Big Chocolate - 06.26.13

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Big Chocolate - 06.26.13What can I say about Big Chocolate? He has a big personality, he makes big songs, and you're going to have a big dose of fun when you check out his set at the Spotify stage at the Vans Warped Tour. Cam was definitely one of my favorite people to be around in Seattle and Portland, and I think his personality and skills are going to take him really far in the EDM scene. He's a true original, a real breath of fresh air. Also, don't try to out mustache him, you're gonna lose EVERY TIME...feel free to try though.

NOTE: I have a non-music related conversation that'll either manifest itself on the Absolutepunk podcast, or via my Soundcloud. We talk the new Xbox One & PS4, Movies, and more.
How would you best describe your live show?

Big Chocolate: I dunno man, it really just depends on the environment. With the whole DJ'ing thing, it just depends on the setting.

Let's just focus in and say Warped Tour, since we're here in Seattle.

Big Chocolate: Warped? Well, well it's interesting because I was nervous, 30 minutes is not a whole lot of time to set up your tracks because usually you have an hour and you really get into stuff and you make your way there, but 30 minutes is challenging. So today was very intense, very energetic.

Yeah, you just keep tweaking it as you go along then

Big Chocolate: Yeah, my main plan was to sit down with my tour manager and re-assess each day until we narrow it down. I've switched up my set way too many times this week because I wasn't sure what to do, and it was a success, I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

Are there any staples in your set? Like a song/sample that definitely needs to be in there?

Big Chocolate: The newer stuff, I really want to play that stuff.

How's it feel to be back on Warped, after a year off of not doing it?

Big Chocolate: I was nervous, because that was my first real breath into this kind of stuff, I really feel like I've grown a lot and changed a ton since the last two years. So I was really nervous to come back and see how the Warped crowd would take the new stuff, and now my worries are all gone.

You've done a lot of other cool stuff since Warped 2011, like playing Ultra. What was it like playing a festival like that? It's such a huge EDM festival.

Big Chocolate: A little bit overwhelming. I was sick the whole time, so I didn't really get to experience the whole festival.

Didn't you get carted in right before you went on stage?

Big Chocolate: No...oh yeah! We were running super late and we were prepping for last minute set stuff like 40 minutes before I was supposed to go on in the hotel. It was nerve wracking, it being Ultra and what not, there were a lot of people - something like 70,000 people come to Ultra. And at that scale of a festival, everything is so legit, you don't really have to think about it. You don't have to go into the general public at all, so you don't get to see much of it, but I had bronchitis, so I spent most of it in a hotel room. IT WAS A BUMMER.

Do you feel like playing Ultra might have been a catalyst in growing as an artist?

Big Chocolate: Kind of, that was still in the early stages. I recently played Movement in Detroit, that was more of a catalyst than Ultra was.

How so?

Big Chocolate: Lately I feel like I've been getting into my own style better, and I kind of debuted a lot of the new stuff I was doing. I took two songs out before, and I was a good experience. Ultra is Ultra, but personally I felt like Movement was so much more.

You recently moved out here in Seattle. How was that experience?

Big Chocolate: It's been great! I've never really lived in a city before, living in Tahoe was nice because there was internet, but being an hour away from the airport was a pain in the ass, here in Seattle you're not an hour away. You can wear jackets every day here, that's pretty killer. Basically all the reasons I wanted to live in Seattle still held up.

Do you have any favorite places in the city?

Big Chocolate: Everything, I went there for a show and had a good experience, and decided to move there based off that one visit...I played at the Showbox at the Market, I saw Meshuggah there, it was BADASS. The venue has a cool sound, you can kind of watch from all over.

You had the opportunity to play at the Mitch Lucker memorial show. Can you explain what it was like to be present at the show, as well as perform?

Big Chocolate: That was a really cool experience. It was super cool man, because everyone was there; the line-up of vocalists was stacked, and a bunch of bands were hanging out, the whole thing was really positive. The whole night moved really slowly, and everyone killed it; a lot of us didn't get to practice a whole lot, I think they were practicing at Chain Reaction the whole week of, a lot of them coming in last minute. The whole thing came together, and it ran really smoothly and it smashed out. Great experience.

Do you have any idea of when the DVD will be out?

Big Chocolate: I know they're done mixing the songs, they mixed them all to make them all sound beefy and whatnot. It's going to be sick.

I know you've worked with a lot of people in the past, but who else would you still like to work with? Tracks like "Go and Dig" were really cool.

Big Chocolate: Oh yeah, that was a buddy of mine from high school; we actually were in a punk rock band when we were 15. I guess in the future...I don't know, because if you like someone's music, you don't necessarily know how well they'd collaborate. I kind of have to work really well with someone in order for a collaboration to work out.

How about sitting in with someone and learning from them?

I do that all the time, I like to make music with my friends, I feel like when you make music with your friends you both learn something and you both take away something. Some of my buddies I make music with are: Budo, Rile, Tyler Blue, Durante...these are all cool names you should check out.

Cameveryday, when is it coming back?

Big Chocolate: Probably never, I just posted a video right before this, and it's like 35 minutes long and it talks about that whole thing.

So, Cam NEVER again?

Big Chocolate: You gotta watch the video, I feel like I kind of conveyed where I'm at with that video. It's not like it's going away forever...it's just difficult, and it was an awesome thing and I really enjoyed that, connecting and creating a relationship with all those people. I feel like I had this cool community, and the people who'd watch Cameveryday would connect and I became good friends with a lot of those people and we'd play Xbox together. A lot of my good friends now are from that stuff. I bringing something like that, but I don't think I can do the every day thing. I talk about in the video how that came about and why it's on hiatus. So link the video...and WATCH it.

Do you have any new remixes you're working on right now?

Big Chocolate: Yeah, I'm working with a band that's also here on Warped, they're called Five Knives, and they're sick! It's not out yet, but it'll hopefully be on my soundcloud sometime over the course of the summer.

I can't help but ask this, but how about another Bad Rabbits remix? I loved your last remix you did with them.

Big Chocolate: I dunno, they just had a new album come out...

Have you heard it?

Big Chocolate: Briefly...just a few songs...

Oh dude, front to back...

Big Chocolate: Front to back you like it?

Yeah, it's a classic.

Big Chocolate: Haha, I'm sort of a bad friend by not listening to it.

If you're not dancing the entire time, you're doing it wrong big time.

Big Chocolate: Great party mix, is it now? Put it on at a party and everyone's feeling good? I'm all about that type of music.

Are you working on a new album right now?

Big Chocolate: I'm doing that thing where I'm taking a step back and you experiment. I'm making a bunch of music, probably at the end of summer I'll probably sit down and focus on the album. But for now I'm just working on cool ideas. I think it's really important to take a step back and experiment, and just expanding what you can do as a producer. So that's what I'm doing right now.

Have you done a full U.S. other than Warped?

Big Chocolate: Not really, I've done a few tours though. I don't really tour, I do a lot of long weekend type of stuff; I'll play 3-4 shows in a region and then come back.

I guess we're lucky to have you hear in Seattle then...

Big Chocolate: Yeah, but it was a long week man. If I just flew in and got dropped off, my mindset would be right in it from the get-go, I've had to ease into it. I slept in my bed last night, and that's nice, but at the same time it makes the whole "getting into tour mode" thing that much harder, and I don't like doing that - Being on tour? Fine; Being off tour? Great.; The whole transition towards getting on it? It's always kind of stressful until you play the first show, then it goes away. So right now? I feel like I'm on tour, and I'm relaxed.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Big Chocolate: I dunno man, you made some cool points, you're a cool dude! (laughs)
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