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08:02 PM on 04/26/13
So it goes...
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roche's Avatar
explain to me what makes this horrible? when there is diversity in the guitars and the sound they are portraying between Pop and metal and trying something different. This is exactly what the song is talking about, close minded people who immediately tune out cause its not what they are use to. And yeah im gonna freak out when people talk shit and give reasoning's such as " he just looks like and acts like an annoying 14 year old i want to punch in the face" when he doesn't even know him. If people wanna talk shit about a band that I know has worked their asses of, then im gonna call them out on it and see what validates their opinion or if its just them wanting to get attention and stick their heads up their own asses. Truth of the matter is half these people couldnt even write an album, let alone a single. Yet everyone feels the need to be a critic and throw in their two cents. Im just tired of artist who starve themselves and give their lives for people to just shut them down cause of ignorance.
You're just too adorable. Absolutepunk is an online forum where people discuss music and they're entitled to their opinions. Nobody here cares how hard you think these guys work or how nice you think they are, the final product they have produced is audibly offensive. Get over it.
08:29 PM on 04/26/13
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luqmanhakim's Avatar
Implying that the music you like doesn't have some pretty terrible lyrics.

"Put a gun to my head and paint the walls with my brains"
Are you that insecure about liking this band that you HAD to assume that I was implying that the music that I like all have profound lyrics?

Go play in traffic you wanker.
08:44 PM on 04/26/13
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luqmanhakim's Avatar
Its easy to get laughs when your talking to someone who's such a joke(: lmao

in your opinion and to your knowledge(which obviously isnt alot) you believe better albums have been made in 8 days. lol but whatever dood go on those blogs then and leave this for fans who actually care. Its just immature the way you act. Im done
You know what's 'funny'? If this thread was solely meant for comments by people who actually like them, you'd never get past the first page...or maybe past 5 posts.

You should be glad to know that people who don't even like them know of the existence of this stupid band that you enjoy.

09:01 PM on 04/26/13
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MikeAL4W's Avatar
Some of my favorite dudes in the world. Stoked for them.
09:04 PM on 04/26/13
Hey, are you a dreamer?
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DylanPPPP's Avatar
Common opinion on this website
That's what I meant, yes.
10:07 PM on 04/26/13
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bobsheiskawy's Avatar
i think this is the worst thread i've entered so far this year.

song's not great, though it's better than other things i've heard from this band. the production takes away from the actual song.
10:27 PM on 04/26/13
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Cøltøn's Avatar
Band is fun as hell and if you go in expecting anything more than that you will be disappointed.
10:30 PM on 04/26/13
King of France
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nickthehick2's Avatar
Of course they used pitch correction, pretty much everyone in these types of genres that are popular use it(besides periphery). Its almost set to be an industry standard. But he honestly brings it live, and i admire him for doing both parts cause it isnt easy to do. If you already hated them then whats the point of comming on a blog posting their new music and trolling saying how much you hate them. Thats just sad and pathetic. Like they say "Get the Fuck Out" lmao
I was interested in seeing how their music has changed. I didn't come in here thinking "well this is gonna be piece of shit!" I came in wondering if they've gotten any better or fixed their sound, but I still do not enjoy them.
11:47 PM on 04/26/13
indie sounding lyrics here
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Are you that insecure about liking this band that you HAD to assume that I was implying that the music that I like all have profound lyrics?

Go play in traffic you wanker.

Not even close. I'm just saying you can't try to poke fun at something when you like artists who write stuff that is just as dumb. Im checking out my window for some traffic to play in but there isn't much at 2 in the morning.

Everyday I'm rustlin'.
01:51 AM on 04/27/13
Erik Bihl
I Like Music
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Erik Bihl's Avatar
Love this band and the new album! But i agree with others that the screaming is unnecessary. Still a great band tho.
04:18 AM on 04/27/13
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TheYellowcard's Avatar
Too much hate on this site for chunk. Settle down. Please.
04:45 AM on 04/27/13
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emoboy333's Avatar
This record is fun and catchy as hell. Not the album of the year, screaming is hard to come by, but honestly, this is easily one of the catchiest records of the year.
11:34 PM on 04/30/13
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they arent bad, but something about there music makes me wanna laugh

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