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Technology Round-Up (03/17/13)

Posted by - 05:18 PM on 03/17/13
Head to the replies to read this week's Technology Round-Up.
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05:18 PM on 03/17/13
Deborah Remus
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Thanks to Chad for putting this together.

Technology Round-UpApple

Apple is facing a class-action lawsuit over poor screen quality for Macbook Pros with retina displays.

Boot Camp has been updated to support Windows 8.


As much as we all hate internet trolls, apparently, they have more of an effect on how we interpret news than we would care to admit.

European internet surfers can rest peacefully--porn will not be banned by the EU.

Next time you feel like complaining about slow internet, be happy you're not in Iran by checking out this diagram of internet censorship.

Twitter may be working on a music app.

A study of Facebook users indicates that researchers can determine, with reasonable accuracy, if you are gay, use drugs, or are a Republican from your profile. Oh, and your profile got a new look this week too.

A new pope means new domain names to squat on. Over 600 domain names have been acquired. We can only hope that they will not be used for illicit purposes.

A hacker has created a way to bypass the SimCity always-online requirements that have caused the game to become one of the worst-rated products of all time on Amazon.com.

See how Google's Cloud Computer compares to the cloud heavyweight, Amazon EC2.


Here's an example of how Google Glass, a project which will bring Minority-Report-style information to regular glasses, can be used for less-productive tasks.

Google Reader is going by the wayside on July 1 (much to your round-up author's chagrin). As Google likes to do these days, it is getting rid of a universally-liked product to focus attention on less-popular products like Google+. Feedly has already picked up 500,000 new members as a result.

Though Google Chat is based on the Jabber network, the software is now blocking invitations from Jabber users.


Be careful about using GPS in China if you visit. You may be accused of being a spy.

At SXSW, a piece of software that can detect oncoming Alzheimer's years before signs are visible won first place.

Biometric scanners have been fooled by fake fingers.

Walgreens is going to build a store that requires no external power.

A father hacked a Donkey Kong machine so that his daughter is the heroine who rescues Mario.

Though an AMD graphics processor in the PS4 is a huge win for AMD, they might have won by default since Nvidia reportedly gave up the fight.

Check out Boeing's plans to fix the battery problems of the currently-grounded 787 planes.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been revealed. A 5-inch 1080p screen, a quad- or octo-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 2600 mAH battery highlight the intensive hardware set. See how it compares to the competition.

Check out a review of the HTC One X.

See how HTC Sense 5.0 is better and worse than previous versions.

The Chief of Google Android has stepped down.

Despite lackluster sales of the new Blackberry Z10, Blackberry (the company finally changed the name from "RIM" a few weeks back) claims to have sold one million handsets to an unnamed partner.


Google has started removing ad-blockers from the Google Play store.

Google Now may be coming to iOS.

The popular Mailbox app for iOS has been acquired by Dropbox.

Learn what apps are draining your battery with BetterBatteryStats for Android.


Facebook has vending machines that distribute computer accessories for employees. Just swipe an employee badge and get the replacement parts you need.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Facebook will incorporate its own version of hashtags soon.

Check out the Lenovo Thinkpad Terminator Edition (also known by the less fun model number T431s).

An old Sun Solaris server was finally shut down after an insane 10 years and 84+ days of uptime.

If you haven't done your taxes yet, you might want to avoid H&R Block software; a glitch has caused tax return delays for 600,000 users.

An educational Linux distribution, Ubermix, allows kids to learn on the computer without parents having to worry about them getting viruses/malware on the system.

Google Chromebooks get Netflix via HTML5 instead of Silverlight technology.


Consolidate your cloud drives with Jolidrive.

Here are 8 alternatives to Google Reader.

Block people's ability to know you read their iMessages.

Automatically eject external drives on OS X when your computer goes to sleep.

Having problems remembering to water your plants? Automate plant watering instead!

Dual-boot your phone with Linux to give your Android phone a fresh look.


U.S. spy agencies will have access to digital records of your finances.

A hack of a casino's digital poker game allowed people to see opponents' cards and win $33 million in the process.

Extinct pigeons are coming back to life courtesy of a Jurassic Park-style effort.

Thankfully for Marty McFly, NASA has resumed production of plutonium.

A new study indicates that neanderthals became extinct because of their large eyes.


05:41 PM on 03/17/13
Stay Hungry. Stay Free.
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dannylololol's Avatar
I love this roundup, always helps me to procrastinate for awhile
05:46 PM on 03/17/13
Registered Member
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skibby15's Avatar
nice. i'll have something to kill time with at work tomorrow. haha
05:57 PM on 03/17/13
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DandonTRJ's Avatar
"A new pope means new domain names to squat on. Over 600 domain names have been acquired. We can only hope that they will not be used for elicit purposes."


Good round-up as always.
06:48 PM on 03/17/13
Vandelay Industries
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esposimi's Avatar
Damn that Lenovo is gorgeous! We sell them at work since we are a Lenovo Partner, hope I can get my hands on one!
09:09 PM on 03/17/13
Full time sarcastic asshole.
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ttttonyTM's Avatar
Just to be an Android elitist...it's the HTC One, not One X. The One X was released last year. Terrible naming on HTC's part, can only imagine how much confusion this will create.
09:47 PM on 03/17/13
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DevinDomino's Avatar
Just to be an Android elitist...it's the HTC One, not One X. The One X was released last year. Terrible naming on HTC's part, can only imagine how much confusion this will create.
From someone who works in phone sells: Tons.
07:32 AM on 03/18/13
Pit Boss
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DeadCityScars's Avatar
SOOOO glad the wheels are finally in motion with a class action lawsuit over Apple's MBP retina display. Maybe now I can get a new screen for free. I ordered a MBP within a month of release and then I started to read about this mess. In fact, Apple has reset the thread/view count since then. That support thread should be double what it's listing.
07:41 AM on 03/18/13
Spencer Control
i am orange and i can grow wings
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Spencer Control's Avatar
Awesome roundup. Thanks!
09:05 AM on 03/31/13
Full time sarcastic asshole.
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ttttonyTM's Avatar
From someone who works in phone sells: Tons.
Hahah, I've seen already. I work at Best Buy and the customer service desk was on the radio back and forth nearly yelling with the mobile guys because a customer wanted to preorder the "1X"

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