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We the Kings - We the Kings

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We the Kings - We the Kings
Record Label: S-Curve Records
Release Date: October 2, 2007
Flashback to 2005. Pop punk was just breaking out of the underground and Fall Out Boy are the favorite band on the scene. Flash forward back to 2007. Fall Out Boy are one of the most loved and hated bands in the world. Whether you like them or not, their influence on the music scene is undeniable. And that brings us to We the Kings. Following in the footsteps of Fall Out Boy and Boys Like Girls, they have made a very catchy (and very unoriginal) record.

The album kicks off with the track "Secret Valentine," with two guitars layered and mildly heavy drums. When Travis Clark's voice comes into the song I realized that there was no way I was getting their songs out of my head anytime soon. The next song and first single "Skyway Avenue" starts off with a guitar line that is probably too high for its own good. I let the guitarist off the hook, because the rest of the song has an insanely catchy riff that only adds to the soothing voice. During the chorus Clark shows he can sing more than one note like so many of the other artist hoping to top this genre. The next song, second single, and my personal favorite "Check Yes Juliet" has an unfairly catchy pre-chorus that dares you not to sing along. "Stay Young" has a very dark sound. Clark drops his voices lower and the guitar is certainly not as high as the rest of the record. Then when the chorus hits everything changes and the songs becomes reminiscent of Boys Like Girls' "The Great Escape."

Overall this record fails to break any new ground in music or display even the slightest creativity. However, nowhere does it say a good album needs to be original. While this record is easily forgettable, I've fallen in love with it over and over again. Hopefully the lack of creativity won't turn out to be the marble that broke the camel's back.

Recommended if You LikeFall Out Boy, Boys Like Girls, Cartel

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02:56 PM on 05/05/08
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this was a bad album. every song after the first four were just filler. sorry, it cannot agree with this.
07:53 AM on 05/06/08
Don't give me no hand me down love.
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Klatzke's Avatar
I can't get Check Yes, Juliet out of my freakin head.

Doesn't help it plays every time my girlfriend calls.
I can't say it sounds anything like Cartel to me.
07:10 PM on 05/06/08
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handlikesecret's Avatar
decent album, despite an obvious lack of originality. but it's an album i'll listen to every now and then.
12:45 PM on 05/08/08
Registered User
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dpatrickguy's Avatar
musicianship is too high
07:05 PM on 05/08/08
so friggen cool
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this band is pretty decent live but I deifnetly have to agree with the lack of originality. First time I listened to this cd I couldnt help comparing this to all the other poppunk bands it reminded me of. It's not a bad cd, just the usual
03:19 PM on 05/10/08
make my heart attack <3
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kayleeAMAZING's Avatar
they're pretty decent.
12:04 PM on 05/15/08
Oh yessss
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No Avatar Selected
the verses sound like cartel - but not really the choruses
02:54 PM on 06/06/08
Broken Parachute
arte et labore
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Broken Parachute's Avatar
My review: Generic, generic, generic, generic, and generic. Also, not good. Horrible. Generic.
11:26 PM on 07/13/08
Slave 2 tha booty
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bummm's Avatar
I agree. But I think it's decently okay.
06:21 PM on 08/14/08
Registered User
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RelientMayday's Avatar
Okay, granted they aren't original. Maybe they do the same old thing that other bands do, but they do it better. Love the band, love the album. Whether it is unorginal or not.
04:50 PM on 09/09/08
Registered User
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cheybuzzie's Avatar
I agree, they lack a lot of creativity and many of their songs bring me back to Boys Like Girls. But still, it's insanely catchy and I absolutely love it.
01:29 PM on 10/15/08
Burn That Shit
a strange turn of events
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Burn That Shit's Avatar

Flashback to 2005. Pop punk was just breaking out of the underground and Fall Out Boy are the favorite band on the scene.

What? Are you insane? MxPx? Blink182? Come on now, let's not be stupid.
07:53 PM on 10/15/08
Prison Strength
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hockeyguitar99's Avatar
What? Are you insane? MxPx? Blink182? Come on now, let's not be stupid.

First, Blink had broken up in early 2005, MxPx aren't very popular, and they aren't really the type of pop-punk that I'm talking about. Fall Out Boy's pop-punk =/= MxPx, Blink-182 pop-punk.
08:51 AM on 11/18/08
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MusicTalks's Avatar
i just read this review because i was at the TAI/WTK show last night in dc. honestly, i've never really listened to TAI, but i took my wife's sister because no one else would take her and TAI is her favorite band. i was anxious to hear WTK because of the hype that i've heard. nothing was shocking or original, but the dude can sing. the reference to cartel isn't completely lost because as he was talking (and singing at points), he did sound like will pugh, so i chuckled when i saw RIYL. i'm actually leaning towards finding someone who has the album, just so i can listen before i jump into a purchase i will regret.

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