06:34 PM on 12/12/12 
User Info.
when I die there'll be no trumpets
SomedayTheFire's Avatar
Dublin, Ireland
Male - 24 Years Old
Looked pretty much exactly what I was expecting.
06:42 PM on 12/12/12 
User Info.
recall reality
But existing is basically all I do!
recall reality's Avatar
Virginia Beach, VA
Male - 29 Years Old
I certainly would not have guessed Del Toro based on that trailer, looks like typical Bay/Emerich fare. Of course, it IS a movie about giant robots fighting giant monsters. Del Toro attached is enough to keep me interested. Voice of GLaDOS caught me off guard, nice to hear Elba using his actual accent too.
06:45 PM on 12/12/12 
User Info.
Nyquist Theorem
See you in the funny papers
Nyquist Theorem's Avatar
Farmington Hills, MI
Male - 29 Years Old
I wasn't really thinking Transformers.

But I did think, "go go Power Rangers."
07:09 PM on 12/12/12 
User Info.
Never forget.
jwicklun's Avatar
San Francisco, CA
Male - 26 Years Old
08:03 PM on 12/12/12 
User Info.
Alex DiVincenzo
Alex DiVincenzo's Avatar
Raynham, MA
Male - 26 Years Old
Staff Member
Godzilla + Transformers + Avatar. Shut up and take my money.
08:09 PM on 12/12/12 
User Info.
born to be murdered
gonz's Avatar
Did anybody spot Charlie Day? It looked like he could have been a dude wearing glasses, but I can't tell for sure.

Yeah, that was him.
08:10 PM on 12/12/12 
User Info.
Died from an accident.
blimpcityhero11's Avatar
Akron, OH
Male - 28 Years Old
Charlie Day looks so different here...

08:12 PM on 12/12/12 
User Info.
Star Slight
Star Slight's Avatar
Hope he speaks with the azn accent from last weeks sunny
08:32 PM on 12/12/12 
User Info.
Regular Member
Upstart's Avatar
Raleigh, NC
Male - 28 Years Old
Exactly what I thought and wanted to post. If the trailer ended with a Transformers 4 title card, first, no one would even question that. And second, everyone would be shitting on it.

I would question why they were putting a Transformers card on something that clearly wasn't a Transformers movie, but maybe that's just me.
08:47 PM on 12/12/12 
User Info.
Registered Member
Farva2's Avatar
Chino, CA
Male - 25 Years Old
Looks like a great big blockbuster-popcorn flick. Cant wait!
10:48 PM on 12/12/12 
User Info.
Roll Tide Roll
Dodge725's Avatar
Male - 23 Years Old

Oh wait.....
11:23 PM on 12/12/12 
User Info.
Kill Me Quickly
BoxCarRiebe's Avatar
Male - 28 Years Old
The difference between this flick and transformers is that this flick will have substance. You can't bitch about a movie about robots and monsters fighting having huge action set pieces, what do you want them to arm wrestle or something? The special effects look outstanding. Remember folks we have an actual real, extremely passionate and talented as frig director behind the lens, with a talented cast to boot. I highly doubt Del Toro would work on, let alone talk so passionately about a dumb popcorn flick. Just because there's robots fighting doesn't make it transformers, other robots can exist in the world you know. I expect it to be a fun, smart, highly entertaining action flick with a good story. I have complete faith in Del Toro, and its great to see an original giant big budget monster flick coming out. Especially excited about all the different types of monsters that we haven't even seen yet. and can we all just be happy that a big budget hollywood flick is coming out that is an original IP and that is not based off of a comic/franchise/ old tv show or a remake. Whether your excited or not you should at least be semi happy that studios are willing to take a huge risk and sink an obscene amount of money into something like this. I am beyond stoked for this flick. I just think its crazy how quick people are to dismiss something because it kind of looks vaguely similar to something they saw once and didn't like. But hey maybe I'm wrong and mark wahlburg will show up and start doing pushups with Jax Teller and cracking jokes with the robots all while learning life lessons.
11:35 PM on 12/12/12 
User Info.
Registered Member
flask's Avatar
Male - 25 Years Old
Super disappointed by that trailer. Looks even worse than Transformers fight scenes, can't tell what the fuck is going on. The whole "canceling the apocalypse" speech, ugh.

How can you not tell whats going on? There's only 2 clips of robot on monster action anyways. One where a monster literally just lunges at a robot, and another where a robot very clearly throws a rocket powered punch at a monster's face. And then a robot gets tossed at the end. In Transformers you couldn't even tell Optimus' ass from his face when there was action going on.
11:38 PM on 12/12/12 
User Info.
The hype train cometh
nowFace's Avatar
Northern California
Male - 24 Years Old
Yeah people comparing this to Transformers are dumb. Transformers are talking/racist robots who fight each other, and Michael Bay directed them. He has to be the most generic director in Hollywood. This is fucking Del Toro the same guy who did both Hellboy's and Pan's Labyrinth.....how about you wait until the movie is released to pass actual judgment. People these days.
11:38 PM on 12/12/12 
User Info.
Wake Up
Wake Up's Avatar
Portland, OR
Male - 23 Years Old
Del Toro Lick My Asshole: Pacific Rim

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