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Happy 30th Birthday to the CD

Posted by - 03:12 PM on 10/01/12
Today is the 30th anniversary of the CD. Does anyone out there still buy CDs?
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03:20 PM on 10/01/12
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WhoSaidThat?'s Avatar
I did that once or twice.
03:23 PM on 10/01/12
i like apples
Kyle Max
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i like apples's Avatar
Last time I went to a record store with my Dad he bought The Beatles on CD and I bought Gaslight on vinyl. Backwards times we live in.
03:23 PM on 10/01/12
Alex DiVincenzo
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Alex DiVincenzo's Avatar
I rarely buy them anymore unless it's part of a cool preorder package (though I still occasionally get physical promos), but I still won't part with my old ones.
03:23 PM on 10/01/12
Again And Again
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Amongster's Avatar
03:25 PM on 10/01/12
who told you this room exists?
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serotoninzero's Avatar
I work at a pawn shop, and I buy CDs from us for $.50... Usually ends up being old albums from bands on this site. Besides that, pretty much all vinyl with a small amount of digital.
03:26 PM on 10/01/12
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Crackbaby's Avatar
Yeah I bought like 70 of them.
03:26 PM on 10/01/12
i like apples
Kyle Max
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i like apples's Avatar
I rarely buy them anymore unless it's part of a cool preorder package (though I still occasionally get physical promos), but I still won't part with my old ones.
All the CDs I now have on vinyl, I sold. Pretty much just me and Based On A True Story at this point.
03:26 PM on 10/01/12
the seventeenth
work in progress
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the seventeenth's Avatar
I purchase CDs only, if possible. I prefer the physical album as opposed to just some digital file, regardless of the (small) space they take up.
03:27 PM on 10/01/12
Eat Snickers, Leave Garbage
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Sloth7's Avatar
As long as they keep making them, I'll keep buying them. Overall, I still find an mp3 to be incredibly cold and informal compared to a physical copy with artwork and liner notes that can be displayed as part of a greater collection.

I'm just glad we grew up in a time where we still purchased physical copies. Kids today don't know that same experience of the excitement of picking up a CD you've been waiting for and the first listen as you thumb through the booklet. That anticipation couldn't be beat.
03:28 PM on 10/01/12
Registered User
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I still buy CD's. LOVE having the hard copy. Makes me feel like I have the complete package.
03:32 PM on 10/01/12
saved latin. What did you ever do?
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bladerdude360's Avatar
Recently been thinking about this and will actually be trying to acquire CDs going forward. I do collect vinyl, but the reason for getting CDs is not wholly a function of wanting to collect physical media. First, there's the issue of sound quality; you can choose what quality you want to put on your iPod, for example, when you import a CD rather than when buying MP3s. You can change this at any time you want as well, if, say, you really get into an artist and want their discography in a lossless format.

Another point that I didn't realize, and I don't think most people think about that much, until recently, is the idea of "ownership" of your music. The licensing agreements for most downloads (iTunes store, Amazon.com, etc.,) pretty much indicate that you do not "own" the music you are buying, just licensing it from them, and that you are the only person who may access that music on a portable device, such as an iPod. Now, there isn't really a reason to care that much about this in day to day life, but it does raise the interesting question of what happens to your music collection when you die (as exemplified by the (false) reports that Bruce Willis was suing Apple over this very issue). It is very much up in the air and the companies could conceivably prevent you from giving your digital music collection to a relative or friend. When you buy physical media, such as CDs, you don't have this problem. For all intents and purposes, you own the copy of the material you purchased and can do whatever you want with it, including re-selling it or giving it to someone else. I don't know about you, but when I pay for something, especially something as personal to me as music, I want to know that I actually own it and be able to do with it what I want.

Kind of a different perspective than I have considered it in the past. Here's a couple interesting articles on the subject for those who are curious:
First Sale Doctrine
Who Owns Your Downloaded Music After You Die?
03:34 PM on 10/01/12
John Linitz
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jlinitz's Avatar
If I'm really excited about a new album I'll buy a physical copy. I'm not as cool as everyone else and I don't have a record player (and I don't plan on getting one). Usually I'll buy an album from iTunes or amazon.
03:39 PM on 10/01/12
im asian!!!!!!!
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i only purchase CDs that i love every song on, or bands that i just love to support and see them grow up. From Under the Cork Tree was my first and will always be cherished. id say i buy about 5% of my music through CDs.
03:40 PM on 10/01/12
Died from an accident.
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blimpcityhero11's Avatar
I do for the bands I really love.

On that note, Now 83 will be out in November. 83...

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