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11:26 AM on 03/02/12
Troy and Abed in the Morning!
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camperfrequency's Avatar
I did. They read the blog and thought it meant he is quitting music for good.

I highly doubt any of them read it. The title of the article was "Patrick Stump Quitting Music" and the article misrepresented what he said badly. I commented but it failed to be noticed :/ That is a very sad website.
12:15 PM on 03/02/12
Registered User
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veronabryce's Avatar
Everyone gets bummed sometimes. DO THINGS FOR YOURSELF, NOT TO PLEASE OTHERS! Fuck what they think. Its unfortunate that we live in a world where 'haters' speak louder than those who actually love a support it.
01:10 PM on 03/02/12
Listen To Saves The Day
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gengen's Avatar
Infinity on High is my favorite.

I was so happy to see him lose weight - he looks fantastic and its just overall better for his health. I know it was difficult and I am really stoked for him about doing it.

Though I loved his EP, I wasnt in love with Soul Punk. I respect him for putting it out there and bought it to support him.

His music has been a part of my life for a long time and it was the least I could do.
06:41 PM on 03/02/12
promesas son sombras
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EchoPark's Avatar
Having lost a considerable amount of weight myself in the last 12 months, I know what he means. You feel liberated.
10:10 PM on 03/02/12
Nick Le
Yeezy taught me.
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Nick Le's Avatar
This made me really sad.
11:12 PM on 03/02/12
Registered User
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ourlady311's Avatar
we'll always love you patrick. personally i kind of grew up with TTTYG, but i also have grown out of it to a certain extent. i hope you read a lot of the positive feedback. it's easy to start feeling sorry for yourself when things aren't going well...just chin up, get some sleep, and come out swinging. when you wake up, the world will come around.
12:03 AM on 03/03/12
Shitty musician.
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Ashur's Avatar
This is horribly sad. This just reaffirms my opinion that I hate people. No one is ever satisfied with anything, and drives even the most respected people to step down. Shut your fucking mouth if you have nothing nice to say.

I love Patrick and will always adore and respect him and his music. I really hope he keeps playing, the loss would be too great.
12:51 AM on 03/03/12
What do I stand for?
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allthruwinter's Avatar
This broke my cold, icy heart. For every person who hates you, Patrick, there's plenty of us that still love what you do. Don't give in to the hate, that's exactly what they want, don't let that larger than life voice of yours go to waste, it would be a terrible thing.
01:10 AM on 03/03/12
Compulsive Night Owl
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NotEmo.JustMe's Avatar
I want to punch in the face whoever would go up to him at one of his solo shows and tell him anything he did was crap. (Violence is never the answer, but that emotion gets invoked sometimes...)

I didn't get into FOB until 2005 after FUCT came out but when I heard 'Sugar' and 'Dance Dance' on the radio I was instantly hooked. Those were the only 2 FOB songs I had on my mp3 player for a while and I'd listen to them over and over and over and over again because I loved the way the songs made me feel. Once I got their entire album I locked myself in my room and read the lyrics with the first listen; I can still remember doing that to this day. For my birthday the next year my brother got me TTTYG and that was all I listened to for the longest time (Saturday is my favorite FOB song ever). When 'Infinity on High' came out I don't think any other CD came near my stereo for a solid two months and right before it came out was when I went to my first FOB show. Folie A Deux was and IS such a good album. I know they got a lot of hate for changing their style (sort of) but I loved it!

I love everything this band has ever done. When I got an M&G with them (albeit a very brief one that didn't allow anything but a signature) I was beside myself with insane joy. Seeing them perform was like a double dose of adrenaline and when they played 'Thriller' and said 'this one's for all the die hards' I was jumping around and singing as loud as I could because that song evokes such behavior from me (every time I listen to this song I think about that performance).

People who are coming down on Patrick or Fall Out Boy (in general) are just mad that the band they liked changed their style and got more popular. If they'd kept making TTTYG over and over again those same 'fans' would have gotten bored with them; you change as you grow and get older, it's no different in music.

I wish I could shake Patrick or give him a gargantuan hug just to let him know how much I appreciate all of his music. I haven't given 'Soul Punk' the amount of listens it deserves, but I have a crazy amount of respect for him because he played every single instrument on those tracks (if I remember correctly??). He is probably one of the most talented musicians to grace the music industry in a good long while. Everyone who tells him otherwise can go turn on the mainstream radio station and fill your head with crappy musical nonsense.
08:57 AM on 03/03/12
Every cloud is in your way
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popdisaster00's Avatar
I just want to post, for the record (and days too late) that Folie was fucking awesome, and easily the band's best work in my opinion. That's coming from someone who loved Take This... and mostly enjoyed everything else in between.
09:47 AM on 03/03/12
look and despair, look and despair
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just.Starla.'s Avatar
Excellent read, but it makes me kind of sad, especially towards the end.
10:55 AM on 03/03/12
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Alison1488's Avatar
This really was a sad read. To be honest, I fell off of the Fall Out Boy bandwagon after their first album. I was one of the fans that found them before they struck "big" and just couldn't keep up with the fan girls that I found so annoying. But to be honest, I never stopped and thought how it must feel for any band when they lose a bunch of fans after they had their seminal album. Patrick really put it into perspective. We all think that they're rolling in their dough and living this amazing lifestyle, so it must have no affect on them, but obviously they are people with egos that shatter as easily as the "normal" people do. I haven't kept a magnifying glass on Patrick's career, but I have caught pieces over the years and I think we can all agree he is super talented. I hope he really does find a way to get past this and keep making music. Sometimes, it takes hitting a rock bottom to come back even stronger and better. This may be exactly what he needs to gain favor again.

That all being said, that fans would pay for tickets to tell him he sucks to his face is disgusting. It's one thing to get on your little soap box and rant and rave on your blog, but to do it to his face? What is there to gain by putting him down? Does seeing the look on his face make you feel like a bigger person? I apologize to Patrick that he had to endure that. Truly, that is vile and heartbreaking.

EDIT: I heard "Sugar, We're Going Down" on the radio yesterday and got so excited and jammed out. Not all of your fans hate you. Keep on keeping on, Patrick.
11:58 AM on 03/03/12
Registered User
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Chalie22's Avatar
It takes alot of balls to make an artistic change that is different and out there. Don't let those bastards grind you down Patrick Stump. Don't give them one inch dude. Rise above and continue being the good guy I believe you are. Do what you love and do what you do.
12:34 PM on 03/03/12
"Look mom, no hands!"
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Miketheunicycle's Avatar
damn eh
02:23 PM on 03/03/12
pour vivre heureux, vivons cachés
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kenzierawr's Avatar
That was hard to read. :( I hope he can get past what he's going through and keep evolving and continue to believe in himself and his dreams.

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