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Trophy Scars - Bad Luck

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Trophy ScarsBad Luck
Release Date: March 17, 2009
Record Label: None
This review was written by an AP.net staff member.
After going through numerous trying times over the past few years – tour cancellations which lead to massive financial woes to a broken down van – it only makes sense that post-hardcore outfit Trophy Scars would name their third full length album Bad Luck. Yet this quintet didn’t let those tough predicaments get in the way of crafting a fine follow-up to 2006’s stellar Alphabet. Alphabets.. While that album fused many different genres, Bad Luck leans more on the bluesy side, but don’t fret, the band’s brooding and melodic sound remains.

On Bad Luck, vocalist Jerry Jones sounds even more tormented this time around. The mood shifts throughout the ten tracks, from aggression to slow, somber reflection. The opening track, "Bad Dreams" is evidence of this. Paced by piano keys and a delicate drumbeat, Jones is faintly singing until reality sets in. In a flash, Jones is yelling his lungs out. The transition is beautiful and sets the tone for Bad Luck.

“Botanicas” is as upbeat as a Trophy Scars song can be, as jangling guitar riffs and background “whoa-oh’s” set the tone while Jones’ scruffy voice lends narration. “Anna Lucia” is hauntingly beautiful and bitter, while “Toronto” features horns and riffs from John Ferrara and Adam Moutafis needle in and out throughout. The variety in this song makes it a gem.

Tracks like “Nola” shift from calm to chaos constantly, as Jones and company can create madness within tracks with ease. “Years So Much” is a personal favorite, as the composition is ace and Jones really shines. He’s pleading for answers and will continue to scream for them, even if he coughs up blood.

To compare Bad Luck to Alphabet. Alphabets. would be unfair, as they are dramatically different from each other. You can appreciate both albums, as well as their previous work, without having to rank them. Trophy Scars are so eclectic; they never stick with one sound for long. Bad Luck will take a few listens to fully digest, but once it hits, it hits hard. And yes, at times Jones’ vocals can be grating, but his voice is an acquired taste. For the most part, his vocal styling fits the mood of each track. In the end, Bad Luck is another quality release from Trophy Scars, just don’t listen to it underneath any open ladders.

Additional InformationTrack Listing:
1. Bad Dreams
2. Botanicas
3. El Cowboy Rojo
4. Anna Lucia
5. Bad Winter
6. Geneva
7. Toronto
8. Nola
9. Years So Much
10. Good Luck

Trophy Scars is:
Jerry Jones - vocals, guitar
John Ferrara - guitar, piano, vocals
Brian Ferrara - drums, piano
Andy Farrell - bass, vocals
Adam Moutafis - guitar, piano, vocals

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10:26 PM on 03/16/09
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WhoSaidThat?'s Avatar
Swell review. I'll have to buy this tomorrow.
10:51 PM on 03/16/09
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
no wonder the review i submitted days ago hadn't been put up yet

unless there's something wrong with it?

but good review and yes this album is incredible
10:51 PM on 03/16/09
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Dan!'s Avatar
each individual scoring seems about right, the overall seems a bit too low though.

fantastic album, track number 1 is called bad dreams btw.
04:23 AM on 03/17/09
Registered User
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cereal4life's Avatar
Nice review Drew!

I think that the last sentence of the first paragraph needs some words at the end, such as "is evident" or "remains".
06:17 AM on 03/17/09
Next Show: Jack's Mannequin NYC 2/3
User Info.
ACA's Avatar
Gave it a quick listen.. wasn't overly impressed, but I think it's an album I'll need to sit down with. Didn't pull me in like Alphabet. Alphabets. did.

06:24 AM on 03/17/09
Every cloud is in your way
User Info.
popdisaster00's Avatar
I always trust you Drew. I'll check this out.
06:32 AM on 03/17/09
Regular Member
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No Avatar Selected
Bland review.
06:32 AM on 03/17/09
We shouldnt have abandoned dreaming
User Info.
jtyexists9's Avatar
I shall check this out.
06:36 AM on 03/17/09
kiss kitty on the lips
User Info.
kevinrocks409's Avatar
Great interview, and I couldn't agree. Both this and Alphabets are amazing albums for what they are, and they're totally different from eachother.
06:40 AM on 03/17/09
Get Well Incentive
User Info.
hardpill's Avatar
Worst Trophy Scars album ever. I don't know what the hell happened to Jerry's voice, but it sounds terrible. The song compositions are not as complex as the past albums, and the tone isn't dripping with snide sarcasm. Could have easily passed as another band listening to the albums side by side.
06:43 AM on 03/17/09
Red Light Green Light
User Info.
Stevecase's Avatar
I kind of felt that way. this album is serious homework and appreciated so much more when you go more in depth with it. Either a reviewers dream-come-true or nightmare(if you're too busy). So many cool parts. Par review
07:06 AM on 03/17/09
To remember, and to let go.
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No Avatar Selected
Sweet. I'll have to buy this.
07:08 AM on 03/17/09
Never too fat to fly
User Info.
apresnuledeluge's Avatar
I'm a huge fan of all of their past releases and I think this is their best to date. I haven't listened to anything else since the day I got it.
08:14 AM on 03/17/09
I'll Always Never Know
User Info.
Toner's Avatar
I really can't stress how much attention this album requires. Trophy Scars are one of those few bands that I will take the time to just lie down, listen and envelope myself in their music. This is a brilliant album that surpassed my expectations and redeemed itself after a disappointing first few listens.

All I can say to any other fans who have been disappointed is to give it 5 or so listens and see if it sways you then.

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