Staff Interview Pt. 2 (2012) - 11.02.12

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Staff Interview Pt. 2 (2012) - 11.02.121) What is the WORST album you've listened to so far this year?

Jake Denning: A Bullet For Pretty Boy or Close To Home. "Give it another chance!" they said...nope.

Ryan: Maybe the new Linkin Park album. Not sure though.

Kyle: The WZRD album.

Jeremy: Probably something I've forgotten, but The Dean's List's Generation X stands out as being memorably bad. Certainly not the best "indie" hip-hop had to offer in 2012.

Craig: I won't pick a "worst," but the new Green Day was definitely the most disappointing.

Drew: No Doubt, Green Day, anything that involves Maroon 5 or Wiz Khalifa. How about Die Antwoord?

Jack: Easily Punk Goes Pop 5. Easily.

Alex: Skip the Foreplay, although I only made it through a couple of songs.

Jason Tate: I can't even remember. I would have turned it off.

Jonathan: My biggest letdowns have been Green Day, Muse, Two Door Cinema Club, Joshua Radin and G.O.O.D. Music.

Eda: Probably Jake's favourite album.

Kelly: Azure Ray and Silversun Pickups were disappointing, but I don't know what was the worst album of the year, I think most albums have some redeeming quality.

Thomas: This is just a mean question to start this off with.

Dre: I think Eda's on to something...

2) Tell us about your local music scene, and the surrounding places that make it great. Where is your favorite venue located, and why is it great? What are the best restaurants nearby? What are other cool things to do around the city?

Jake Denning: Portland's a real cool place. The Roseland Theater is where most large shows happen (1200 cap), immediate things to do include: Ground Kontrol, which is a really cool "Beercade" behind the venue, Voodoo Doughnuts, Starbucks, The Compound (Clothing Store), Bridgeport Brewing Company, Lloyd Center Shopping. The Hawthorne Theater is a mid-sized venue (550-600 Cap), immediate things to do include: Powell Books, Starbucks, Bagdad Theater and Pub. Branx is another small-mid sized venue (450 cap), located in the industrial district; not much to do there unless you like great seafood and mac n' cheese, in that case, head down the street to Montage.

Ryan: Just moved down to Austin in August for school. Still getting used to, but the music scene here is incredible. Just ask Adam.

Dre: Anyone who knows Philly's music scene would know that it's growing for the better. From the yearly This Is Hardcore Fest and Punk Rock Flea Market to a new venue popping up every other week, whether it's someone's house or an old spaghetti warehouse, we've got something really special going on here. If you're ever in town, let's hang out.

Kyle: I'll pick London for this. Naturally the music scene is one of the most vibrant in the world, there are countless numbers of venues, bars, holes, warehouses, clubs etc. for live music. My favourite larger sized venue is Brixton Academy, it's like a real theatre in there and the sound is some of the best, always so so loud in the most clear way. Makes you very aware of the placement of your heart behind your own rib cage kind of loud, without being deafening. Smaller venues, Dalston Works is a great seedy room, bare brick walls which look like they have been stood for centuries and could fall at any moment, low ceilings and nothing but black sheets as decorations, also the Camden Barfly for it's history and great shows for up and coming artists. You can find anything in London, just go to Nando's anywhere in England to eat though and you'll be happy. "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life." - Samuel Johnson.

Jack: I've lived in Southern California my entire life and absolutely love the music scene out here. We get literally every tour, and often at multiple venues (except Alexisonfire - damn them). Growing up, I always could attend all-ages shows at the legendary Chain Reaction or House Of Blues: Downtown Disney - now that I'm near LA, places like The Wiltern or The Hotel Cafe have become my favorites. We're fairly spoiled in the restaurant department as well - both Pasadena and LA have a seemingly infinite number of hole-in-the-wall places, which is fun for a Yelp fiend like me. Really don't see myself ever leaving California.

Blake: I am VERY blessed to live in New York City. It's amazing. The vibe is great, every show here is filled with people who care and want to rock. It's seriously awe-inspiring every concert I attend.

Jason G: Living in a college town is strange, because I would argue the city I live in doesn't have too much of a music scene. But being in the lower half of Michigan means I can visit Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids and take in a wealth of great music. The promoters here (shouts outs to Fusion Shows and Black Iris Booking) are genuine and hardworking, and the concerts are usually pretty positive and reasonably attended. In the end, I would argue that although not every tour comes here, I live in a place where it isn't too hard to make things happen. I just visited my favorite venue The Magic Stick twice this week for shows and am constantly reminded of the power of heavy music whether it is hardcore, metal or something in-between.

Adam: Austin has a great music scene for the most part. Fun Fun Fun Fest is a blast every year and as much as SXSW is a nightmare, I love seeing everyone I love in this industry in town for one week since I don't have the funds and means to travel. No matter where you're from, it's all about the music and the hustle.

Deborah: I live in Winnipeg and the local scene is pretty decent. I'm proud that bands like Propagandhi, Comeback Kid and the Weakerthans have come from around this area. But when it comes to touring bands, Winnipeg isn't the best place to be and that's the only thing I don't like about living here. My favourite venue is probably the Garrick or the Albert, which are both located downtown. We really need a smaller all-ages venue though and I think that's one of the reasons why so many touring bands skip us.

Alex: I think Massachusetts has one of the best music scenes in the world. We have had a ton of successful hardcore, metal and pop punk groups come out of here, including many of my all-time favorite bands. We also get the New England Metal and Hardcore festival every year, and there are a ton of great venues. The crowds are what really make it, though. It's rare to go to a show in the Boston area where the band doesn't say that it's one of their favorite places to play because the audiences are always amazing. I'm sure plenty of bands say that every show, but so many say it in Boston that it's hard not to believe.

I live in Anaheim just down the street from Chain Reaction, so there's that whole scene. My favorite venue at the moment is Gibson Ampitheatre next to Universal Studios.

I live in Gainesville, Fla., which is known first for being a college town with the University of Florida and that comes with a huge population by itself, but music-wise it's known as a very punk rock city. Against Me!, Less Than Jake and Hot Water Music all came from here. But aside from the annual Fest, where we now get about 350 bands playing throughout the downtown area and about 8,000 total attendees between fans, bands, volunteers, etc....Gainesville doesn't really get all too many good tours that roll through it. It's just hard to get the interest of a casual college student who isn't trying to spend any money to go to your show if he's only heard a few songs. That being said, Gainesville is in the North-Central Florida region, which I think is a pretty awesome area for the new "twinkly" bands. Dikembe is from Gainesville, so is Wavelets, and You Blew It! is from right down the Turnpike in Orlando. I actually really prefer going to Orlando for shows - The Social and The Beacham are great venues and there's a House of Blues there too. Definitely prefer the food in Gainesville, though.

3) What's the best music recommendation that you've received from a user this year?

Kyle: The Men

Dre: Joey Badass

Blake: I can't remember who told me about them, but Summer Heart.

Drew: Purity Ring and Miguel.

Jack: Loyal Wife, The Reign Of Kindo, or twothirtyeight.

Jake Denning: Matty Arsenault turned me on to some of Jeremih's stuff.

Jason Tate: Whoever forced me to finally listen to Japandroids.

Eda: Matt Corby. I think it was this year. Hi Chris!

Kelly: It wasn't given to me personally, but I saw a user comment on staff recommendations with Madeliene, the side project of Old Gray's Cameron Boucher. Thanks for that one! Also, FyerWerks got me into The Antlers, that's an excellent one.

Thomas: The collective excitement for Japandroids got me to listen to them for the first time and wow was I late to that train.

4) If you were an A&R for a label, which three currently independent artists would you sign and why?

Kyle: Louellen, Beeches and La Shark.

Blake: Spook Houses, Trophy Scars, Dads. They might be signed, but they need to be on bigger labels.

Craig: Chad Perrone. Right away.

Jack: Night Verses, Happy Body Slow Brain, and From Indian Lakes. All are amazingly talented musicians who combine technicality and accessibility well. Extra credit fourth pick: Squid The Whale, who work unbelievably hard and are just great.

Adam: Diving (which are four of my best friends, but are super talented), Sohns (though they're on Flannel Gurl), Look Mexico and Zlam Dunk. Four, I know. Deal with it.
Drew: Barely Blind, Abel, and Circa Survive

Alex: Assuming I couldn't get Blink 182, I'd go with Trophy Scars (which I already kind of did!), Patent Pending and Punchline.

Jake Denning: Strawberry Girls, Fences, and American Me (once they're done with Rise).

Jason Tate: Blink 182! Haha...Hmm, Daybreaker, Nightmare of You, A Wilhelm Scream. Kinda diverse. I'd want a label that had a collection of bands that were similar yet distinct. Where people would know they'd love anything you signed ...

Jonathan: Blink and Jimmy Eat World, duh.

Eda: U.S. Royalty .. if they're still unsigned.

Dre: The Great Outdoors (Philly hip hop) and Daggermouth just to bring them back.

Kelly: Nick Stutsman of Ex Merchant Ships, Midwest Pen Pals, Park Jefferson. The man deserves a label. Saint Yorda. Despite being incredibly hip, they have a great mix of dream pop, indie rock and cowbells. Crywank, because he's a genius. However I may have to change the name of him for promotional reasons...

Thomas: I do work for a record label and this year the bands I liked enough to reach out to were NGHBRS, Pentimento and Nightmare Of You. I would add The Narrative to the list (why isn't that band on a label yet) and A Great Big Pile Of Leaves since I don't think they're technically on Topshelf?

5) What's one artist that is on hiatus that will eventually come back to make a fantastic album? awful album?

Ryan: I just want another Fall Out Boy record.

Kyle: Probably Oasis at some point, but meh.

Blake: Maybe Basement. I feel like Why? will probably break up soon, but then in 10 years blow us away again.

Jason G: Is Justin Timberlake considered on hiatus?

Jack: My comeback wishlist includes TREOS, Copeland, and the original line-up of Third Eye Blind - I think all three are capable of making fantastic music again. But to answer the question, I think Emarosa will eventually return and create a very predictable record.

Deborah: I'd like to think Fall Out Boy will return with a good record.

Jake Denning: Justin Timberlake will come back and deliver one last album, and it'll be great.

Jason Tate: Fall Out Boy haven't released an album I haven't loved yet.

Jonathan: I have a feeling if/when Fall Out Boy make another record, it will blow people away.

Eda: Not on hiatus, but actually broken-up: The Stills. Please baby Jesus, let them reunite.

Kelly: They're not just on hiatus but.. Mr Morrissey and Mr Marr! Please! Seriously though, I'd cry with happiness if The Smiths reunited for even a month, I don't care if they release nothing, a reunion would be so great.

Thomas: Can we get a Dire Straits album? Mark Knopfler's solo records are amazing but I'd love to see if he has the energy for another rock album.

Dre: Souls of Mischief?

6) What's the best new Television show of the new Fall 2012 season? What's one show currently airing that needs to get the axe?

Kyle: I just want The Fall with Gillian Anderson to start. Also need the new An Idiot Abroad specials to air and just for BBC 2 to get it's brand new dramas rolling out, they are always fantastic.

Adam: I'm currently in love with Fresh Meat from the BBC. It's like a British version of Undeclared. I don't get some of the regional jokes sometimes, but I still enjoy it.

Drew: Best new show is Ben and Kate. The New Normal (or any Ryan Murphy show in general) can kick the bucket.

Jack: I can't even begin to process new shows as I mourn what will likely be the final seasons of Community, 30 Rock, The Office, and possibly How I Met Your Mother. Someone explain to me how the hell Whitney received a full season run when Community and 30 Rock were handed half-seasons. It's not part of the question, but you should be watching Modern Family, New Girl, The League, and Shark Tank.

Alex: Whatever needs to be cancelled in order to get Community back is what I want cancelled.

Jake Denning: I've been way too busy with fall term and gigs to worry about new TV. I AM super stoked on The Office getting the axe, they need to wrap it up.

Jason Tate: Please kill "Big Bang Theory." I haven't watched hardly anything "new" ... I get loyal to a few shows and watch all of them. I did just watch the first two episodes of "Arrow" -- because I am a giant nerd and like comic books and superheros and shit like that. It was ... meh ... ok. I guess ok. Maybe I'll keep watching for a little while.

Jonathan: The Mindy Project, followed by Ben and Kate. There's far too many shows clogging up the airwaves that have to no right to be on for me to pick just one.

Eda: I'm really enjoying Last Resort. Its intensity reminds me of Homeland (aka best show ever!) in some ways.

Kelly: Downton Abbey. I am punk rock.

Thomas: I don't watch too much new TV. I'll pick up a show after a few seasons if enough friends tell me to watch it. Because of that I'm currently entrenched in The League and I'm almost finished with Friday Night Lights. The latter of those two has a surprising amount of references to indie bands for a show based around a football team though. Really for the people probably reading this website, I'd really recommend Friday Night Lights even if you don't give a damn about sports at all. I like that show a lot.

Dre: It's always a Parks & Recs kind of night, at least. I don't really watch TV either, though. My friends are always saying "I can't believe you don't know about this new show!"

7) Who is your favorite artist in your least favorite genre, and why?

Ryan: Least favorite genre would be country. I don't think I could name a single country artist - unless T Swift still counts; I like her.

Jake Denning: My least favorite genre is Country, but I still really enjoy Kenny Chesney, Zac Brown Band, Jake Owen, Brad Paisley, and most Johnny Cash.

Jason Tate: I actually don't hate Deadmau5. I probably should.

Eda: I couldn't think of a single hardcore/metal band that I'd be familiar with enough to answer this.

Jack: Is Misser pop/punk? Because I don't like much pop/punk, but I love Misser.

Kelly: I tend to not be a big metal fan, however I am a bit of a Deftones fan girl. I feel like they avoid all of the mistakes made by their peers.

Thomas: I would like to echo literally exactly what Ryan said.

Dre: Probably a combo of what everyone else said.

8) Have you ever been recognized at a show by a user?

Jake Denning: Twice, and one of those times I was a huge asshole and denied it...so sorry to that guy, I just wanted to sing along to Polar Bear Club. Other time was outside of Thrice - if that dude is reading, you rule.

Thomas: Lol Jake c'mon man

Dre: Just came here to say lulz.

Drew: One time at Warped Tour a long time ago. A couple times while in college.

Alex: I have a couple of times, but I'm not hard to spot since I always have a camera.

Dre: Echoing what Alex said.

Jason Tate: Yap. And in a hotel lobby.

Eda: No, but I have been at SXSW.

Thomas: I'm very tall (6'9") and extremely beardy so I have been recognized either by AP.net users or Paper + Plastick fans quite often at shows. I've been to Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa enough now over the past three-and-a-half years (since I've been in Gainesville) that the users that recognized me first, I now recognize by face so it's not so awkward anymore. Bamboozle was a really weird experience because a lot of different people recognized me and I actually met up with a lot of people I've known for a while through the forums up there. Once people now what I look like it's pretty hard to miss me in a crowd haha. I love meeting AP.net users...we're all here because we have something in common, and who doesn't like to have a good conversation about music between sets?

9) What is one of your most cherished show experiences, and why?

Kyle: Seeing Young Colossus perform their only show ever so far was amazing. Such a special night and record and being able to see The Maccabees members in a really tiny venue again was a real treat. Other than that The Maccabees at Brixton Academy when they toured Wall Of Arms, they played the whole record amidst older material and b-sides and it just couldn't have been more perfect. Seeing "greats" throughout my life such as The Rolling Stones, Blondie, Sex Pistols, Iggy and The Stooges and definitely Paul McCartney headline Isle Of Wight Festival 2010. One of my most favourite shows ever due to the fairly low expectations (assumed it would be mainly solo material...how wrong we were) and the company.

Jeremy: Seeing Radiohead at the 'Roo back in June was a singular experience. There may be another band in the universe that can put on a spectacle like that, but they are not on this earth.

Blake: I saw The Wonder Years for the first time this year, and they played Suburbia.... in its entirety. It was amazing. Then I saw them again that night. Then I saw them one more time. Each time I have felt so carefree and happy and just at peace while also on my rockin' edge. I will always see that band play if they are coming to town.

Jason G: To be totally sappy, the first show my girlfriend and I went to was just before we started dating, some three and a half years ago in Howell, Michigan. La Dispute played "Somewhere..." in its entirely, and it was also our first time seeing the band as well. If you don't already know that I love the shit out of that band and that record, now you do.

Craig: Seeing Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band play Born to Run front-to-back, only a few weeks before the end of their Working on a Dream tour and in one of the last dozen shows Clarence Clemons ever played with them, is almost enough to bring tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

Adam: Probably seeing Glassjaw soundcheck "Black Nurse" before their show in Austin some years back. SXSW 2010 was amazing and will always hold a special place in not only my career, but my heart. It was a special year of intimate shows and meeting amazing people that I hope to stay friends with past all this music bullshit. The Count Your Lucky Stars/Topshelf showcase, No Sleep showcase and Sargent House showcases were some of the best times in my life.

Deborah: There's so many. This year it was definitely seeing Brand New for the first time.

Alex: I've seen so many incredible shows in my lifetime, but the moment that sticks out most in my mind is getting to photograph Blink 182. I love shooting shows, and getting to shoot my favorite band - being mere inches away from these guys who I have idolized since I was a kid - is something I will never forget.

Jason Tate: So many ... probably one of the Midtown shows in college with my best guy friends. It was just all about the music, was a lot of fun, and we just all hung out and did stupid shit all night. Not many cares in the world. Just music, friends, and good company.

Jake Denning: A couple come to mind: Project 86's Spring 2006 tour w/ August Burns Red and The Showdown, Bring Me The Horizon's winter 2008 tour with Misery Signals and The Ghost Inside, Haste The Day's farewell tour in 2011 with Mychildren Mybride, The Chariot, and A Plea For Purging. I also got to FINALLY see and hangout with Blindside in 2011, and P.O.D. a few weeks back...that was a long time coming.

Dre: The Hope Conspiracy in some small club in Ohio in 2001, File 03 had just come out. I got so psyched about the song that I grabbed the singer's shirt and started screaming "You…you…you…I can't escape you" and he did the same, but I didn't realize it until my friend mentioned it to me. It's one of those things that sounds so average but is really nostalgic to me for some reason.

Jonathan: That's a tough one. I've been to way too many incredible shows to single out just one. I'd say for this year it was being in the pit for the Honda Civic Tour, which had one of my favorite lineups I've ever seen.

Eda: Meeting Angus & Julia Stone backstage, and just hanging out with them after the show, back in 2010. They were the first band I pushed to that extent, so to be able to be in their presence left me in awe. It's kind of mind boggling to see how much they have accomplished now, but I couldn't be more proud. They are two of the loveliest musicians I've ever met and they're one of the main reasons why I decided to think of this music thing as a career option.

Kelly: Seeing Arcade Fire live in London was mind blowing. Not only did they put on what I imagine is the best live show in the world, the fact that they put bands like Beirut, Mumford & Sons, The Vaccines and Owen Pallett in front of 60,000 people shows how people, secretly, like alternative music. The show was just astounding.

Thomas: Man this is the toughest question. But it's easy enough to say that seeing Brand New play at The Stone Pony in New Jersey was one of the best shows I've ever seen, and being in a room of only 200 people while that band is playing is a fucking experience. Seeing them the next day on the big Bamboozle stage paled in comparison. Aside from that, I've loved all nine Bruce Springsteen concerts I've been to and I feel very lucky to have seen amazing live bands like Less Than Jake and The Wonder Years over a dozen times in the last few years.

10) What's one thing about yourself that nobody would know unless you told them?

Adam: People always freak when I tell them I had Leukemia as a kid.

Drew: I wanted to grow up and be a Ninja Turtle.

Jack: Normal answer is I played college basketball - more fun answer is that I played competitive chess growing up, and won a city championship. My mom was proud, and called my school - they announced it over the intercom. Girls were hard that year.

Jake Denning: I played Pokemon cards until I was 13, and I was really good - one game away from winning a $30,000 College bond. I lost, my parents weren't happy.

Alex: One time gym kept me off the honor roll.

Jason Tate: I'm an Eagle Scout (That has renounced his badge until they stop being archaic homophobic dickheads).

Thomas: Interjecting an answer to say that I am impressed at Jason's Eagle Scout because I was in Boy Scouts as a kid and couldn't make it to the end. I've always thought it was a really cool thing to get that achievement.

Eda: I love to cook. And I may be pretty great at it...

Thomas: I guess people wouldn't really know how tall I am unless I told them.

11) Have you ever been really nervous about meeting a particular artist? If so, can you name a few?

Joe: This past summer on The Cab/Parachute tour, a girl named Katelyn Tarver opened. Besides the fact that her music is the shit, she actually plays a role on Secret Life of The American Teenager and that's one of my favorite shows so I was about to collapse when I met her. The worst part of all is the fact that she's probably the most gorgeous girl on the entire planet so my heart was puking the whole time. I think she was able to see the marriage proposal in my eyes. It was kind of pathetic.

Alex: I'm socially awkward, so I'm pretty much always nervous about meeting new people, especially when I look up to them.

Jason Tate: When I was younger -- absolutely. All of them. Haha.

Jack: At my first Warped Tour, I interviewed Dallas Green and Wade MacNeil, two guys I idolized. I was nervous as could be, and when their tour manager lead me around the corner, they were each sitting on an arm of a Lazy Boy chair. They prompted me to sit in between them, making it fun and erasing any nerves.

Jake Denning: I'm pretty nervous about meeting most artists, or if the interview is important. I'm also a bit apprehensive to see how my next interactions with a few different artists will go for various reasons...can't win em' all. Most people I thought were going to be super weird to meet (Craig Owens, Ed Sheeran, Austin Carlile, etc.) were quite the opposite.

Eda: I don't really get star struck, but I do remember being really nervous during the first few minutes when I met Julia Stone.

Thomas: I used to be nervous every time I met a new band to do an interview. That lasted probably my first 6 months on staff. I was very nervous to meet Sean from Yellowcard the first time I met with him because Yellowcard was that band for me as a kid, but Sean's one of the nicer guys I've met doing this. I can't really think of anyone else that I've been all that anxious to meet.

Dre: Not really.

12) Following up, who are some artists that you'd like to meet in the near future?

Kyle: I want to hang out with David Bowie so much, will never happen.

Jeremy: I'm probably one of the very few people who have no interest at all in meeting my favorite artists. To this day, I still have no band relationships, even with local bands.

Joe: Mark Hoppus, Pete Wentz, Dr. Luke, Savan Kotecha, Kelly Clarkson, Victoria Justice, Demi Lovato...I think I'm done. Wait, One Direction. Sue me.

Jack: Dave Grohl. This has to happen.

Adam: Henry Rollins, Dave Grohl and Ian MacKaye. Get'em in a room together, let's do THAT interview.

Deborah: I'd like to meet the members of Fall Out Boy and Green Day sometime, mostly because they were the bands that really got me into music.

Alex: I actually had a dream one time about hanging out with Mark Hoppus. My life is sad.

Jake Denning: If only we could get Gunz and I in the same room. The shenanigans that would go down. But as for MUSIC artists, I wouldn't mind meeting Soupy, or perhaps John Mayer...or wait, nah, that would be awkward.

Dre: Kathleen Hanna, I want to thank her and everyone else who contributed to riot grrrl... and because I missed her last time she came to town. And Chuck D. Because it's Chuck D.

Jonathan: Dave Grohl

Eda: Ryan Graveface of Dreamend / Black Moth Super Rainbow. We talk all the time, and I consider him one of my closest friends. Unfortunately, we have yet to meet. But that shall change in the near future.

Kelly: Ben Gibbard and Conor Oberst would be a little bit cool.

Thomas: I really would love to just talk to Bruce Springsteen for like 5-10 minutes.

13) Who are some of your favorite artists that are no longer together, but only made one album?

Ryan: This Love is the most recent band I can think of. The guys put out a fantastic debut, At War, last year and then called it quits.

Kyle: Larrikin Love's debut album The Freedom Spark was great and I went to see them live just before they broke up. Although I don't think they could have necessarily gone much further with their sound, that was great a few years back. Jeff Buckley, of course. If we are counting studio releases only, then Lauryn Hill too (although this answer will probably be void soon).

Jeremy: Texas Is the Reason comes to mind right away. Also, The Avalanches, Death From Above 1979, and of course, The Postal Service.

Adam: Blueprint Car Crash's Rhetoric of a Marionette. The Letters Organize's Deadly Rhythm Machine. American Football's self-titled.

Deborah: I really liked the Sick City record that Smallman put out in 2007. I thought that band had a lot of potential.

Alex: Boxcar Racer, Plus 44, Gorilla Biscuits, Rites of Spring, Operation Ivy, American Football.

Jason Tate: Gonna go down iTunes: Acceptance, Anadivine, Astoria, Autopilot Off, Don't Look Down, Lance's Hero ... ok, getting bored ... Let Go, Moments in Grace, My Favorite Highway, The New Frontiers, Rock Kills Kid ... ok, I'm done, that's a good start.

Jake Denning: Although they had two albums, one album was really bad, so it almost doesn't count. The other was so good, it's hard not mentioning it. I'm talking about Beloved's 2006 album, Failure On. I'm really opposed to any band covering anything of theirs...unless Advent got back together.

Dre: The Suicide File. I have no idea why they ended it, but they had a really unique thing going with their sound (rock n' roll hardcore with gut-wrenching despair).

Jonathan: Acceptance, (+44)

Eda: Slowreader. Slowreader. Slowreader. Slowreader. Slowreader. Slowreader. You got that?

Kelly: The Postal Service are obvious ones.. pennypack! only did one song, which I absolutely love.

14) Other than front page, if you were only allowed to frequent one part of the boards for the rest of your time on AP.net, which part would it be and why?

Ryan: Entertainment forum. I love film, literature, etc.

Jake Denning: Music, just so I can fuck another band draft up for Thomas's friends. Yeah that's right, I said it.

Thomas: If no one ever sees a Jake Denning in real life, does he actually exist?

Alex: Personal Life, purely for entertainment value.

Jason Tate: Political forum. I like (most of) the people there.

Eda: The General Forum.

Kelly: The music forum. Based on the fact that it contains the Bright Eyes thread

Thomas: I would say music or general, I'm really not much of a forum guy, but I think I'd actually pick sports (even though I'm really never there) because I would really just rather talk about sports than other random crap and I can still talk about music on the front page.

Dre: Go outside. Live life.

15) You're on death row for a crime you didn't commit. However, you're not getting out, that's how the cookie crumbles. What would be your last meal?

Ryan: Spaghetti, Steak, Cheeseburger, Ice Cream, Cake, Sweet Tea, Coffee...yeah

Kyle: Great question, I'm a lover of food so immediately on board with this one. I'm going to have to narrow it down to two choices though because both are the kings of meals to me. Either a British roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings: chicken, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, carrots, peas, sage and onion stuffing, cauliflower cheese, pigs in blankets, yorkshire puddings and my Uncle's homemade gravy OR my homemade chicken fajitas with refried beans, cheese, red jalapenos, guacamole, salsa and Tobasco.

Jason G: The biggest pizza you've ever seen along with some coffee and cheesecake to finish it off.

Jeremy: As many Chipotle burritos as I could eat.

Jake Denning: Chicken Parm, Pizza, Potato Wedges, Qdoba burritos. Baja Mountain Dew.

Adam: Something from Louisiana. Gumbo or a poboy or a giant seafood platter.

Alex: Buffalo chicken pizza with regular pizza sauce. Blue cheese dressing on the side.

Jason Tate: Thai food. Hopefully from Thai Princess here in Oregon. Their zucchini dish is so damn good.

Jonathan: Raviolis and bread sticks, with cheesecake for dessert.

Eda: A big, fat, juicy steak with spinach salad. And Pinot Grigio. Please. A lot of Pinot Grigio.

Kelly:Something with lots of feta cheese, and a glass of cherry Coke.

Thomas: I'm so happy that Eda's answer to this was literally exactly what I thought it'd be haha. Burritos are my favorite food but if it came down to a last meal I would pick several slabs of filet mignon, a shit ton of seafood, spaghetti yes, a bottle of Maker's Mark, please dammit please Coca-Cola, idk this is too much pressure.

16) If you had to pick a roommate, which other staff member(s) would you want to room with and why?

Kyle: Eda. We'd cook up a right storm.

Dre: Deb, because we'd geek out about punk records and start our own female centered, fury-driven whatever band.

Joe: Keagan so I can steal all his females. But if we're talking ex staffers too, then Jac Vanek.

Craig: Greg. Because I'm sure I would discover a myriad of amazing music that I otherwise would never hear.

Jack: Alex and Ryan seem like cool dudes. Nassiff too, but there's not a chance in hell I'm sharing an apartment with someone BIGGER than me.

Deborah: Dre, for the reasons she already stated. Plus she's the staffer I talk with the most.

Drew: James, duh. The world wouldn’t be able to handle the two of us.

Alex: I think I would jive well with Adam or Thomas.

Jake Denning: ...hey Jason, can I move in?

Jason Tate: Hmmm ... I dunno ... I like living alone.

Eda: Can I pick more than one?!?! Kyle and I would be best friends if we lived closer, as our hangout back in August proved. I also have a soft spot for Paul(ina) and Adam, and I've met them both in real life, so based on that... I can assume that I would tolerate them as roommates. Also, they're awesome. Thomas and Dre would be fun to be roommies with as well, especially if it's both at the same time....

Thomas: God I am lolling at these answers. I'd probably like to live with Kyle and Eda because I'd like to eat all of that food! Other than that I already live with Pat Haynes so Adam would probably fit right in as another old grumpy young person, I think I'd also get along with Alex Div, I know for sure I get along with Christian Wagner, and I think Blake would be a good roommate.
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05:30 AM on 11/02/12
Alex DiVincenzo
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Alex DiVincenzo's Avatar
06:35 AM on 11/02/12
lloyd boners
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JayDanielHammer's Avatar
One of you are extremely annoying.

The rest of you are fun to read about. Thanks staff!
06:59 AM on 11/02/12
Regular Member
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Hey Jeremy, DFA1979 are recording a new album and have been performing new songs on tour.
07:01 AM on 11/02/12
Regular Member
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One of you are extremely annoying.

The rest of you are fun to read about. Thanks staff!
i can't imagine who
07:22 AM on 11/02/12
Holly HoX!
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Holly HoX!'s Avatar
Kyle, Dre and Jason...who is the user that put you onto those bands. Jason, I know I kept telling you to check out Japandroids...now you NEED to see them on tour with DIIV
07:23 AM on 11/02/12
Holly HoX!
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Holly HoX!'s Avatar
Adam, link me to Diving. Want to hear their stuff...or anyone else
07:28 AM on 11/02/12
Holly HoX!
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Holly HoX!'s Avatar
One of you are extremely annoying.

The rest of you are fun to read about. Thanks staff!

Too easy
07:38 AM on 11/02/12
Chris Collum
Goddamn those shaky knees
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Jason I would also like to take credit for mentioning Japandroids to you several times haha because I definitely did
08:05 AM on 11/02/12
Adam Pfleider
wait. what were we talking about?
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Adam Pfleider's Avatar
Adam, link me to Diving. Want to hear their stuff...or anyone else

they're finishing up their next full length right now and about to release a split on Texas is Funny in the next month. It's a loaded question because I'm sort of their acting manager and they're four of my best friends, so take the bias as you will.
08:08 AM on 11/02/12
Holly HoX!
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Holly HoX!'s Avatar

they're finishing up their next full length right now and about to release a split on Texas is Funny in the next month. It's a loaded question because I'm sort of their acting manager and they're four of my best friends, so take the bias as you will.

Nice, thanks. So they're essentially unsigned
08:10 AM on 11/02/12
Adam Pfleider
wait. what were we talking about?
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Adam Pfleider's Avatar
Nice, thanks. So they're essentially unsigned
Yeah, Texas is Funny is putting out a split, but the full length is up in the air. May be self released.
08:17 AM on 11/02/12
Holly HoX!
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Holly HoX!'s Avatar
Yeah, Texas is Funny is putting out a split, but the full length is up in the air. May be self released.

Cool. Can't wait to take a listen.

Feel free to send some more locals my way.
08:30 AM on 11/02/12
Thomas Nassiff
retired staff member
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Thomas Nassiff's Avatar
I'm about to edit my answers in since I didn't get a chance to do this. If anyone cares I'll just leave them last for every question so at the bottom of everyone else's answers.
08:40 AM on 11/02/12
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phaynes1's Avatar
"Jake Denning: ...hey Jason, can I move in?"

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