04:52 PM on 12/08/12 
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Regular Member
rhetoricjams's Avatar
Hi, my name is Brian. I am a 22 year old recent UNC-Chapel Hill graduate who has taken time off of graduate school to pursue writing a YA Novel. I intend on being very realistic, and true to my own experiences and the experiences of my peers. I am working on understanding my time in HS better in relation to the people who I didn't always get to speak to back then.

That is where you can help me fill in some of the blanks. While I have been quite reflective of my own experiences of the past 4-5 years since I graduated, many of you are still in throes and/or have recently left high school

. One of the themes I am working with is what causes anxiety/worry/stress in a High School setting? I graduated from a rural HS in NC in 2008,
I was wondering what you did NOT enjoy about school. Personal anecdotes (teachers bullying students) or even vague issues (multiple choice testing, school location, curriculum) are all totally interesting and informative for me.

NOTE: any information given will only be used for inspiration of fictional characters and events
06:31 PM on 12/08/12 
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Regular Member
Alex26's Avatar
My biggest problem with high school is that most people these days are either ass holes or they stay at home and never have fun type. It's so hard to find decent people to have a good time with. I can deal with the amount of school work and stuff just fine. For me, it's the social element. I'm the guy that doesn't want to be high and drunk every time I want to have fun, but I also actually want to do fun things, and it seems there's just a lack of people like that in my school. My girlfriend is never allowed out of her house cause her parents are insanely strict so I never get to spend time with her, and my friends are either nerding it up saying they have too much work (which is bullshit, they're just lazy) or are going way over the top and becoming stoners. There seems to be no middle ground. Besides the part where I never seem my friends or girlfriend everything is fine, except, hanging out with people is what I want most. I get really good marks and barely do any studying or work (and yes I'm in hard courses). So naturally, I want so spend my free time having fun with people, but everyone I want to hang out with just never seems to be allowed (my girlfriend) or able to. It's pissing me off. Other than that, I go to school in Ontario, Canada (I'm in grade 12) and the government decides this year to piss off the teachers union. We have NO extra curricular activities, which includes the snowboard team I wanted to join. So now, my chances of getting into university with extra curriculars as a boost are gone. We won't have a year book, or a prom, all because the fucking teachers union won't deal with this in a different manner. They're hurting students, and as for me, a student in their senior year, well, my senior year has been RUINED. So yeah, high school started off well, but now it's messed up for me. If you're looking for a messed up situation, take this:

Last year of high school, prom cancelled, ALL extra curricular activities cancelled, never being able to see your girlfriend of a year and a half (her parents STILL dont know we're dating), your girlfriend is starting to undergo depression and CONSTANTLY has anxiety about school work every time you're with her, your brother is going mentally insane and your family is falling apart (in my case my brother just got sent to the hospital and my parents argue everyday), you're friends never want to hang out, and you're starting to wish you spent your time in high school better. Honestly, I hate high school at the moment, my last year has turned out to be the worst. Hope this helped!
06:37 PM on 12/08/12 
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Have a feeling I'll die in my20s...
allthewaysaid's Avatar
Male - 24 Years Old
Turning into a werewolf was my biggest worry.
06:42 PM on 12/08/12 
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It fills you with determination.
Penguin's Avatar
Richmond, VA
Male - 23 Years Old
I had so much homework all the time.
06:49 PM on 12/08/12 
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delysid's Avatar
Male - 24 Years Old
Being surrounded by people who simply didnt care about succeeding and subsequently dumbing down as a result, but not realizing it until college
07:31 PM on 12/08/12 
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Ollie McKraut
Registered Member
Ollie McKraut's Avatar
Male - 24 Years Old
homework was a major bummer
07:47 PM on 12/08/12 
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Peel slowly and see
bung's Avatar
St. Paul, MN
Male - 28 Years Old
I used to dread having to give speeches. Fuck that. I could list all the things I despised about high school--things that I hated but didn't necessarily cause me anxiety or worry me--but that would be a very long list.
07:58 PM on 12/08/12 
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Jake Gyllenhaal
Troll the Respawn Jeremy
Jake Gyllenhaal's Avatar
I know you might not think it, but ones in high school labeled as "the jock" aren't living the easy life. I was a student athlete. I played all types of sports but wrestling was what I was best at. I was named All-Conference my junior year, so by the time I was a senior, there was so much pressure for me to achieve more. From my coach, from my teammates, from the students, and especially my old man. The pressure kept mounting and I just buried it deep inside. Then one day, I couldn't take it. I pulled a prank on another student. A prank I'm still to this day not proud of. I taped this kid Larry Lester's buns together. Thing is, I got caught. I had to spend an entire Saturday in detention at my school's library. And I felt bad about the whole thing. I mean, Larry didn't do anything to me. He was just a guy that hung out with the geeks at the school. But I targeted him because I believed he was the weaker one.
And the bizzare thing is that I did it for my old man. I tortured this poor kid because I wanted my old man to think that I was cool. He's always going off about how when he was in school and all the wild things he used to do. And I got the feeling that he was disappointed that I never cut loose on anyone, right? So I'm sitting in the lockeroom and I'm taping up my knee, and Larry's undressing a couple locker's down from me. And he's kinda, he's kinda skinny. Weak. And I started thinkin' about my father, and his attitude about, about weakness. And the next thing I knew, I jumped on top of him and started wailing on him. And my friends, they just laughed and cheered me on. And afterwards, when I'm sitting in Assistant Principal Vernon's office, all I could think about was Larry's father and Larry having to go home and explain what happened to him. And the humiliation... the fucking humiliation he must have felt. It must have been unreal. I mean, how... how do you apologize for something like that? There's no way. It's all because of me and my old man. God, I fucking hate him. He's like this mindless machine that I can't even relate to anymore.
My old man would say, "Jake, you've got to be number one! I won't tolerate any losers in this family! Your intensity is for shit! Win! Win! Win!"
You son of a bitch! You know, sometimes I wished my knee would give. And I wouldn't be able to wrestle anymore.
And he could forget all about me.
08:07 PM on 12/08/12 
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The Low-Cal Calzone Zone
spiffa0's Avatar
Westmont, NJ
Male - 27 Years Old
I was worried that my secret of being a teen pop icon would be discovered and I wouldn't be able to live a normal life like all of the other teens.
08:24 PM on 12/08/12 
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Alex DiVincenzo
Alex DiVincenzo's Avatar
Raynham, MA
Male - 26 Years Old
Staff Member
Relationships and losing all my friends
08:38 PM on 12/08/12 
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Registered User
theonlyplace's Avatar
North Dakota
Female - 24 Years Old
I could say that the worst part for me is that I didn't fit in, but that's not true. Overall, the most depressing part of my high school experience is not realizing until much later that it was okay to be different than everyone else. I didn't see that it was a good thing to not want to follow along with everyone else's idea of what an awesome high school experience was supposed to be. I wasn't a cheerleader. I wasn't popular. I wasn't beautiful. I didn't have good fashion sense in the least. I was so awkward and always like boys who were "out of my league". But I see now that it was a positive thing. I didn't have the courage to embrace who I was back then an instead kept fighting upstream, attempting make myself believe that I needed to be someone else in order to be happy.
09:05 PM on 12/08/12 
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Gimme your hands!
Ismael182's Avatar
Chicago, IL
Male - 29 Years Old
Being a shy dorky loser was kind of a drag.
09:43 PM on 12/08/12 
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particularly good finder
VampiresRevenge's Avatar
South Carolina
Female - 22 Years Old
The workload of my AP classes was really stressful, and because of that, I didn't have a lot of time for a social life. I wouldn't engage in the stuff that the idiots at my high school did anyway, but it was a bummer that I got left out of a lot of things because of that (and being shy). Not having any close friends sucked pretty hard, too.
11:31 PM on 12/08/12 
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upthepunx's Avatar
San Diego, CA
Male - 26 Years Old
I got a d.u.i. when I was 17 years old, as the second semester of my senior year of high school started. So having to deal with those personal issues, the doubt,guilt, depression, regret, court cases pushed pretty hard against my high school life. Inside school, the most stressful part was the peer pressure. It was almost mandatory to go out and find these stupid house parties every weekend, like some badge of pride and the more you would go to, the "cooler" you were. I never cared for them, I never really "had" fun coming home drunk and afraid of being caught, but the peer pressure was overwhelming to be a part of this scene.
01:25 AM on 12/09/12 
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lloyd boners
JayDanielHammer's Avatar
I had really bad anxiety mixed with claustrophobia-ish things. Had to always be near a door. High school was terrible for that reason.

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