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Ted Eliason - The Tentcoat

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Ted Eliason - The Tentcoat
Record Label: None (free download)
Release Date: November 18, 2008

Ted Eliason is one wacky fellow. He's known to associate with a "Psychedelic Party Band", and his latest album The Tentcoat contains off-the-wall pop songs as zany as a laughing monkey bubble gun.

How is it?

Have you ever ruminated on the various ways you could eat a banana? Or pondered the healing effects of candy pills? Ted Eliason has, and he decided to write songs dedicated to such whimsical subjects. These are the types of experimental pop songs you'll find under the canopy of Eliason's traveling carnival. The lyrics found on The Tentcoat are often absurd, sometimes magical, and downright funny. Take for example the domestic narrator of "Good Morning (Get Out of the House!)" who proclaims, "Revolution with a frying pan / Pots and forks and spoons to make a stand / Bang the secret sound to let them know you're in." Musical instruments, backing vocals, and background noise are also used to add to the overall eccentric effect. It's not always easy to pin down the source of each individual noise, but the various sounds somehow coexist in a harmonious relationship. In an ironic turn, it's Eliason himself who acts as the stable constant of The Tentcoat. His vocals are sometimes overlaid with effects, but they remains pleasant and welcoming throughout. It's a good thing too, because if the songs were any weirder, the good times may have been too cuckoo to enjoy. As it stands, The Tentcoat is an album made to make listeners smile, even if it's with an accompanying quizzical expression.

To be sure the main purpose of the album is to provide an offbeat kind of musical entertainment, but do I sense a deeper message to "Candy Pills"? Could it be a response to America's medication obsessed healthcare system? Is "Evil Man" a fiction denouncing men like Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis who use their power to gain sexual profit from impressionable young females? Mr. Eliason, your Tentcoat is full of surprises.

Track Listing01. Everything We Have *
02. Good Morning (Get Out of the House!)
03. Nickel and Dime *
04. Magic Alex
05. Candy Pills *
06. The Piano's Here For Playing, Not For Pictures *
07. Lay Off the Love
08. A Plantain in a Hot Dog Bun
09. The Old Impotent Cowboy
10. Ta-da! *
11. You're Beautiful (Good Job)
12. Evil Man *

* - standout tracks

Recommended If You LikeThis Is Me Smiling; The Flaming Lips; Ben Folds; The 88; Willy Wonka (the man, not a band)

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12:44 AM on 04/27/09
Adrian Villagomez
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Adrian Villagomez's Avatar
Download The Tentcoat for free from the media section of tedeliason.com. You can read Ted's Tentcoat biography while you're waiting for your download to complete:

Good morning Sir or Madam, it's another happy day
We hope that you are feeling great in each and every way

If you would offer up a couple moments of your time
The Psychedelic Party Band would like to probe your mind

The maker of these melodies, his name is Theodore
He pulls the strings and whispers things through keyholes in the door

Though cryptic may his message be, he wants us all to laugh
To eat our cake and merry make and live what dreams we have

The lyrics speak of decadence, addiction and of greed
Doctors, cowboys, scientists and rock stars on the weed

Evil men in top hats and bananas placed in buns
Revolution in the kitchen as the magic words are sung

Speculation on what makes a human being tick
Machines of chaos complicating that which they should fix

Tambourine and quacking duck and dueling clarinets
Maracas and some chirping birds are all heard in our set

Coconuts, kazoo and even slide whistle we'll bring
Pretty ladies dancing and you'll swoon to hear them sing

Harmonica and ribophone and Rhodes electric keys
Slide guitar and fuzzy bass and drums of the eight seas

We're very pleased you stopped on by to listen to our tunes
We wish you many happy days and hope to see you soon

So come on out and see our show, we'll go the extra mile
We'll shake and shimmy, toot our horns and always wear a smile
09:55 AM on 04/27/09
Don't give me no hand me down love.
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Klatzke's Avatar
haha that's awesome.
11:28 AM on 04/27/09
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WhoSaidThat?'s Avatar
Great review, Adrian.
02:20 PM on 04/27/09
Gregory Robson
Under Rug Swept
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Gregory Robson's Avatar
I wish you'd review more often.
09:21 AM on 04/28/09
snickers at the swine flu
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thehereaway's Avatar
reminds me a little of Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground
04:55 AM on 04/29/09
Registered User
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What a review! This is great to see on AP.net.
09:19 AM on 05/03/09
World Champs
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drudo182's Avatar
Gonna download now. Thanks for the review/heads up.
12:32 PM on 05/03/09
Los Angeles.
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swt_catastrophe's Avatar
What an interesting bio. Nice review, Adrian. I'm checking them out now :]

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