In the simplest of terms, are you for or against the crowd-funding model that Kicksta
Yeah 145 88.41%
Naw 19 11.59%
Voters: 164. You may not vote on this poll

08:37 PM on 02/21/12 
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Thomas Nassiff
retired staff member
Thomas Nassiff's Avatar
Male - 25 Years Old
Staff Member
1. Have you ever donated to a Kickstarter campaign? For what band?

2. Have you ever donated to a Kickstarter that WASN'T for something music-related?

3. A hypothetical: Imagine your very favorite band or filmmaker or whoever had a Kickstarter project to fund a brand-new record or movie. They either meet the goal for the Kickstarter or they break up / stop making films forever / whatever. Who is this band / filmmaker, and what would you donate to them? And feel free to get creative - your answer doesn't have to be a monetary figure.
10:10 PM on 02/21/12 
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anamericangod's Avatar
Male - 30 Years Old
I think it's the best marketing model to come around in a long time, and bands that have a dedicate and passionate fanbase should really consider using it. That is, assuming they have the talent and creativity to offer worthwhile incentives.

It seems like a win win situation for everyone. Fans get something cool, the artist gets to make their music on their own terms, everyone's happy. I wish more bands would put it to use, because I think there are more than enough people willing to give their time and resources to make things happen.

1. Yes. Jonathan Jones, Ace Enders, The Graduate.
2. No.
3. If it was a band that I had a significant interest in, like Park or Lakes or smaller band wanting to do a new album, I'd gladly donate several hundred dollars as long as there was an appropriate incentive.
10:17 PM on 02/21/12 
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wake up i'm calling you
tyramail's Avatar
oregon city
Female - 27 Years Old
1. yes, the motel life
2. no
3. hellogoodbye. i would basically pay a ridiculous amount of money for them to continue making music because they are my favorite thing in the world.
10:18 PM on 02/21/12 
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No Avatar Selected
Utica, OH
Male - 22 Years Old
1. Yes, most recently I donated to The Ugly Club.

2. Some indie films that I stumbled upon because the person had a really sad story, and I'm a sucker for that stuff.

3. Already answered this in the news post kinda, but I'll do it again. I would do anything financially reasonable to keep blink-182 alive, and even donate a couple organs, too.
10:18 PM on 02/21/12 
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Disgruntled wheat thins enthusiast
mymusicismylife's Avatar
Cis Male
1. Yes. Malcom/Arrange, Victor Villarreal, Tallahassee Turns Ten: A Mountain Goats Cover Album, Kassette Klub SXSW showcase
2. Not yet, but I will.
3. For the right band, everything I could spare.
10:28 PM on 02/21/12 
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No Avatar Selected
2. Yes. I recently donated to Double Fine's Kickstarter. (Videogame developer headed by genius, Tim Schafer.) So far it's the highest grossing Kickstarter project to date. They're well over Two Million right now.
10:37 PM on 02/21/12 
User Info.
Thomas Nassiff
retired staff member
Thomas Nassiff's Avatar
Male - 25 Years Old
Staff Member
Thanks to everyone who has answered, keep 'em coming! Answers will be used for a sidebar sort of thing.
10:39 PM on 02/21/12 
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Nooooo! The Denver Broncos!? :(
domotime2's Avatar
New Jersey
Male - 29 Years Old
1 yes...small band named TAT
2. nope
3. I'd probably pay up to $30 to help fund a flogging molly album, if i knew it was the only way to get one.
11:01 PM on 02/21/12 
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Registered User
No Avatar Selected
Stamford, CT
1. No
2. No
3. It depends on the situation. Dave Matthews Band is my favorite band, but if it was just in the middle of the donation process I can't see myself giving more than $50 because I would expect other people to chip in and help. However, if it somehow got to the point where I was the last possible person left to donate and they were, say, $250 short, I'd feel pretty shitty if I didn't fork over the cash
11:07 PM on 02/21/12 
User Info.
Modern Baseball is WAR
CluckyB's Avatar
Male - 26 Years Old
The "or else we break up" clause would probably strike me the wrong way unless handled well. Yes, bands need money so they can buy food/save for retirement/assist their families. That's cool and understandable. Give a reasonable goal with a good explanation of what you need the money for and why you can't continue to be a band without it and I'd chip in anywhere between $10-20 for a band I've heard some of their stuff to several thousand dollars (plus spamming all my friends about it) to help fund the next Brian Fallon side-project.

But they are just like "give us money or else we break up" or I otherwise get the vibe being able to keep on making music isn't the reason for doing the kickstarter / the overall existence of the band I'll say good riddance and stop supporting the band. And judging that is hard, so I'd likely wind up being far more supportive of bands that just said "Give us money or else we can't make the new album" than "Give us money or else we break up".

that being said, I can really see kickstarter being the future of music. when done right it can be a brilliant way of funding things without the need for a major label to interfere. There are still going to be some people who do it to make money but manage to pass of their attempt as genuine and so still get funded but there are plenty of bands out there today doing it for the wrong reasons as well. I think a lot of bands are simply scared of asking money from fans because they don't want to look like greedy money grubbers, but ultimately they either get the money from fans through CD sales or the fans can give it to them outright. I think it was Jason who pointed out in a news post the other week that often fans buy merch simply to support a band, without any real interest in the merch and kickstarter lets fans actually just support the bands they wanna support.
11:18 PM on 02/21/12 
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No Avatar Selected
University Park, PA
Male - 25 Years Old
I think if a band absolutely needs the few thousand a kickstarter would make or they break up, that's a shitty ultimatum. Plus they're most certainly not trying hard enough on their own to get the amount of money to record, in that case.

I'm talking about reasonable numbers to record as well. Not something astronomcal like $50,000. In reality, recording an EP with a solid producer costs about $5,000.
11:59 PM on 02/21/12 
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they all got boyfriends anyway
trojanick's Avatar
Male - 27 Years Old
1. Yes - The Narrative ($10) & The Graduate ($85)

2. No.

3. I would donate several hundred dollars for my favorite band to not break up, which is saying a lot considering I have less than four figures in my bank account at the moment.
12:47 AM on 02/22/12 
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Bowie's in Space
thesinkingship's Avatar
1. Yes. Various bands.

2. No

3. I would donate as much as I could money wise.
01:22 AM on 02/22/12 
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All that wander are not lost
irthesteve's Avatar
Southern California
Male - 28 Years Old
1. Matt Pryor, I Can Make a Mess, and a couple of friends' bands
2. No
3. Of course
01:41 AM on 02/22/12 
User Info.
Mochem's Avatar
1. Yes. Circle Takes the Square, Black Churches, Park Jefferson/Bear Minimum Records (which is I was ripped off for. The label never sent out the records and won't respond to e-mail), Gatsby's American Dream/Overdue Collection Agency, Zlam Dunk, Ultimate Facebook

2. No. But I would.

3. Whoever. If I like the project enough, I would donate a lot of money. Over $100 and that's pushing it, but it really depends on the project and the incentives provided. I could do more.

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