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Tokyo Police Club - Forcefield

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Tokyo Police Club - Forcefield
Record Label: Mom + Pop Records
Release Date: March 25, 2014

It's a little strange to talk about Tokyo Police Club's progression, since the band hasn't given us anything original since 2010 (the 10x10x10 covers project notwithstanding). To say that Forcefield is different or more poppy or less frenetic is to imply that this band is the same group of people who released Champ. They aren't, but they are. They are older and presumably wiser and less influenced by what is and isn't popular music these days. Yet on "Gonna Be Ready," singer David Monks drops over a half-time bridge, "Living in the mind of girls / Who would never say shit to me now," and that's when we realize that this band is completely different but still stuck in their ethos of perpetual youth. Growing up is easier said than done. We perceive more, but escape less.

When the band announced the album with 8+ minute journey "Argentina (Parts I, II, III)," our minds went spinning as to what this could mean. But really, "Argentina" is just a few Elephant Shell-type tracks crammed together in the smoothest of fashions. Electronics take center stage with lyrics like, "I don't want to want you like I want you," and, "If I was an asshole / Thank you for keeping / A smile on your face." Early on, we find ourselves staring straight into the slow burn of human evolution. "Argentina" is a song with varying moods and settings and pieces, just like our walk through life. It's probably overly emotional for me to say that the guitar solo near the 6-minute mark signals a coming of age story, but that's what "Argentina" is. It tracks this band's path from party jam band into thinking man's electro-rock group.

Because really, everything you hear on Forcefield sounds thoughtful. But not in that overly academic, weirdly preachy way. A song called "Toy Guns" mixes easy metaphors with difficult growth: "When every other kid on the block has a shotgun / I've never known the difference between the toys and the real ones...I am just another jagged gentleman / We're both made of the same stuff." It's all poppy and, as a dear friend said, like they overdosed on 60s pop while overdosing on 2000s drugs. Tokyo Police Club have created something that doesn't feel like it was made to stand out or mix in. Forcefield, like its name implies, is personal and dependent on listeners pulling meaning out of lyrics that are so clearly meant to be vague.

Closer "Feel The Effect," while probably the album's most interesting track with static-drenched guitar solos and fist-pumping Passion Pit-esque electronics, gives us bits of a story that at first seem strange. But it also contains bits of everyday-ness like, "I've got a friend with a mohawk / He's given terrible advice to me / He is full of quick quips / Has my future on my lips / At least he's working on it / Working on it / Working for me." Whether you know someone with that hairstyle or not, you know the person who can't help but tell you what's right. It's so easy to give everyone else advice, and so hard to take it. But Forcefield plays like an album rich with self-reflection. It's incredibly insular and sure of itself, but it's also smartly innovative. Rock music in 2014 means almost nothing, and it's nice to hear a band like Tokyo Police Club going full speed into creating their own definition. And perhaps what it means to be a successful rock band in this day and age is to be less concerned about how you sound, and spend more time concentrating on what you say.

Score: 9.0

Recommended If You Like: Tapes 'n Tapes, Two Door Cinema Club, Ruby Coast

Nitetime Enemywww.tokyopoliceclub.com

Stream the album nowhttp://www.nytimes.com/interactive/a...lay.html?_r=3&
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05:24 AM on 03/19/14
User Info.
jco3's Avatar
Yeah, I heard a bit on the NYT stream, and I thought: "Now this is an album I can get down with." And get down I will. Really cool stuff.
07:42 AM on 03/19/14
We are Groot.
User Info.
smowashere's Avatar
Their best album yet, and I'm a diehard fan.
07:50 AM on 03/19/14
Blake Solomon
every outcome's such a comedown
User Info.
Blake Solomon's Avatar
Their best album yet, and I'm a diehard fan.
with you there
09:26 AM on 03/19/14
I just need reassurance.
User Info.
Shakriel's Avatar
Good review. Been really enjoying the album.
10:01 AM on 03/19/14
Regular Member
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
I was surprised in the general thread when the album was getting hate. I think it's superb.
11:10 AM on 03/19/14
A Waste Of A Time
User Info.
avarice14's Avatar
I've been a fan since...gosh, before Elephant Shell. I dig this album, but think Champ was their peak. These songs are very fun and pleasant, total ear candy.
11:25 AM on 03/19/14
Blake Solomon
every outcome's such a comedown
User Info.
Blake Solomon's Avatar
more i listen to this, more it sort of harkens back all the way to A lesson in Crime the way that some of the electronics dominate and whatnot.
12:00 PM on 03/19/14
Registered User
User Info.
grimis16's Avatar
Their best album yet, and I'm a diehard fan.
After a few weeks of listening to this, I'd still rank Champ at the top.
12:32 PM on 03/19/14
always hungry.
User Info.
dtomczak's Avatar
Love your writing style, Blake. Album is awesome from what I've heard so far.
01:43 PM on 03/19/14
Miss Heartcore
I'm Ready.
User Info.
Miss Heartcore's Avatar
"Toy Guns" is my top contender. I've missed these guys so much.

Blake, you seeing them in May?
05:08 PM on 03/19/14
Not everything, not yet
User Info.
CarouselBoy's Avatar
Toy Guns is such a jam. One of my favorite tpc tracks already
06:48 PM on 03/19/14
Regular Member
User Info.
Quijiba's Avatar
Toy Guns is such a jam. One of my favorite tpc tracks already
agreed. Whole album is great. I went from a casual fan, to wanting to see them in concert
08:43 AM on 03/20/14
Let's pretend..
User Info.
Gooddayz's Avatar
agreed. Whole album is great. I went from a casual fan, to wanting to see them in concert
My thoughts exactly. Definitely going to try and see them in concert now
02:07 AM on 03/22/14
Registered User
User Info.
Razzie's Avatar
I loved the album. Perhaps my favorite so far.

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