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The Sleeping - The Big Deep

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The SleepingThe Big Deep
Release Date: September 28, 2010
Record Label: Victory
This review was written by an AP.net staff member.
Einstein once said that insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Not to say that The Sleeping were insane when releasing their first three albums, which are full of aggressive, heavy-hitting heart-on-sleeve anthems, but they had a sameness sort of sound to them. On their fourth album, The Big Deep, the Long Island quintet take the plunge into new musical endeavors. They still feature aggressive, heavy-hitting heart-on-sleeve anthems, but this time they’re presented with more depth, digging deeper into their overall sound here, as the eleven tracks expand over a variety of different tempos and influences.

“Dark Days” opens with a mesmerizing guitar riff, as vocalist Doug Robinson still sounds as passionate as ever. But the difference between this track and older tracks is the bridge, which is equipped with Christopher Evans’ eerie keys and fuzzed out guitar chords from Paul Cadena. The melancholy continues with the siren-laden “Boroughs of the Ocean,” which really showcases Joseph Zizzo’s quality work behind the kit. The soaring “Beautiful Gloom” is the most rock and roll song in the group’s discography, as the wary verses lead into the best chorus on the album. Lyrics such as, “On my way down, straight down, saw a different side of the moonlight,” kind of sums up the theme of the album – dark in nature but still hopeful.

While Robinson doesn’t scream as often as he has on previous albums, his raspy voice is still impactful, as heard on tracks like “Retiring Spies (Change Your Life)” and “Deafening the UK.” The latter is especially impressive, as it may be the highlight on an album that features Robinson’s best vocal work to date. The Sleeping also delves into some uncharted territory, such as fusing jazz into their sound with the haunting “The Phantom of Darker Clouds,” while the vulnerable and string-heavy “Oh, Gloria” showcases another musical stride from the band.

The Big Deep shows that The Sleeping will not be pigeonholed into one genre, and the track that best sums this up is final track (and lead single) “Young Vibes…Don’t Run Away From Me.” Still full of the urgency you've come to expect from The Sleeping, but it also incorporates all the progress shown throughout the album, thus creating a nice balance between the old and new. Clearly, The Sleeping does not adhere to the labels and stereotypes of this scene. Amidst the sea of bands more concerned with choreographed stage moves and autotune, sometimes you have to dive deeper to find something truly unique.

Additional InformationTrack Listing
1. Dark Days
2. Boroughs of the Ocean
3. Beautiful Gloom
4. Retiring Spies (Change Your Life)
5. Deafening the UK
6. The Phantom of Darker Clouds
7. Oh, Gloria
8. Get You Back
9. The Big Deep
10. Black Waves (Vaya Con Dios)
11. Young Vibes...Don't Run Away From Me
Produced by: Michael Birnbaum & Chris Bittner

The Sleeping is:
Salvatore Mignano - bass
Joseph Zizzo - drums
Douglas Robinson - vocals
Paul Cadena - guitar
Christopher Evans - keys

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04:48 AM on 09/29/10
User Info.
zrac99's Avatar
I love The Sleeping, glad to hear you liked it.

What are your thoughts on there other albums Drew?
04:59 AM on 09/29/10
Drew Beringer
Senior Editor - @drewberinger - Locked Groove
User Info.
Drew Beringer's Avatar
I love The Sleeping, glad to hear you liked it.

What are your thoughts on there other albums Drew?
I love all their work, but this is their best effort.
05:04 AM on 09/29/10
Ryan Gardner
User Info.
Ryan Gardner's Avatar
Good review. I'll be checking this out promptly.
05:09 AM on 09/29/10
Regular Member
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
I love all their work, but this is their best effort.
05:16 AM on 09/29/10
User Info.
zrac99's Avatar
I love all their work, but this is their best effort.

Good to hear. Criminally underrated band in my opinion.
05:26 AM on 09/29/10
User Info.
incognitojones's Avatar
Excited for this.
05:41 AM on 09/29/10
Hidden In NJ
Cilvia Demo
User Info.
Hidden In NJ's Avatar
Happy, and stoked for them. Love them!
05:44 AM on 09/29/10
Regular Member
User Info.
Mikeallover's Avatar
I love this album. Their best work since Questions and Answers.
06:04 AM on 09/29/10
My Dinosaur Life
User Info.
brent_ster's Avatar
Fantastic review for a fantastic album definitely agree with everything you said Drew. I always enjoy your reviews the most on this site for some reason, Keep it Up!
06:26 AM on 09/29/10
User Info.
BozzBlonde's Avatar
I love this album. Their best work since Questions and Answers.
I'll probably check this out then. Haven't paid much attention to them since that album.
06:32 AM on 09/29/10
"Look mom, no hands!"
User Info.
Miketheunicycle's Avatar
incredibly insanely stoked for this to come in the mail. want to listen to this so bad right now. sucks i have to wait..
good review, insane band!
07:34 AM on 09/29/10
Regular Member
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jetblack1231's Avatar
i still miss skycamefalling, but these guys are great too
07:55 AM on 09/29/10
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
record is amazing..
08:13 AM on 09/29/10
Young Machetes
Wasteland Explorer
User Info.
Young Machetes's Avatar
If everyone can assure me that this doesn't sound identical to their previous records, I'll give it a chance.

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