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12:12 AM on 02/04/13
Rob Hrx
hates a girl with pity in her eyes
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Great article: couldn't agree more re: New Again, Coming Home (such a shame NFG hasn't done anything in this vein since), and Folie A Deux. The rest I'm either not familiar with, or not sold their being better than average.
12:21 AM on 02/04/13
Regular Member
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Daisy is fucking amazing! As well as Danger Days, and there hasn't been a bad TBS record. Nothing can fix Anarchy, most forgettable album ever, wanted to toss that cd out of the window. I think they should have included AFI's Crash Love, fucking amazing record everyone seemed to sleep on.
12:26 AM on 02/04/13
Blew all your brains out on my lawn
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20 dollar nose bleed is one of the best FOB songs there is thanks to folie a deux
I feel like that was the collaboration 99% of FOB fans wanted, but nobody even seems to remember that song. I don't get it. It's fantastic.
12:29 AM on 02/04/13
Saved The Day
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hectorial85's Avatar
In Reverie, Daisy, Coming Home and Welcome The Night are some of my fave records ever. I'm glad there is some notice trying to get these albums more attention and/or change people's opinions. Then again, I do read that some users love these just as much as I do.

Cool article.
12:31 AM on 02/04/13
Jason Tate
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Welcome the Night is one kid the worst albums I've ever heard by a band I loved.
12:42 AM on 02/04/13
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FTank's Avatar
Daisy is great. I love Yellowcard, but think Lights & Sounds is terrible.
12:55 AM on 02/04/13
If You Dig Up The Dead...
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Mattylikesfilms's Avatar
I don't understand why the attitude around here is that pop punk is for kids only and its basically musically inferior to anything else. Yes, pop punk kids can be incredibly annoying. But I don't understand how the so-called "maturity" (whatever that means) of an album like Coming Home, which I consider to be incredibly boring, automatically makes it objectively superior to pop punk albums. I mean I'm not soley a pop punk kid, I love alt rock in the vein of Coming Home and I consider NFG to be my favorite band, but I find Coming Home to be pretty unbearably boring.

edit: I mean I totally understand that power-chord pop punk is musically inferior to a lot of other genres but I don't get how making a slow alt rock album like Coming Home is "progression." There wasn't any superior musicianship than NFG's classic brand of pop punk on that album.

I can't really respond without sounding like an asshole so my apologies in advance.

I used to love pop punk as a teen but when you turn 21, or hell- 25, if you still are as passionate about pop punk as you were when you were 15- then you need to grow up and listen to something more musically ambitious. I still chill to some pop punk once in a while but I can't listen to half the pop punk jams I used to without cringing or not hearing how dated some songs have become.

I'm not saying that people should stop listening to pop punk when they grow up (I'm just saying that there's more musically satisfying stuff out there IMO) but I do hate how people shun records like Coming Home and Lights & Sound cause its not pop punk. It's fucking tragic those records couldn't be appreciated cause fans wanted the same old pop punk songs that don't stack up in comparison in my eyes.

I'm typing this pretty tore up from the after parties so hopefully this makes sense.
01:07 AM on 02/04/13
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Welcome The Night is an awesome record, definitely deserves a second chance.
01:08 AM on 02/04/13
If You Dig Up The Dead...
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Mattylikesfilms's Avatar
haha it's all good, honestly that was a really great explanation and I see where you are coming from. I guess I just haven't reached that point yet, honestly I doubt I will because pop punk is only a small fraction of what I listen to. I try to have well-rounded tastes and give everything a chance for that very reason.

I think the thing about Coming Home for me was that I just flat out didn't like the songs, and if it was any other band I probably wouldn't have either. I keep an open mind--I'm fine with bands changing sounds, but personally I thought that record was just boring. I think NFG would be perfectly capable of making an alt rock album that I love--Coming Home just wasn't it.

Yeah man I totally understand if you just flat out didn't like it and was able to leave your pre conceived thoughts at the door since it wasn't pop punk.

For me, the songs hit me and the production value is really good. "Familiar Landscapes" and "When I Die" are probably two of my favorite songs by NFG. I also love "Taken Back by You" and "Love & Pain".

It's honestly the only record of theirs that has grabbed me and got me going emotionally (not crying but just feeling the emotions of the lyrics).
01:08 AM on 02/04/13
Eight miles high and falling fast
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Oh, I loved Neigborhoods right from the start. I think it's their best record. The same goes with Danger Days. I liked what some guy on NME said - with DD, they put all their older albums in obsolence.

I also really liked New Again when it came out and didn't understand the hate. Entirely unjustified. I heven't actually listened to TBS since, though.

Another albums that deserve second chance? Chase This Light, kind of. When I'm in the mood for Jimmy Eat World but don't know what to play first, I usually settle for Big Casino.


Funeral for a Friend - Tales Don't Tell Themselves
Muse - The 2nd Law
Interpol - Interpol
Half of the albums by Travis
Editors - In This Light And On This Evening
The Killers - Day & Age
Arctic Monkeys - Humbug
MGMT - Congratulations

...just to name "a few".
01:28 AM on 02/04/13
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i rlly like daisy, danger days, and folie a deux :/
01:35 AM on 02/04/13
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Found In The Flood by The Bled is another album that should be given a second chance. Such a great album that was sadly written off for not being Pass The Flask pt II.
02:09 AM on 02/04/13
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deanster321's Avatar
Funeral for a Friend's Tales Don't Tell Themselves, by gawd.
02:21 AM on 02/04/13
I know...
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runningohfive's Avatar
I can never get into Lights and Sounds and New Again, with the exception of a few tracks.

In Reverie and Coming Home are my personal favorites in that list.
02:53 AM on 02/04/13
saddr weirdr
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Lights and Sounds is one of my top 10 albums of all time. So that one.

Oh yeah, and Arrivals and Departures by Silverstein is probably in my top ~25. So that one too.

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