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iNCH - Bumfuzzle Album Cover
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Vocals 8.5
Musicianship 8.5
Lyrics 8.5
Production 8.5
Creativity 8.5
Lasting Value 8.5
Reviewer Tilt 8.5
Final Verdict: 85%
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iNCH - Bumfuzzle

Reviewed by: JamieTheSonger (08/02/13)
iNCH - Bumfuzzle
Record Label: Self-released
Release Date: August 27, 2013

Music videos are dead, man. Gone are the days of waking up early just to catch extravagant high concept videos and being pissed when my favorite didn’t get the top spot on TRL. Instead videos that make no attempt at veiling the fact that very little effort was placed are commonplace. And it’s understandable; I don’t even watch videos anymore. I’ve always got eight tabs open with some Youtube video on in the background anyway.

I was introduced to Singapore art-pop artist INCH via this video and I wasn’t really planning on paying attention. I’d switch to a new tab right after this part; I just had to watch see this girl’s face real quick and then suddenly the video was over. INCH’s second full-length Bumfuzzle plays out similarly; not demanding your attention but quietly taking hold of it before you can even realize what’s happening.

I found myself once again just wanting to pay close attention to this one part real quick before realizing the album was over. You see this almost sounds like something that could and should very easily disappear to background noise. However this album is filled with these nonstop tiny moments that just capture your attention.

If the album is made up of small noises, INCH does not get lost in the muddle but instead acts as a more than capable orchestrator. Sometimes even acting as an orchestrator to layers of her own vocals. Take the fourth track Dear Paramour for example as she starts leading some slow acoustic guitars and a distant tambourine with her translucent voice. Things seem simple as she dreams of being “the girl you have on speed-dial” but there’s this looming sense that something big is going to happen.

From the first minute as she holds the notes for the lines “hold you” for just a little longer you’re just waiting to hear her belt out. But she keeps a restraint on her vocals until the final minute, seeming to calculate everything precisely to keep an audience interested. When the instruments explode along with her bursting out “so call me” after all the brooding, it just emphasizes the moment.

If it wasn’t obvious from the lines I’ve quoted from Dear Paramour, this album is heavily autobiographical. I’d say you could probably find these lyrics scrawled in someone’s diary but a lot of these lyrics seem like things that are hard to admit even within a diary. To quote Grizz Chapman of 30 Rock “That girl has feelings.” And it’s hard not to empathize when it sounds so damn beautiful.

I should probably add some joke about the irony of her name being INCH when she’s a fucking rockstar through and through. It seems too obvious. It also seems too obvious to say that INCH as an artist from some distant land called Singapore created an album called Bumfuzzle that reminds me that well, maybe we are all connected somehow because beautiful female vocals will sound good in your ears no matter where they come from.

Recommended if you like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kimbra, St. Vincent

Official Site; Bandcamp
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10:42 PM on 08/15/13
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thank you for the review!
02:46 PM on 05/20/14
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