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Dave Hause - 06.01.11In honour of his upcoming solo tour, I got on the phone with Dave Hause and asked him a few questions:

Youíre just kicking off a tour across Canada next week. Whatís your favourite thing about touring the country?

At this point Iíve toured Canada quite a bit and itís starting to feel like in many towns, especially in eastern Canada. I have a ton of friends there and the shows feel like an old get together, like in Toronto and places like that. It happens sort of out west too. So I love that about it. I also think that culturally Canadians are more appreciative of music than the American audience. Now donít get me wrong, the people that come out to shows in the States are absolutely fantastic. But I just think thereís a bit of a difference with the focus on the arts. And I think that rings through with the government supporting Canadian artists and the grant situation, which is just fantastic and allows Canadian culture to be promoted. And I think that rings through with people visiting from other countries.

How would you compare touring solo and with The Loved Ones?

There are pros and cons to everything. Going solo is a lot cheaper and I can show up late and itís no big deal. And I think sometimes thereís a more intimate exchange of what the song was originally supposed to mean when itís really, really loud. And thereís certain times you just want to have that loud rock Ďní roll party, which is what I miss sometimes when Iím touring solo. But thankfully I can do both, I love doing both. Some nights solo I wish I was playing with The Loved Ones and then when Iím playing with the band, I sometimes wish I could just sit down with an acoustic guitar.

In previous interviews, it seems like you went solo because you wanted to do something different. And I remember reading the End of the Year list you submitted to AP.net last year, it had everything on it from Taylor Swift to Spoon.

Yeah. I think whenever people in the punk community start to close their world view and say ĎThis is punkí or ĎThat is punk,í then it starts to bug me. I get right away from that. I just love music and I think punk rock is more of a community or movement, than a certain way of sounding. I mean, the first punk bands were totally diverse, like The Clash who played reggae and all kinds of stuff. Joe Strummer, what I got from him and his approach to punk, was just doing what he wants. I donít let anyone elseís rules indicate the way I play or listen to music. Itís not about listening to the Casualties all day, though they are great. Itís a broad world.

What was the biggest challenge you faced while writing Resolutions?

Well, itís the same challenge with any record. Itís self doubt. Youíre not too sure if what youíre doing is totally great or still needs work, probably a little bit of both. But just being willing to have the self confidence to own your work and deliver it to people in the way you see fit. That takes courage and itís always a challenge with making music people are interested in hearing. It was easier to do when The Loved Ones started because only a small amount of people listened to our music and even knew who we were. As we continued to tour and people started to latch on and get interested, it was like ĎOh boy, I hope we donít disappoint these people who are showing up with their hard earned money.í I think you just have to stay true to writing and singing what you would like to hear and staying true to your own vision and at the end of the day, I think it worked out pretty well.

Speaking of your record title, do you ever make any New Yearís Resolutions?

Not anymore. I think if youíre going to make change, you canít do it after a night of partying with your friends. You get up the next day having to cure a hangover so starting a healthy regimen the next day is highly unlikely. I just try to make small changes over the course of time that lead to positive, bigger changes.

Recently you starred in The Gaslight Anthemís video for ďBring It On.Ē

Yeah, weíve been friends for years. I met Brian [Fallon] back in 2007 I think and he had a band and was working for the people who screen print our shirts. And he took interest in us, he said ĎHey, Iím a big fan of your band, Iíd love if you could hear my bandí and so I did and I thought they were great. The Loved Ones ended up taking them on tour in 2008 and then they dropped The í59 Sound that summer. And then suddenly their ship kind of sailed off into the sunset in terms of them getting popular which was really great for them. Your friends donít change based on how well theyíre doing, at least mine donít and so we stay in touch. So yeah, he called and said ĎHey, I know itís a hassle, but will you star in our video? I know itís a long day and I donít have any money for you.í I said I would and I went down to Asbury and we shot it in 8 or 9 hours. It was fun.

It appears that youíve started thinking about a new Loved Ones record. Would you say this will be a return to your earlier stuff?

A return to the first record to some degree, it will be probably mix both records. I donít know, it depends when the songs are all done and weíve all hashed them out. I think it will be less keyboard driven than Build to Burn was. But I donít know. I think the lyrics are some of the strongest Iíve ever written, Iím pretty confident about half of it and the other half still needs work. But yeah, it will probably be a little more cranked up than Build to Burn was.

Will it still be out this year?

Itís going to take a bit longer. I just got way more busy with the solo touring than I thought. Once people responded so positively I thought it would be fun to tour on it. When Chuck Ragan called and said I want you to go to the UK and Europe with Brian [Fallon] and Dan [Andriano] you canít say no. Itís been one after another of really cool opportunities and Iíll see it through. Iím hoping new Loved Ones will be out in the spring. But that means we have to get on the horse a bit, Iíll be seeing those guys in July. Weíre playing a show in New York City with the Bouncing Souls and weíll kind of go over it then and see what everyone wants to do.
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His solo set was one of the best performances I've seen all year.

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