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06:29 PM on 05/25/11
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My first "heavy" record was the Bled's Pass the Flask (when it first came out), strangely enough, due to the AP.net hype of a one Jon something whose name escapes me. Kid Dynamite and Lifetime finally followed later that year.
08:32 PM on 05/25/11
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Silverchair - Neon Ballroom (got me really interested in music in general)
The Movielife - This Time Next Year (got me into the whole "scene" in general)
Comeback Kid - Turn It Around (got me into hardcore)
10:57 PM on 05/25/11
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kazuma_ootaro28's Avatar
Still need to get Check Your Head, but hooray for Beastie Boys, an early favourite of mine.
06:03 AM on 05/26/11
Spencer Control
i am orange and i can grow wings
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I'll be surprised if anyone listens to Slowreader, so I don't really expect anyone to comment on it. But yeah, do check that album out if you enjoy folk music. It's incredible.
I actually do like folk music when I'm in the mood, so I may very well check them out.

Nice feature overall. Ryan summed up my thoughts on They're Only Chasing Safety exactly.
07:25 AM on 05/26/11
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saturday_snow_squall's Avatar
wow. brendan's entry was incredible. m@d pr0pz!
11:54 AM on 06/01/11
it's just the gravity I keep around
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cococrisp20's Avatar
Blink, Offspring, NOFX, Green Day, and Mighty Mighty Bosstones best music of the 90s right there
12:03 PM on 06/01/11
Lost in the dream.
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bencoles's Avatar
Found myself nodding at a lot of these, especially EITS, RX Bandits and Under°ath.
11:38 AM on 06/02/11
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punk89's Avatar
This was a really cool feature! Props to everyone who contributed.
02:37 PM on 06/04/11
I go by Pork Chop
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snowboarderkid's Avatar
Great feature, opened my eyes to some albums that i would have just passed by otherwise
09:12 AM on 06/05/11
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plentymad's Avatar
Nice to see Josh Eppard participating in this. Doggystyle is a classic. Also very glad to see/read about The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place, Through Being Cool, Check Your Head, and So Much For The Afterglow. Oh, and CCR of course. Good stuff.
09:14 AM on 06/05/11
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plentymad's Avatar
Also, 3EB's self-titled popped my CD cherry.
11:48 AM on 06/06/11
die young and save yourself
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MBIIdollaBill's Avatar

- Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Silence
Record Label: Roadrunner Records
Release Date: May 9, 2000

if you are in your early 30's and now wear a tiny leather jacket, then there's a great chance this record is your pick as well. It was given to me by a friend whose brother was touring with them at the time. He said "My friends from back home just put out this record. Check it out." He said it as if it was half of a sandwich he wasn't going to eat, expecting no more than a cursory glance, unaware of how it would change not only how i heard music but how i made it. It's obviously hard to describe the way a riff or a melody effects you when it reaches beyond the intellectual and into the visceral because it's an experience that is cheapened when you try to apply descriptors and the more you long to associate with it, the further it moves away from the nucleus of the purpose. But this record cornered me. When I put it on in my car it was almost as if my life as a 20 year old was another instrument that automatically quantized with the existing rhythm of the songs. that my being there hearing it not only heightened the sound but deepened the meaning of what these total strangers, existing independently of me, had written who knows how much earlier. It was what I considered a "life checkpoint" because it seemed as if the lyrics described what I was looking at at that moment-had been looking at for months- not just visually but emotionally. I had never heard a vocalist do what Daryl was NOT doing. He was not making sense. He was cutting himself off before cussing, He was singing with such poignant madness that I literally could NOT STOP listening. It was like a movie I had seen hundreds of times still firmly believing that if I watched it just once more the characters will become self aware and give me the resolution I needed. but they never did and to this day they never have and I think it's their inveteracy that reinforces the importance of the record they made over 10 years ago. (Keith Buckley - Every Time I Die / The Damned Things)

That is some powerful shit Keith says about EYEWTKAS... as corny as it sounds, that album was the only thing holding me together for a while there, and it still hits me hard every time I listen to it. Such raw, visceral expression of emotion is hard to come by. Very underrated album.
08:28 PM on 06/06/11
i think youre an idiot
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Mxpx- life in general. No lie, I bought the cassette in 96 when it came out.

Although the true, first gateway album I bought before that was Driver Eight -watermelon. That was another tooth and nail band back in the day.
11:52 PM on 05/28/12
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02:08 AM on 12/04/12
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