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Heroes For Hire Replace Frontman

Posted by - 11:07 AM on 03/06/13
Heroes For Hire vocalist Brad Smith has left the band. Guitarist Duane Hazell is stepping up as frontman. A lengthy statement from Hazell can be found below.
This will be the first and last thing I am going to say about everything that's going on right now regarding Heroes For Hire. To everyone saying that there are no original members left in Heroes For Hire and that we are just using the band name to promote a completely new band: I can't even remember how many years ago it was exactly that I joined Heroes For Hire, but if I had to guess, I'd say it was about 5 or 6 years ago. Before I officially joined, I was filling in on bass guitar at a few small local shows due to their current bass player at the time Dave Smith being overseas. It wasn't long after I filled in on bass that I received a phone call from Brad asking me if I'd like to join his band on guitar & backup vocals because one of his guitarists and drummer had left the band & Dave was staying overseas for longer than anticipated.

So this just left Brad and his other guitarist Josh Smith on their own without a band.

I basically said yes immediately to joining and brought Lee McGarrity the drummer of my own band at the time, with me.
Not long after that, myself and Lee called our friend Mat Hawthorne up to join on Bass, thus completing the final piece of the puzzle that was our new band.

Although at this point in time, the band had already established the band name "Heroes For Hire", had been playing a few local shows around our home towns here and there and had even released 2 or 3 live recordings for MySpace,
I still like to think that Heroes For Hire officially started from this point onwards.

What i'm about to say next is something I don't usually talk about much, due to myself not wanting to come across as an arrogant, egotistical, self proclaimed rock star.
But from this point in time, up until right now, I have written 99% of the guitars, bass, drums, vocal melodies and lyrics for anything that you have ever heard from Heroes For Hire.

I was there to write new songs for the first (admittingly horrible) "Lights Out EP" and even change and add new things to the few old songs that were kept for the EP.

This eventually lead us to our first ever interstate shows in QLD (which ended up being more of a holiday) but nethertheless, I was there for it. Oh it also allowed us to win a Triple J Unearthed competition which entitled us to open the Sydney leg of a small music festival called "Soundwave", which then lead us to being signed to our first record label "Shock Records".

I wrote our first album "Life Of The Party" start to finish while I was living with Lee, Instead of working a real job for money to pay rent.

This lead us to do more interstate shows, small tours, our first video shoots, our first radio and magazine interviews, our very first international support and gradually built up to bigger tours and more international support shows with some of our favourite bands.

It also eventually lead to the loss of our guitarist Josh Smith due to commitment issues as he was studying at Uni to become a teacher & involved in various sports.

After this, we continued on writing and touring as a four piece whilst recruiting friends to help us out on 2nd guitar for shows aka Matt Gravolin (aka Gremlin).

The time then came to record our second album.
At this point in time I was living back home with my parents due to be being too poor to live elsewhere & refusing to stop attempting to make the band a full time job so I had plenty of time to write and record all the demos that we needed for this album.

Not long before heading overseas, we were lucky enough to find a guitarist that we liked and were friends with to join the band. This was none other than Alex "The Body" Bonic.
But considering the album was already written and we were weeks away from heading overseas to record it, we decided to record the album as a 4 piece and announce Bonics arrival to the band post America.

After borrowing obscene amounts of money from our management and working the odd job here and there, we somehow managed to take ourselves to Baltimore in the USA to record "Take One For The Team" with producer Paul Leavitt who had worked with bands such as All Time Low and Senses Fail.

Never had I been more stoked and proud of anything I had ever written or been a part of musically.

Shortly after recording & Just before the release of "Take One For The Team" we parted ways with our bass player Mat due to personal conflicts within the band.

This is where our dear friend Chris "Potter" Moretti comes into the story.
Most people don't know this, but Potter has been involved and along for the ride from day 1. He started out just hanging out at shows, then started coming on tours with us out of his own pocket, he's on the front cover of "Life Of The Party" and was even the worst merch guy that ever existed for us for a few years.
Any idiot can play bass in a 3 chord pop punk band so we figured at least he'd actually be doing something on tour now if we let him join.
So even though he hasn't always been slaying the stage with us, he was always involved with the band from the start.

Once we were back in Australia, we announced that we finally had a good looking dude in our band (Alex Bonic), released the album and started touring the shit out of "Take One For The Team".

Ok, so after touring "Take One For The Team" to death, shooting more videos taking part in numerous festival tours and doing the whole band thing for another year or so with our new line up, we decided it was time to record another album.

We wanted to step things up for this one.
So somehow we managed to convince Steve Klein (New Found Glory) to produce our soon to be new album "No Apologies".
These are the only songs that I have ever co-written with someone and it was a strange but cool experience for me.
We basically set up a bunch of studio gear for 2 weeks at Lee's house and every day myself and Steve would write songs/work on demos i had previously recorded for the Pre Production stage of the album while everyone else was at work or doing other things. Then we would all practice the songs together as a band & occasionally the rest of the band would give their opinion or ideas for certain parts of the songs.
The following few weeks were spent in the actual recording studio and went pretty much the same way as the Pre Production Process except for when it was time for members to track their parts for the album.
Around this time, we learned that Alex was no longer able to be a part of the band due to his University and work commitments.

We finished 90% of the album while Steve was here but ran out of time to complete "Nowhere at all" and "Weigh Me Down", but were scheduled to go to South East Asia in the coming weeks and it just so happened that we were going to be staying at a studio in Thailand so we decided to finish the tracks there.

I should also mention that Lee's Lady was about to have a child at this time so Lee was unable to come with us overseas.

Gremlin had still remained involved with our band in one way or another, he was there almost every day for the recording of the album and even contributed parts to the album "No Apologies".
So we asked him to join us for our South East Asia tour and we also asked the drummer of his band at the time "Anthony Caruso".

Anthony is another person that's been there from day one with us and he already knew all the songs, so it made things super easy for the trip.
Anthony even contributed percussion to the song "Nowhere At All" and tracked the drums for the "Call Me Maybe" cover we did whilst in Thailand.

After getting back from overseas we were immediately thrown Into doing press, MTV appearances and another Australian Tour which Alex and Lee were both a part of.
By the end of the tour it was apparent that Lee was unable to continue being in the band anymore due to him having 2 children now, purchasing a new house for his new family and our band not making enough money to be able to support them.
So we parted ways for good with Alex and Lee after this tour but are still the best of mates.

This left us in the position to either finish up with the band for good (even though we had just recorded a new album and spent every cent we had on that and heading overseas) or to find new members again.

After South East Asia, there was no other choice for us than to have Gremlin and Anthony as full time members (assuming that they would accept the offer). They had been with the band from the start along with Potter and myself and they made the band work in a way that it never had before.

So unless you haven't been too familiar with our band until today, I'm guessing you guys know the rest of the story between then and now.

Yes we have parted ways with our singer and long time friend Brad Smith, but I assure you it was not without good reason or for the best Interest of the band and I wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

Now finally to finish up what was supposed to be a short statement from myself:

We are not changing the band name nor are we using it to promote something completely new or different. Why? (just in case this novel hasn't sunk in yet),
Because this band that you have all come to know and surprisingly care about so much wouldn't even be around today and none of the above would have ever happened if I hadn't have answered my phone that day 5 or 6 years ago and decided to START this band with Brad, Josh, Lee and Mat.
So if you still think there are no original members in this band, that we shouldn't be using this band name, that we don't deserve to have you listening to us from now on, or you were only listening to us for one particular member, then that's unfortunate. But good riddance.
For everyone else, thanks for sticking around and giving us a chance.
The demos I am writing right now blow anything else we've ever done out of the water and we'll be releasing some new music real soon. I promise you won't be disappointed.

- Duane.
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11:08 AM on 03/06/13
I make music.
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bradsonemanband's Avatar
Singer For Hire
11:15 AM on 03/06/13
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I wish these guys would tour the States.
11:33 AM on 03/06/13
Jason Tate
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Jason Tate's Avatar
Who cares.
11:39 AM on 03/06/13
Back by Popular Demand
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ghelms88's Avatar
Why is this such a big deal??
11:47 AM on 03/06/13
The Old Black
Registered User
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I regret even reading half of that
12:23 PM on 03/06/13
<("<) ^( " )^ (>")>
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Agreed. I can't believe the guy thought anyone would want to read a statement that long over something so petty.

Not to mention the name is awful anyways, he should be willing to let it go.
01:02 PM on 03/06/13
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I didn't like the singer anyway. He always seemed like a big head and nob with an annoying voice

Think they're suppose to be playing a show in Sydney tonight.
But I'm going the rugby. SBW returns!
01:03 PM on 03/06/13
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Man.. I read all of it. I don't mind the band, I love pop punk
02:53 PM on 03/06/13
Regular Member
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I didn't like the singer anyway. He always seemed like a big head and nob with an annoying voice

Think they're suppose to be playing a show in Sydney tonight.
But I'm going the rugby. SBW returns!
"God" returns.
04:42 PM on 03/06/13
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Avalanche1's Avatar
What's the point of a band if one person writes literally everything? Loved their newest record though.
04:50 PM on 03/06/13
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Ricketts's Avatar
Obviously racist. Luke Cage was doing a fine job.
05:32 PM on 03/06/13
indie sounding lyrics here
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What's the point of a band if one person writes literally everything? Loved their newest record though.
that is actually how an overwhelmingly large number of bands do things.

never heard these dudes before, some of their stuff is pretty decent.
05:39 PM on 03/06/13
I Want That You Are Always Happy
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CalRahhh's Avatar
Yeah, no one cares enough about this band to warrant even a paragraph of that statement.
06:12 PM on 03/06/13
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NationalProduct's Avatar
tooooo long summarize

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