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11:50 AM on 12/18/12
Go Sabres
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He doesn't only know those words in the context of which he uses them in his act. In fact, he spent the opening segment from the second episode of Louie listening, to a gay man, about what the usage of "f-----" means to gay people. Just because he hasn't been called that word doesn't mean he hasn't witnessed or been told of its impact from people that have.

You really think the sole purpose of comedy is to make people laugh? Do you also think music (in particular, punk rock) is only about cool noises? In many cases comedy bits, like songs, are also designed to make people think.

A classic example is Dave Chapelle's blind white supremacist sketch. The irony is funny, but the sketch points out how ridiculous racism is because the main character didn't know skin colour, and it didn't actually effect his friendships or his hatred of others. Satire is a way to bring the true absurdities of an actual topic into focus by way of an exaggerated display. If you thought George Carlin or Bill Hicks were doing their acts just for giggles, you are wrong.

Also, in your own football analogy, both sides agree that NFL football is harmful. The players have brain injuries, while the doctors admit there are risks (injuries). The scenario you created in your head and typed out doesn't have two sides to it. If A is debating A, then of course A will be the winner.

Those jokes were from a special he did in 2008. Seeing as he's been active in stand-up since the mid-80's, that's hardly early for him. Nice try, though.
the point is C.K. has made several comments in recent years that he regrets these very jokes.
11:59 AM on 12/18/12
Again And Again
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the point is C.K. has made several comments in recent years that he regrets these very jokes.
I didn't have any luck with Google to back up what you're saying. If you would please provide a link to anywhere at all that does, that would be wonderful.
01:04 PM on 12/18/12
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The issue isn't really with the routine. That is a whole other subject that isn't really worth getting into. The routine was brought up in defense of why its okay to use those words in standard conversation. My point is that as a straight white male, Lewis C.K. only knows those slurs in the context which he uses them within his routine. He hasn't had someone call him the f-word within the context of hate.

So from viewed purely as a comedy routine, like whatever. I mean, I'm personally not really a Lewis C.K. fan but I don't really have a huge problem with it. There is a place for offensive humor in comedy routines. But comedy routines are still just that - comedy routines. They aren't supposed to be life lessons, and if you try and use it as a life lesson then I think its perfectly reasonable to point out that Lewis isn't really the proper person to comment. Like, if I'm wondering "Is the NFL harmful to its players" and on the one hand I have these actual NFL players saying "Look, I have these brain injuries" and on the other hand I have these people saying "no violence has always been part of the game. plus the players get paid so much and they know the risks", I'm going to side with the players because they have the better perspective. Its the same way here, a straight white man saying how they doing see the issue with the slurs matters a lot less to me than the women, black people, or gay people who *do* take offense with the slurs.
I can almost guarantee Louis CK has had someone call him f-word within the context of hate. And I'm sure some black person has called him n-word, or at least threatened to kick his ass for using it. And I'm also sure someone has called him a "cunt" for using these words. You don't say the shit he says, even as damned funny as he is, and not piss off people.

But that's okay, because he isn't a total pussy and can handle being called names.
07:44 PM on 03/14/13
Filmed in HD
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