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These Hearts - Forever Ended Yesterday Album Cover

These Hearts - Forever Ended Yesterday

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These HeartsForever Ended Yesterday
Record Label: Victory Records
Release Date: June 21st, 2011
This review was written by an AP.net staff member.
They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but if the cover is a steaming pile of poo, is it okay to assume? Certain music has gotten to a sad point of predictability where you can pretty much tell what a band sounds like depending on what label they've signed to. For the North Dakota quintet, These Hearts, it wasn't really difficult to figure out. The recent Victory Records signees sport the same haircuts, skinny jeans, and promo pictures that look like they were dipped in a vat of Fun Dip. These characteristics are all signs that point to some variation of pop, but what differentiates is the weird additive they include with the pop.

What has been the "in" thing lately? Hardcore elements, of course...or whatever you want to call it. It was present on Attack Attack!'s debut which seemed to really put the trend in full swing, however, that was years ago. These Hearts are a little late to the party with their own debut, Forever Ended Yesterday. I guess I'd have to give These Hearts credit though for making their album title as completely similar to Attack Attack!'s Someday Came Suddenly as humanly possible. Maybe in hopes that someday someone will mistake their album for Attack Attack!'s, which almost seems to be their saving grace at this point. Obviously everything said thus far would be irrelevant if the music in question was any good, but it's far from anything close to the word.

The opener and first single "Apology Rejected" contains the only redeemable thing about the group, which is that they do their pop element well at times. But the out of place screaming and breakdowns basically kill whatever good it had going for them. This leaves the record to be a musical roller coaster of "mediocre" to "crappy" -- over and over again, until it finally derails Final Destination 3 style. It even gets unspeakably awful on some of the tracks where they completely ditch the pop aspect all together ("Are You Mad?"). To add to its nonsense, the record also includes an instrumental song ("Self Respect") as well as the obligatory acoustic number ("Thinking in Terms of Two") which adds no positive value. Vocal wise, it's like the band went into a studio and said "hey, let's see how high our guy can sing" and the end result is like listening to an album with the "mosquito ringtone" as the singer. The production is solid with D.R.U.G.S.' Craig Owens manning the boards, but the only thing I can think is how the studio time and his producing could have instead been used on a band that took themselves as serious musicians.

Now, there is a time and place for this genre to be strictly "fun." I'm probably the one to accept music like this the most. But the fact is, there is nothing fun about this record. It's as fun as babysitting a senile grandparent's pet birds. A guilty pleasure I had hoped Forever Ended Yesterday would become, became as about as pleasurable as crushing your eyeballs in a vice grip. The goal of trend hopping is to cash in on a popular expense and it dwindles the album even more to realize These Hearts have failed at that. If forever ended yesterday, These Hearts were what triggered the apocalypse.

Additional InformationTrack Listing
01) Apology Rejected
02) Quitting While You're Behind
03) Denial is Not Just a River in Egypt
04) Romans 15
05) Self Respect
06) Forever Ended Yesterday
07) Are You Mad?
08) She'd Like To Wear Pants, But She Can't Fit Into Mine
09) Live to the Point of Tears
10) Thinking in Terms of Two
11) Dime a Dozen
Produced by: Craig Owens

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08:24 PM on 06/14/11
lloyd boners
User Info.
JayDanielHammer's Avatar
i fucking hate this band
08:39 PM on 06/14/11
Ryan Gardner
User Info.
Ryan Gardner's Avatar
This simply signifies that the only Victory band I've even heard of any more are ADTR, which need to jump ship.

Label has crashed so hard haha
09:07 PM on 06/14/11
all hope lies in Doom
User Info.
xapplexpiex's Avatar
Haha, clever last line.
11:49 PM on 06/14/11
User Info.
CheckeredFloors's Avatar
Now, where's that gif?
02:00 AM on 06/15/11
User Info.
drevans18's Avatar
I feel like I'm finally justified in saying: Craig Owens, stop.
02:31 AM on 06/15/11
don't ask
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
Produced by Craig Owens? What?
Band (and label) is currently awful.
03:53 AM on 06/15/11
There's a Melody in Everything
User Info.
theotheryabs's Avatar
Wow. Just....wow
04:19 AM on 06/15/11
Acid Techno Liquid Funk baby!
User Info.
No Avatar Selected
Good review. This album is incredibly generic and boring.
04:37 AM on 06/15/11
User Info.
brandon_260's Avatar

I've only listened to the first song and agree they could have made a decent, cheesy pop band. Their "heavy" aspect destroys them.
04:51 AM on 06/15/11
I ended up as food for wolves
User Info.
DemBitties's Avatar
Will not be checking this steaming pile of cat throw up out.

Shit is pretty bad.
05:07 AM on 06/15/11
User Info.
incognitojones's Avatar
Can only hope this band doesn't blow up so labels can't quit signing these gimmicky kids.
06:41 AM on 06/15/11
Pilot Jones, Pilot Jones
User Info.
kemppettyjohn's Avatar
dumb song names too..
07:02 AM on 06/15/11
User Info.
sweepthenation's Avatar
Craig Owens produced this? So that means I can just assume the lyrics are god-awful right?
07:16 AM on 06/15/11
Alex DiVincenzo
User Info.
Alex DiVincenzo's Avatar
My sentiments exactly.

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