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12:09 PM on 07/08/13
Je suis l'Alpha et l'Oméga
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WeltallAY's Avatar
But why would someone believe that the subjective helps give an accurate view of an album when a person's enjoyment of an album differs from person to person.

One score is fine. People should be able to surmise that if an album gets an 8/10 or a 9/10, they should check it out.

I suppose you are right. In the end something could be the most generic piece of garbage to one but be a treasure for another. Perhaps scores should just be eliminated altogether since no one is ever happy either way with them.
12:09 PM on 07/08/13
I don't wanna simmer down.
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Micah511's Avatar
i think its more than that. i think its also a way to get a new perspective on an album if you've already heard it.
Okay, I agree with that. If I've listened to an album and it didn't click, but someone who shares similar music interest writes a glowing review of said album, I'd be more inclined to go back to it.

People are just taking it too far and nitpicking. If you can't figure out by the words of a review and a single score what to expect from a record or why you should check it out, 8 other numbers aren't going to help. Those are just for people too lazy to actually read a review.
12:11 PM on 07/08/13
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jordalsh's Avatar
I suppose you are right. In the end something could be the most generic piece of garbage to one but be a treasure for another. Perhaps scores should just be eliminated altogether since no one is ever happy either way with them.
the reality is that someone will always be upset about this. even when Thomas didn't put a score on the new TWY album, people still got mad that there was no score. it's endless haha
12:11 PM on 07/08/13
I'm best known for failure
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werealldudes19's Avatar
The best way I can praise this album is that once you listen to one song you have the urge to listen to 3-4 more and eventually the full album.
It's great.
12:12 PM on 07/08/13
Zac Djamoos
no shade in the shadow of the cross
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Zac Djamoos's Avatar
Vinyl literally just showed up. So excited
12:23 PM on 07/08/13
This Charming Man
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SpyKi's Avatar
like this album a lot.
12:24 PM on 07/08/13
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bromygod's Avatar
This review is written perfectly for this album. It really is an album you should listen to multiple times and study the lyrics and really dive wholeheartedly into. There's something everyone can appreciate, even if they aren't fans of the band. Well done, Jack.
12:37 PM on 07/08/13
Sad Heart of Mine
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Deathco_019's Avatar
Album is really coming around to me now. The production/mixing could be a lot better, but these standalone songs are great. Can't wait to see these played live.
12:38 PM on 07/08/13
Registered User
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atarisaveskids's Avatar
"Pheromone Cvlt" is my favorite track so far.
12:49 PM on 07/08/13
Jake Denning
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Jake Denning's Avatar
that isnt going to happen. none of the reviewers like the categories because we all put different stock into different things. one absolute score is easily the best way to score something, and at the end of the day (i really cant believe i have to say this) a score is completely arbitrary.

This. Because you know, at the end of the day I don't want people to have it sitting in the back of their minds as they listen. The way I see it, there's two ways I can score an album: "Recommended" or "Not Recommended".
12:53 PM on 07/08/13
Regular Member
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soadjaeger's Avatar
Great review. This album is one of my AOTY contenders. The only complaint I have is that I wish the vocals were a little louder. I feel like Jason' s voice and lyrics are what sets this band apart and at times he gets lost under the instrumentation
01:06 PM on 07/08/13
poop butts
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weworemasks's Avatar
if you're a fan of this band and "don't like it" based on production, i'm calling shenanigans. the songs are incredible, and just the right type of progression anyone could've expected. LOVE this record, haven't been able to put it down.
01:28 PM on 07/08/13
Jack Appleby
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I never got a chance to listen to Fake History so this is my first experience with the band. Basically this record has everything I hate about (modern) posthardcore. I don't like the energy, it's too hectic for it's own good. It sounds like their constantly ripping off Refused and Glassjaw (which I both really like).

The production is awful, but the worst part is the clean choruses that they do too often. They ruin the flow of the songs and his "harsher" vocals are already extremely intelligible and clean imo, he could have kept singing the choruses with them and I wouldn't mind it so much. Some parts come off as really cheesy like Banshee's gang vocals "when they say, when they say."

And I also found the whole thing extremely homogeneous. I enjoyed Banshee when I first heard it, but got bored of the album by the 3rd or 4th song. Now, I can't really stomach listening to this at all.

All of the above makes you exactly the person this review is aimed at. Like I said, there's a definite learning curve to this record, and my review's goal is to provide the roadmap past the barriers to entry, so you can enjoy the songs.

That said, I'm not exactly sure what kind of post-hardcore would please you. You say the record has "everything [you] hate about modern posthardcore," then claim they're constantly ripping off Refused and Glassjaw...which isn't modern posthardcore. Those seem to be conflicting thoughts. And I really can't name a modern posthardcore band I'd compare Letlive to - would you mind naming a few? Curious who out there compares.

Also, I think it's incredibly tough for The Blackest Beautiful to be your first exposure to Letlive. Fake History is more straightforward with better production - it's a much easier first listen.
01:46 PM on 07/08/13
Regular Member
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cbarry87's Avatar
This strategy guide/review is wonderful and puts my thoughts into words I wouldn't be able to. I didn't really care for the album while I was continuously playing the YouTube stream, got a burnt copy from a friend and still couldn't get into it like "Fake History." But while I was driving yesterday "Younger" struck a heavy chord with me. And then "27 Club." And so on and so on. I can't wait to sit with the physical copy and read along with the lyrics tomorrow. Face it, it's a grower, not a shower.
02:13 PM on 07/08/13
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I feel like this is a pretty disappointing follow up to Fake History. It's by no means bad or even average, it's pretty good. Intentional or not, they blew it with the production. Muddy is an understatement... Some of the instrumental and vocal tracks are absolutely drowned. It's a glaring issue for me as I'm sure it is for a lot of listeners.

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