the best of the year so far.
Statler: We're in trouble.

Oooooh oh oh ho ho...
Forum: News 05:51 AM - 07/02/14
Replies: 2
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Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: I don't know about you, but I love when bands put their albums up for "pay-what-you-want."
Waldorf: Me too, Statler! Because then we can choose to not pay for crappy music like...
Forum: News 05:49 AM - 07/02/14
Replies: 2
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Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: Well, you and I are obviously doing alright.
Waldorf: What do you mean?
Statler: Our ears still work well enough to know that this band is terrible!

Oooohoo ho ho hohoohohhh
Forum: News 05:45 AM - 07/02/14
Replies: 7
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Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: I'm just glad to see her back.
Waldorf: I think it's a man, but I don't know.
Statler: Yeah, I don't care. Obviously no one else does either.

Ooooooh oh oh oh ohohoohoh
Forum: News 05:42 AM - 07/02/14
Replies: 6
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Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: This is terrible!
Waldorf: I'd rather listen to Miss Piggy sing.
Statler: Wait, I thought this WAS Miss Piggy singing!

Oooooh oh oh oh hoh ohhohhhh
Forum: News 09:09 AM - 02/04/14
Replies: 76
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Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: The Chili Peppers are such puppets!
Waldorf: Yeah!.... Wait....

Ooooho hoh oho hohoh!!!!!!!!!!!
Forum: News 09:07 AM - 02/04/14
Replies: 278
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Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: We should buy tickets to one of these shows.
Waldorf: But we don't have money! Disney takes it all now...
Statler: Exactly! It's an investment. We'll flip them for thousands of dollars and...
Forum: News 09:05 AM - 02/04/14
Replies: 7
Views: 1,339
Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: A loss for words has an album called the kids can't lose? That seems odd.
Waldorf: I'd say they'll be losing their money if they buy this.

Oooooh oh oh oh oho h!!!!!!!!
Forum: News 09:02 AM - 02/04/14
Replies: 14
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Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: Apparently everyone DOES know better.
Waldorf: Yeah, they aren't posting about the song.

Oooooh oh oh ho ohoho hooh!!!!!!
Forum: News 03:18 PM - 12/24/13
Replies: 32
Views: 5,387
Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: You're absolutely right...
Waldorf: WE NAILED IT!!!

Ooooh oh oh oh oho h !!!!
Forum: News 03:02 PM - 12/24/13
Replies: 40
Views: 6,052
Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: People will be breaking down the walls to get out of the room!
Waldorf: Very fitting tour name.
Statler: Yeah, but good thing we aren't going. We're too old and don't have the muscle to...
Forum: News 02:57 PM - 12/24/13
Replies: 30
Views: 5,632
Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: I was looking forward to this, but then I watched it...
Waldorf: Why were you looking forward to it?
Statler: I thought someone was going to actually freeze the band!

Oooooh oh oh oho...
Forum: News 02:56 PM - 12/24/13
Replies: 12
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Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: I can't stand this band.
Waldorf: Agreed.
Statler: Hopefully the song title is a sign for what is it to come for this band.

Ooooh h ohohoohohhh!!!!!
Forum: News 02:50 PM - 12/24/13
Replies: 35
Views: 7,150
Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: This could actually be really good!
Waldorf: And how's that?
Statler: If it wasn't being made!

Ooooooh oh ho h ohohoooh!!!!!!!!
Forum: News 02:48 PM - 12/24/13
Replies: 32
Views: 5,387
Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: What is this?
Waldorf: It's basically a crappy band playing other crappy bands songs?
Statler: And look at that. Apparently The Muppets aren't the only ones to make "Bohemian Rhapsody" even...
Forum: News 11:48 AM - 11/11/13
Replies: 31
Views: 2,864
Posted By StatlerWaldorf
Statler: They hired us to film a video about it.
Waldorf: And we agreed to it!
Statler: Yup! Music and movies are way too easy to get these days.
Waldorf: Exactly. The more terrible stuff we can get...

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