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07:26 PM on 10/12/12
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Perfect response. Kris' video and overall response was fucking petty.
07:27 PM on 10/12/12
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I never defended anything Kris did, I actually haven't been in these news threads at all, it wasn't a good thing to do, but I also think the other side's response was stupid.
this. although i did laugh a lot at the responses in the previous threads.
08:27 PM on 10/12/12
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so well done.
11:30 PM on 10/12/12
Alex DiVincenzo
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Haha I tried, man! I still don't have the power, but I will when the new site launches.
02:08 AM on 10/13/12
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LoginBanned's Avatar
This is lame, not as lame as Kris Roe throwing drums, he should have just punched him.
04:37 AM on 10/13/12
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_thisisme*'s Avatar
haha Gotta love Rob and the rest of the Patent Pending guys!
05:10 AM on 10/13/12
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I love how they turned something unrelated to them into an ad for their UK tour. Love these guys.
08:14 AM on 10/13/12
Bright and Early
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Haha I tried, man! I still don't have the power, but I will when the new site launches.
This is some ap.net bullying shit lol. BTW, we're gonna be in CT this Saturday. You should come down!
08:42 AM on 10/13/12
Majority Bones
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Hey dude! I'm Joe from the band Patent Pending. I understand and respect your comment. This is not meant to be a slam on you in anyway. If you have a second, please read: You're unfamiliar with our band so i can assume you are even more unfamiliar with me and the way we do things here in Patent Pending. First and foremost you need to know that we treat our band as a family. Someone attacked one of us on stage, the rest of us are going to have something to say about it. At first, we weren't going to post anything official as a band about the situation. Sure, we all made our own comments on our Facebook pages and here on AP in support of Rob, but as a band we had planned on staying out of it. That was the plan until Kris Roe posted a cowardly (and awkward as fuck) video riddled with lies about our guitarist, Rob. Not only did Kris defend his own (outrageous) actions, but he tried to make Rob look like an alcoholic (which is in no way true) to try and save his own ass. We saw that this really hurt Rob so like always we decided to poke fun at the situation to give Rob some piece of mind whilst simultaneously reminding Kris Roe that he has been declared Mayor of Douche Town. (side note: Kris, if you are reading this - Congratulations on your induction into office as the new Mayor of Douche Town. I know that you will take this position seriously and lead D-Town to greater heights than ever thought imaginable by Douches all around the world.) We don't take ourselves too seriously, we know that at this point this video may be old news to people and we know that we are essentially circus clowns for having posted it, but we stand by it. Just because Kris spoke first doesn't mean that we don't get a chance to say something. By my count the "response after response" that you are talking about is only 1 to 1. Lastly, of course we are slipping in links to our music! Since you are unfamiliar, I'll tell you a small amount more about us. We've been fortunate enough to do what we love for 11 years. We don't make any money off of this band, but one day we hope to. We have no false ideas about the size of our band or the small impact that we have on the scene. A situation like this allows us to get Rob's point across, remind Kris that he is a douche and God willing, gain some new fans along the way. We're essentially the Mom & Pop Shop of pop-punk trying to survive in a Wal-Mart sized world. Any clicks/new fans we can get from this would be great. Again, not meant to slam you, just to let you know that we are just a couple of dudes who are aware of our actions and will jump at the chance to make parody videos where we get to wear wigs and spandex. I hope this helps you understand and maybe even enjoy this video/our band a little more. Have a great day, and most importantly, thank you for realizing how utterly ridiculous Kris Roe's actions were.
Still Got Love For The Streets,
- Joe!

You seem like a guy (and band) I'd love to kick it with. "Still got love for the streets"...lol I say that ALL THE TIME. :D

Good response. I loved the video and stand behind you guys 100%. I had heard of you guys, but never listened to your music before this incident. I'll just say that you've gained another fan in me after all this. Second I got done watching that video I went and "liked" your Facebook page. It's a start. Lol

- Kenny

(Yeah, shameless plug at the end)
09:14 AM on 10/13/12
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hahahahaha that was awesome
09:16 AM on 10/13/12
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Looks like a child doing childish things to me. People over-react. Life goes on. What I love is that all these people are bagging on Roe, all the while ignoring the fact that they also act a fool at times. It happened, it's done, lets all go back to livin our lives now.
01:29 PM on 10/13/12
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What he said about "countless others" who have left the band, made me go check their Wikipedia page and HOLY SHIT does The Ataris have a ton of ex-members. Wonder why that is?

Former members
Marko DeSantis – bass guitar (1996–1997)
Derrick Plourde – drums (1996–1997)
Mike Davenport – bass guitar (1998–2005)
Chris Knapp – drums (1998–2005)
Patrick Riley – guitar (1998)
Marco Peρa – guitar (1998–2001)
John Collura – guitar, backing vocals, piano (2001–2007)
Paul Carabello – guitar, backing vocals (2005–2007)
Sean Hansen – bass guitar, backing vocals (2005–2007)
Angus Cooke – cello (2005–2007)
Shane Chikeles – drums (2005–2007)
Christopher Swinney – guitar, backing vocals (2008–2010)
Jacob Dwiggins – drums (2008–2012)
Rob Felicetti – lead guitar (2010–2011), drums, percussion (2012)

I mean, clearly the band has been around forever, so like Saves The Day, a lot of ex-members can be expected to a certain extent, but what about bands like Jimmy Eat World? They've managed to be around as long as The Ataris and not have a million ex-members, so it really makes you wonder what goes on in their camp to cause so many people to come and go like this.

Bands like Jew have members that stay because they're making money. Bands like STD and Ataris can't do that so members quit for various reasons. Most bands in this situation break up. Just cuz they have a lot of ex members doesn't necessarily mean that Kris is an asshole, it just means he wants to continue the band even though they aren't making much money.
04:27 PM on 10/13/12
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My two cents: I am just really frustrated by the whole situation. I happen to be one of those people who thought that "Welcome the Night" was absolutely genius, and several songs from "So Long, Astoria" have long been anthems of my teenage years. But I don't care how frustrated you are at someone, physically attacking them is never justifiable. Just walk away, man. Take your leave, calm down, and come back later when you are ready to TALK about it. CALMLY.

I hate this whole situation. Love the guy's music, but I can't condone the way he handled this.

By the way, I firmly believe that when you go off on another person like that, it's the result of a lot of unresolved issues building up over a period of time, and who knows where and when they might all come to a head.
04:30 PM on 10/13/12
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Bands like Jew have members that stay because they're making money. Bands like STD and Ataris can't do that so members quit for various reasons. Most bands in this situation break up. Just cuz they have a lot of ex members doesn't necessarily mean that Kris is an asshole, it just means he wants to continue the band even though they aren't making much money.
I see what you are saying and it makes sense to a degree but the reason JEW members stay apart of the band is probably more than money. They are not dishing out big singles like they used to but they always seem like they are having fun in videos and live.
05:31 PM on 10/13/12
jesus fucking christ
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mikeXXXnj's Avatar
if i was kris, I would throw drums at him too.

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