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All Time Low - Put Up or Shut Up

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All Time LowPut Up or Shut Up
Release Date: July 25, 2006
Record Label: Hopeless

Should I write myself out of the history books? belts out singer/guitarist Alex Gaskarth on All Time Low's Hopeless Records debut Put Up or Shut Up. Should you write your self out of the history books? Nah, but I am just about guaranteed that fans will write you off as another band faking it for recognition.

You can take this to your grave and bury it under the cork tree because All Time Low have replicated a successful pop-punk classic. While the best form of flattery is imitation, I believe music has lost the idea creativity and monopolized on the legalistic checkpoints just to become recognized in the music industry. Here at AbsolutePunk.net, the reviews have grown into intricate areas to build and critique bands. One thing that is not touched on much is originality. With an abundance of bands entering and exiting the scene just as fast, you are only recognized if you are doing something new or doing something well. Now I understand that there are a million bands around and several bands do imitate chords and hooks, but ATL's effort is an embarrassment. Maybe All Time Low caught me on a bad day because for someone that mills through dozens of bands a week, hearing All Time Low claim something like Put Up or Shut Up as their own is plagierism. With that said, All Time Low aren't creating a new pulse, in fact, they are rip-offs, fakes and unoriginal parasites feeding off the inventive talent of their predecessors. Please stop it.

With that also said, their music is so incredibly addictive, so much so that listening to it over and over again is rather enjoyable. And as a pop music enthusiast, this is so disheartening. Seeing a band with obvious talent, (their ability to craft songs at varying tempos and made-for-the-masses Gaskarth's voice handles well through twsiting transitions). But their ability to slack so noticably in creativity skews the rest of their performance and questions the integrity of their art. I need something to look forward to.

For fans and those who are familiar with ATL’s last record, The Party Scene, five of the seven songs on Put Up or Shut Up were roped in from the band’s Emerald Moon release. And this is a very comfortable album to warm up to. Those who live and breathe the pop-punk scene, you will no doubt eat up the bouncy vocal arrangements, vagrant guitars and matching percussions (especially anthems like "Break Out, Break Out" and "The Party Scene"). Are these talented musicians? Yes, but if you are going to waste precious time to match an art that has already proved celebrated then your art is dead. Although, producer Paul Leavitt did dressed up The Party Scene tracks and added two new songs "Coffee Shop Soundtrack" and "Jasey Rae," (which do show a step in the right direction as far as songwriting goes), yet I still stand stressing the repetitive hooks used by bands. You can't cover the smell of shit with perfume. The only saving grace on this album is that it has outstanding replayability but is short-lived in time.

Save some cash and instead make a mixtape with Fall Out Boy's "Grand Theft Autumn," "Saturday," "Calm Before the Storm," "Dead On Arrival" then The Starting Line's entire Say It Like You Mean It record.

Put up or shut up? Shut up.
This review is a user submitted review from Gabe Gross. You can see all of Gabe Gross's submitted reviews here.
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01:34 AM on 07/07/06
Take Heart
Nobody fucks with Jesus.
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Take Heart's Avatar
Wow, brutal. I generally agree with Steve's reviews more than anyone elses, but i'm with you 100% on this.
01:46 AM on 07/07/06
Broken Parachute
arte et labore
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Broken Parachute's Avatar
I kinda like the album, but I know what you're talking about. Well written review, Gabe.
02:44 AM on 07/07/06
Steve Henderson
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Steve Henderson's Avatar
Disagree with your content. but you write with quite the bravado here. Way to be, Gabe.
04:14 AM on 07/07/06
What!? A new avatar?
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Web250's Avatar
Brootal review.

Ouch. I really like ATL, this record is just mainly a rehash of old material.
05:31 AM on 07/07/06
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
yeah gabe! tear this crap to shreds
05:33 AM on 07/07/06
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splutton's Avatar
woh ho ho vicious! absolutepunk harsh reviews are so rare. i always see reviews between 70-85% constantly.
personally i like the band.
like the review also.
05:49 AM on 07/07/06
see the benefits.
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Snails's Avatar
Good review Gabe. Really harsh though, and I disagree 100%.
06:10 AM on 07/07/06
Garett Press
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Garett Press's Avatar
Yayy! Non-positivity! Haha, glad to see your critical side Gross.
06:23 AM on 07/07/06
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Chico's Avatar
Wow, you didn't pull any punches on this one Gabe.
06:27 AM on 07/07/06
Alex DiVincenzo
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Alex DiVincenzo's Avatar
Nice to see some contrasting reviews.
07:06 AM on 07/07/06
Registered User
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|ant|'s Avatar
I actually enjoyed this somewhat. The review and the music. If you put the two reviews together and averaged them out, that is my fealing toward this EP. I'm loving that AP keeps putting up contrasting reviews. Thank you sir, may I have another.
07:15 AM on 07/07/06
can't handle The Truth
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TBSowns524's Avatar
This is how i feel about the hit the lights record
07:32 AM on 07/07/06
True Punk Fan
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No Avatar Selected
this is an awesome review. all pop-punk reviews should be like this, since the genre died in 2000.
08:55 AM on 07/07/06
Tony Pascarella
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Tony Pascarella's Avatar
Nice, Gabe. I agree 100%.

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