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Fear Before The March Of The Flames -...How did you get hooked up with Equal Vision?

We were on tour with Bear Vs. Shark a few years back and a few people from Equal Vision came out to see them. They watched us as well and then came to another show and approached us about the possibility of working with them. It didn't take much convincing. They were obviously the right label for us.

How did the 2 newest members find their way into the band?

They were friends of ours who were in a band from Salt Lake. They had toured with Zach in his old band a few times so they knew each other pretty well. When Goose heard Brandon had quit he offered to try out and Billy offered to cover lights and keys and anything else if we needed it. When Goose came to try out he sat down and played almost all of Art Damage within 5 minutes of getting to our house. He was in like flint.

What ever happened with Brandon?

Brandon decided to leave after we recorded the new album to pursue school and above all other things love. He is still best friends with all of us. He's currently living in our fireplace room and when he gets home from work today we're going to smoke hookah together.

Is there a release date for the DVD yet?

It's supposed to be out in the spring. We wanted it to come out around the same time Mel Gibson's Apocolypto would be hitting shelves.

What kind of content can we expect on the DVD?

Probably a lot of stuff we didn't want recorded and I'd never want my parents to see. It basically covers a tour we did on the way up to record "The Always Open Mouth" and the whole two months were in Seattle recording. It's not like random live footage from four years ago followed by someone pissing on something followed by random live footage from three years ago followed by someone getting fucked with while they're sleeping. It's in documentary form. I think its going to be really cool. There will be live footage and people getting pissed on in their sleep but it will be in chronological order and it will make sense in the story.

Why do you hardly play anything off of Odd How People Shake?

Odd How People Shake was a collection of the first songs we ever wrote. They're just old and we're past that. We'll always pull one out of the hat here or there on some tours but for the most part we're just excited about playing newer stuff.

How did working with Anthony Green come about?

We go way back with Anthony. A few years back we rubbed out a couple of dudes for him. Obviously it was a pricey favor. He was short on cash so we were pretty lenient with him but we have bills to pay too and so eventually we needed him to pay up. He was a little short on cash so he offered to sing on our album in exchange for wiping his slate clean. Knowing that having him sing on our album would blast us into instant fame how could we resist?

What inspired you for the sound change on the new album?

Lots of things. It's funny when people hear it and are surprised it doesn't sound like Art Damage, as if they expected us to make the same album twice. We listen to all kinds of music and are constantly exploring new ideas. We just wanted to do something we hadn't done before.

What was it like working with Casey Bates and Bobby Darling on the new album?

Working with them was a great experience. It was nice to feel relaxed and be in the company of friends who you've known for some time. We had two months to work on the album so we really got to spend time on each individual song. Working with Bobby was really cool because we both listen to a lot of the same stuff. Sometimes he'd cite a certain song or band to relate it to something we were working on and I could pretty much finish his sentence and know just what he was talking about before he was even done. It was cute.

Any plans to release/record new material soon?

Probably not. There's one song we left off The Always Open Mouth That I would like to use for a soundtrack or a comp or something. We just got home from tour and I'm starting to work on new stuff but whether it will be for future Fear Before material or when it will be recorded I don't really know.

Will you ever widely release Live At The Epicentre or a live CD or EP?

We will definitely never do a wide release of live at the Epicentre. That was just a cool bonus thing. I would like to release a live recording of a performance someday. We'll probably do it eventually.

Which CD was the most grueling to record/which was the most fun?

I'd have to say recording Odd How People Shake would have been the most grueling one if I had to pick. We didn't have a lot of time and neither David nor I were used to recording vocals so of course David lost his voice completely at one point and I nearly lost mine. We didn't know anyone in Portland so when we would be done recording we would go to this shitty mall called the Lloyd Center and throw lo mein noodles on the skating rink. The only reason we would go there is so we wouldn't have to go back to the house we were staying at. It was the dirtiest place I have ever been in my entire life and I wish never to return. We had fun but if I had to choose one I'd say that. The most fun was definitely Mouth. Hanging out with Casey and Bobby was a blast. When we would be having a down day wed just go to Azteca and get burritos and margaritas and that would usually cheer us up. We rented a nice house and so we had a place to relax when we were done. It ruled.

What do you like to do with your free time on tour/at home?

Not play guitar hero. I like to write and watch a lot of movies. I hang out with my dog and just kind of take it easy. If it were summer I'd go camping. I'll go out now and then but mostly I stay at home and chill. On tour its kind of the same deal, movies and books. I've never been able to write at all on tour so I rarely try anymore.

Aside from the tour with Thursday do you have any other tour plans?

We have some tours in the works but nothing solidified. All I can guarantee is we'll be touring pretty non stop this year and playing completely different sets every tour. There are a lot of songs on the new album so it gives us the opportunity to really mix it up.
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03:54 PM on 12/21/06
Waltz Whitman
Registered User
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Waltz Whitman's Avatar
I have loved this band since Odd How People Shake Came out and I can't think of many bands I have ever followed so closely. I'm pissed I didn't get to see them when they came to my shitty little town. I'm sure once I go off to school next year I'll have a chance to see a lot more bands, at least I hope so.
04:25 PM on 12/21/06
Alex DiVincenzo
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Alex DiVincenzo's Avatar
The Anthony Green answer was pretty funny
06:41 PM on 12/21/06
Am just some gravel
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PomonaForEmpusa's Avatar
one of my top 10 for this year.
07:18 PM on 12/21/06
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
I think Odd How People Shake is a great cd. I would love to see them play songs off of it at a concert. And the new cd, is totaly different, but kicks ass!
07:59 PM on 12/21/06
Kyle Thrash
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Kyle Thrash's Avatar
great band, freat interview, agrred with first post ive followed this band for 4 years really closely and im so happy the direction they have taken. TAOM is in my top three for thi syear.
08:05 PM on 12/21/06
Registered Abuser
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Name_Taken's Avatar
sweet interview. i didnt realize Anthony Green was on the record, which track/s does he perform on?
08:48 PM on 12/21/06
Registered User
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The.Grim's Avatar
He does backup voc's on My (Fucking) Deer Hunter, but you prolly didn't hear him because his part is pretty much completely inaudible...haha
08:50 PM on 12/21/06
Silver Bullets
All you need is love.
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Silver Bullets's Avatar
Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I really really love this album, though. Incredible.
11:12 PM on 12/21/06
Registered User
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hXc-DC2's Avatar
Great dudes, great tunes and great interview. The Always Open Mouth is without a doubt my favorite release of 06.
12:42 AM on 12/22/06
Registered User
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nsgob22's Avatar
i didnt know they recorded in seattle. that makes me like them even more
01:19 AM on 12/22/06
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No Avatar Selected
thanks for all the feedback guys!!
04:06 AM on 12/22/06
Registered User
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bonescape's Avatar
nice interview =]
i hope they will do a europe tour, if they come to the netherlands i will surely go see them
02:05 PM on 12/22/06
User Info.
mybreakingpoint's Avatar
never liked this band before their new CD. not big on a lot of screaming.

The Always Open Mouth is in my top 10 of this year though; brilliant album. great guys.

good interview, i enjoyed it.
07:49 PM on 12/22/06
Take Apart Your Head
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Shatter_Glass's Avatar
Didnt know Ant was even on that song. Sweet.

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