03:45 PM on 02/17/12 
User Info.
Goodbye Cool World.
yayitsjoe's Avatar
Roxborough, PA
Male - 24 Years Old
One of the cooler things I've witnessed. The whole show, he had like a two-tom setup next to him that he would play with one drumstick on songs like Title and Registration (that opening beat comes to mind) while singing and playing guitar. When they closed with We Looked Like Giants, he and Jason kinda naturally ended up in this beat near the end and Chris and Nick brought out the rest of a whole other drum set while this was going on, until they were each playing a full kit for that super drummy ending. When that epic madness was over, he tossed his sticks into the crowd, and me and this girl both caught the same one. She was cute, but I wasn't letting go. My friend suggested rock, paper, scissors, and I won. Then we went to Denny's.

that's really awesome.
03:46 PM on 02/17/12 
User Info.
Be seeing you.
xJesusFreakx's Avatar
Male - 27 Years Old
there's a song they need to play more often. Has there been any word on a new album?

Last I had heard, it was equally likely that they would as that they wouldn't. After a little searching:

From October:

"We have to make hits if we are to survive."

"We've been on the verge of irrelevance for the last 20 years, dodged, ducked, dived, made some great work, I hope, along the way and the occasional faux pas. But this moment now, for me feels like really close to the edge of relevance. We can be successful and we can play the big music and the big places."

The singer recently said he would be happy if U2 wrapped up their career now. He added that if the four-piece do return it will be some time before they resurface.

So, if could be a while? Weird. And here I thought they had two different hypothetical album ideas in waiting. Well, if this is accurate, their last "disappearance" birthed Achtung Baby, so can't complain. I hope it doesn't take too long, though. Already been 3 years since No Line.
03:49 PM on 02/17/12 
User Info.
Inside of your heart always
johnnyferris's Avatar
Anaheim, California
Male - 22 Years Old
1) My first concert I went to was the Hawthorne Heights tour with From First To Last, Secondhand Serenade, and Powerspace. It was a great show and looking back I'm glad I got to see them when Casey was still alive.

2) Bamboozle Left 2008. Saw so many good bands that day.

3) Back to the Roots tour with TDWP, Miss May I, and Your Demise at Chain Reaction. One of the best performances I've seen; I had lots of fun stage diving and being in the pit.

4) Stick to Your Guns at Chain Reaction (2010). They are my favorite band and seeing them at Chain was amazing. My favorite part from that was when they played "Some Kind of Hope." I got up on stage with Jesse at the beginning and sang all the words. Also caught one of George's sticks.

5) August Burns Red, Silverstein, Texas in July, and I the Breather. Probably the best show I've been too. All bands played super well; ABR amazed me with how great they are live.
03:52 PM on 02/17/12 
User Info.
Brandon Allin
No Avatar Selected
Toronto, ON
Male - 27 Years Old
My favorite moment will forever be seeing Goldfinger in Toronto when I was 15 years old, and getting invited out on stage to sing "Counting the Days" with John Feldmann, and getting to light Darrin's cymbals on fire later on in the set. Pretty surreal experience for me at the time.
03:53 PM on 02/17/12 
User Info.
Died from an accident.
blimpcityhero11's Avatar
Akron, OH
Male - 28 Years Old
Always a good topic...

1) Seeing Death Cab For Cutie close with "Transatlanticism" live... Specifically at an outdoor show in the middle of October where it was pretty cold and there was very little light outside of the low lighting they had on stage. Just a great combination of a powerful song and accompanying mood.

2) Seeing Andrew McMahon premiere "There, There Katie" live with his (eponymous) sister in the audience on his first tour as Jack's Mannequin. Not a dry eye in the house at the end of it...

3) Being on stage for The Starting Line at Warped in 2007
follow up: Enduring the Cleveland hurricane of 2007 Warped with The Graduate and Meg and Dia.

4) Warped Tour 2005. Just the entire day... So many of my favorite bands all in one place.

5) Having Max Bemis press his (incredibly sweaty) head right into mine to scream along the chorus of "Hate Everyone."

6) Motion City Soundtrack's album shows... Just the whole experience of seeing one of my favorite bands play their entire discography.

7) Becoming a screaming 14-year-old once all over again when blink-182 launched into "Dumpweed" to start their set at their reunion tour.

8) Having a whirlwind day of hanging backstage with a couple bands and being on stage for Paramore's surprise performance at Warped 2009 by day and going to see Brand New in their small club tour by night
04:11 PM on 02/17/12 
User Info.
Get him a cranberry juice
ctmk's Avatar
Los Angeles
1. Being on the barricade for The National at Sasquatch 2010, which happens to be the greatest live performance I've ever seen. Words cannot describe how magical that was.

saw them in San Fran in December and it was one of the best performances Ive ever seen music or otherwise. The songs take on a different life when played in concert. And Matt Beringer is so, I cant quite put it into the words, "emotional" i guess. There were times where he would slam the microphone down and walk off stage. And during Mr. November, he comes into the crowd. One of the best nights ever.
04:32 PM on 02/17/12 
User Info.
Regular Member
sirensongofra's Avatar
Male - 25 Years Old
Calling bullshit or over-exaggeration on that one.
lol. i was the only guy in the front row (one of the few guys in general) and she kept winking at me and slapping her butt in my face as part of the performance. i know it wasnt actually hitting on me, but it was shorter to type
04:33 PM on 02/17/12 
User Info.
thesafeword's Avatar
Portland, OR
Tyler, the Creator crowd surfed near me/on me. Touched his arm and everything.
05:39 PM on 02/17/12 
User Info.
Somos libres carajo!
josepablo32's Avatar
Monterrey, NL
Male - 24 Years Old

Motion City: Taking my sister to see and meet them at a tiny in-store on the day MDL came out, which was also her birthday. She tells me all the time it's a birthday present she'll remember for the rest of her life.

That's awesome, man. Is she the one with whom you reenact The Dance of the Rolls from The Gold Rush?
05:44 PM on 02/17/12 
User Info.
Cuddleworthy's Avatar
New York
06:58 PM on 02/17/12 
User Info.
Registered Member
No Avatar Selected
Akron, Ohio
Male - 27 Years Old
Seeing The Graduate shortly before they broke up, one of the other bands left the stage early so they got to play an extra song, which happened to be my favorite song by them. (end of the world delight) Also the end of Pull Me In was pretty epic, I hate that word but there is no other way to describe it. I also saw Bone Thugs And Harmony live and got to witness one of the members get arrested on stage for an outstanding warrant.
07:12 PM on 02/17/12 
User Info.
CheckeredFloors's Avatar
Male - 22 Years Old
That time I saw HORSE the Band.
07:24 PM on 02/17/12 
User Info.
Airbud took my spot on the team
floormaster925's Avatar
Charlotte, NC
-seeing one of the fall of troy's last show in Grand Rapids, MI (that's important). at one point thomas starting playing the opening notes and said the first few lines from "such small hands" by La Dispute. Only my friends and I caught on and were the only four people finishing the first verse with him.
07:40 PM on 02/17/12 
User Info.
Registered User
love.infinitely's Avatar
Kansas City MO
for me... I went to see a Christmas show of 3 bands I didn't know and My Chemical Romance, and since they were headlining, they were playing last. So I sat, fairly uninterested, as the first three bands played. And then, the lights dimmed, and "Look Alive Sunshine" played as they walked out. And this band that had meant so much to me for the past 3-4 years walked out on stage, and I was literally only about 100 feet from them. I've never felt more alive in my life. :)
08:28 PM on 02/17/12 
User Info.
First Love / Late Spring
mkohler's Avatar
Cleveland, Ohio
Undeclared - 21 Years Old
1. Having Almost Here dedicated to me at the last TAI show I went to.
2. The MCS discography shows. (Particularly Commit This To Memory and Even If It Kills Me)
3. Being on the barricade and near the center for a Jack's Mannequin show.
4. The Almost Here Anniversary show.
5. Discovering Jukebox The Ghost.

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