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Trash Talk - Eyes and Nines

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Trash TalkEyes and Nines
Record Label: Trash Talk Collective
Release Date: May 18, 2010 (digital) June 8, 2010 (CD/LP)
This review was written by an AP.net staff member.
The tail end of the underground punk '90s scene was about melding the prowess for D.I.Y. hardcore (Gravity, Revelation and Dischord Records) into something even more thought provoking. We were given bands like Angel Hair, Swing Kids, Nation of Ulysses and many others. What some of us forgot was all that went down a decade or so earlier when bands like Black Flag, Bad Brains and Minor Threat were melding their brand of punk music into something a little more savant and past their acknowledgment.

While the '90s were known a bit more for their aggression and thrash (see also: Grade, Converge, Botch), the "punk" connotation of giving two shits in the face of accessibility while bridging a metal influence was still there. Essentially, it was okay to be influenced by Anthtrax and Fugazi. Trash Talk empower all of the above on their album Eyes and Nines. It's an album that shows growth, punctuality and aggression wrapped into a thirty minute hell ride of post-"whatever you want to call it."

The one track that stands out form the rest is the four and a half minute "Hash Wednesday." It drudges along, purposely digging deep under the listener's spine. In an album that's about releasing ammo upon the listener, the track stands out as an attempt to create a mood and particular aura. More importantly, the track creates a different and even more uncomfortable feeling opposite the album's general quick fire experience.

"Hash Wednesday" aside, the rest of Eyes and Nines is nothing but blazing guns with "Vultures," "Flesh and Blood" and the single "Explode," opening the album in the intensity fans love. Unlike the band's back catalog, the tracks are formidable and worth every evaluation of hearing the bass lines stick out and drum spasms carry carelessly yet thoughtful throughout. Upon hearing that Bronx guitarist Joby J. Ford was helming a bit of the wheel, there's a certain contemporary comparison to the album's structure that I think was rubbed off in the mix.

"Rabbit Holes" is a rapid fire gun-down into a downward spiral worthy of the name, and "On a Fix" is violently gripping until the end - even when the guitar cuts out. As Eyes and Nine drowns out with the title track, we're all left feeling a bit more alive without feeling cheated by a quick fix of aggression that was really a snore.

Trash Talk have stepped up with their new album. While many are still getting turned on by the word of mouth of the band's live outlet of aggressive showmanship, Eyes and Nines also shows that heart shouldn't be lost on the idea of moving forward as an artist. Much like the band's direct elder comparisons, Trash Talk look to be on the same track of great punk progression. Every few years we need a history lesson of why so many became excited about music for one reason or another, and Eyes and Nines certainly has the ability to light a fire under many a listener who's just sick and tired of the mold.

Track Listing1. Vultures
2. Flesh and Blood*
3. Explode
4. Hash Wednesday*
5. More
6. Rabbit Holes*
7. I Do
8. Trudge
9. On a Fix
10. Eyes and Nines*

*key tracks

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02:43 AM on 06/01/10
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gr33ndayfr3ak's Avatar
I have kind of a love/hate relationship with hardcore...I don't listen to a whole lot of it, save for a select few bands, but my area has a great hardcore community, and I've embraced that. I love the passion, commitment, and heart that these musicians put into their lifestyle (I call it a lifestyle because hardcore is much more than just a musical genre), and I respect them wholheartedly, but most of the time I just don't like the music.
Anyway, sorry for ranting, but my point is simply that this is one of the few recent hardcore releases that I actually really, really enjoy. It's different, it's diverse, it's passionate. It's good hardcore; which, in my opinion, is hard to come by these days.
03:08 AM on 06/01/10
When I die, rap dies; Destiny Bond.
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Argentine's Avatar
This band has been getting a lot of talk about their extremely frantic and violent shows. Interesting. I'd buy this but I'd rather go to a show to see the real thing.
04:09 AM on 06/01/10
Registered User
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Gwytherspoon's Avatar
Listening to this album right now, absolutely amazing. Good review.
04:58 AM on 06/01/10
Robert Weber
User Info.
setthestage's Avatar
Great review. This album rules. Much a lot different than the self-titled album, but still a very solid album. Had a chance to see them live the other night, and they absolutely killed it. Recommend picking this up, and recommend catching a show even more.
05:24 AM on 06/01/10
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
Disappointed with this album.
06:27 AM on 06/01/10
Rich Duncan
Album Reviewer
User Info.
Rich Duncan's Avatar
Great review, I definitely have to check this out!
06:50 AM on 06/01/10
I Want That You Are Always Happy
User Info.
CalRahhh's Avatar
Love the album, their best imo
08:30 AM on 06/01/10
User Info.
xsinkshipsx's Avatar
they def matured and got better production which I like but were still able to maintain the raw aggression of their earlier work...I reviewed their self titled album on here...and now having listened to this, I like it much better...I'll be reviewing it soon...it will be a fun article to write
08:30 AM on 06/01/10
Disgruntled wheat thins enthusiast
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mymusicismylife's Avatar
Love this album, and best live show ever. The crowd was fucking insane.
09:29 AM on 06/01/10
Adam Pfleider
wait. what were we talking about?
User Info.
Adam Pfleider's Avatar
Disappointed with this album.

How so? Not to argue, just curious as to why?
09:38 AM on 06/01/10
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No Avatar Selected
How so? Not to argue, just curious as to why?
I think I would like it more if I didn't love their previous releases. I was expecting something more hardcore and less punk (I can't convince myself that it's them on 'Explode'), more aggressive as well. I don't see myself going crazy live on the new songs.
09:38 AM on 06/01/10
Papa Bless
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xerickx24's Avatar
I like every track except hash wednesday its too slow. But the album overall is excellent!
09:38 AM on 06/01/10
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
i don't need to read the review to figure out that whatever it says is completely irrelevant because the author at the bottom noted what the key tracks were and did not put an asterisk next to the song "explode"...that song is A) amazing B) the best track on the album C) amazing...clearly you missed something
09:42 AM on 06/01/10
look at my cliche avatar
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love_american_style's Avatar
fucking want. love this band.

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