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Discussion Question

Posted by - 10:56 PM on 12/10/05
What is the best concert you have ever been to? What made it so special? What makes for a good concert? The sound quality? The energy? The passion? An intangible? Explain.
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11:00 PM on 12/10/05
Idle Will Kill
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Big_Guy's Avatar
Any time I've seen Paint It Black. They go nuts, the crowd goes nuts, finger pointing, they just completely tear it up live

Lifetime reunion show in Philly (Starlight Ballroom). So much passion from the band and crowd and because it's fucking LIFETIME.

shit....how could I forget..........DEP, ALOL, ZAO, and Unearth in Lancaster PA. DEP is probably the best live band out there.
11:01 PM on 12/10/05
I won't always live.. Not stopping.
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PunkDrums182's Avatar
Originally Posted by Rohan Kohli
What is the best concert you have ever been to? What made it so special? The sound quality? The energy? The passion? The vibe? Explain.
Blink-182 june 3rd 2004. Best day of my life. Just because I'm completely in love with them.
11:01 PM on 12/10/05
TgE ARTdamage
Where are you Yeezy?
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TgE ARTdamage's Avatar
Thrice / The Bled / underOATH / veda


I went to three of the shows and everytime it just kicked ass and underOATH stole the show. those guys never disappoint me. And thrice was phenomenal.
11:01 PM on 12/10/05
Troy will Fall
Torches, Together
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Troy will Fall's Avatar
Actually it was about 2 months ago when i saw Fear Before and Fall of Troy. Amazing show, real down to earth and i really enjoyed the atmosphere at the masquerade in ATL.
11:02 PM on 12/10/05
Registered Member
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Surprisingly, it was Linkin Park for me when they played with POD, Hoobastank and Story of the Year. I went into that show having no expectations, and Linkin Park just kicked ass and it was an awesome rock show. Hands down that's the show I'll remember forever
11:03 PM on 12/10/05
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updownleftright's Avatar
first time i actually moved around at a show. it was emery. i had a blasttt.
11:03 PM on 12/10/05
Famous Person
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oh im making this one count: reggie and the full effect, august of 2003(?). headlined with midtown, someone else i can't recall, and my chemical romance. I wasn't expecting too much from reggie and I actually went to see midtown, but when they sucked I figured it couldn't get much worse. Then Reggie came out ... full costumes, 6 members, three set changes, including rollerblades and full demonic outfits for the Klaus band, and when they played the F.O.O.D. song they threw cake all over everyone in the audience.

It was to this day the best performance i have ever seen! Hefe agrees
11:03 PM on 12/10/05
I am all talk
May 29, 2009
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I am all talk's Avatar
the get up kids farewell tour

also say anything opened.

it was the first date of their farewell tour and I drove 4 hours for it. It was at the filmore, which has a strong argument for being the best venue on the west coast if not the nation. The place had so much history to it and you could just tell that that night would be another one of those magical moments to add to the venue's identity. They seemed so relaxed up on stage, cracking jokes back and forth and always smiling. The crowd was respectful to the band and to each other(which is a rare find nowadays). Overall it was just one of the best nights of my life.
11:03 PM on 12/10/05
the subliminal mind
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dp619's Avatar
New Found Glory w/ Reggie and Eisely.................Reggie and Eisely were horrible.......but NFG was amazing......they played for almost an 1 hour and a half, 21 songs........each one was amazing. and what made so much better is that they played practically no new stuff....bands these days tend to play their entire new album to promote it, and forget that people love the old stuff..........i think NFG played a majority of their songs from NGCS and their self/titled...........absolutely amazing........a must see for anybody.....tons of energy, and it was by far the best show ever
11:04 PM on 12/10/05
Gabe Borquez
Beast Nashville
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Gabe Borquez's Avatar
Originally Posted by Rohan Kohli
What is the best concert you have ever been to? What made it so special? The sound quality? The energy? The passion? The vibe? Explain.

the gloria record - touring off of their first cdep. it was special because it was months after mineral had broken up and chris and jeremey still seemed shattered about the break up. they played with flawless execution and with an overwhelming emotional energy.

coldplay - this last tour. lights. energy. beauty. awesome.
11:04 PM on 12/10/05
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something corporate/finch/nfg

3 amazing bands, small venue, they all sounded amazing live, and we got to meet/hangout with them afterwards. doesn't get better than that for me
11:05 PM on 12/10/05
Registered User
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Brand New at the 930 club or T.E.N. at some rec center show. It has to do with a combination of all of the above. Sound quality is always nice, but when it comes down to it all its about the crowd energy. There's nothing quite like being surrounded by people who all love music, especially if they're your friends. Of course, the artists also contribute to the experience. There are certain times when you can just tell a certain artist is putting every ounce of himself into the performance. No matter how good or bad your band sounds live, there is no substitute for pure passion.
11:08 PM on 12/10/05
Kristina Marie
Been Here A While
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Kristina Marie's Avatar
I want to elaborate on my opinions, but I have to go to Miami tomorrow morning so I should be heading off. But some of the best live acts I've ever seen: Green Day, Coldplay, Wilco, Elvis Costello, Acceptance, the Juliana Theory, Rooney, and Motion City Soundtrack. These are purely based on sound quality and energy of their shows due in part to the technicalities each band had to offer. There are many others I enjoy thoroughly (Sugarcult, Less Than Jake, IMA Robot, Flogging Molly, etc.) that are just fun as hell to attend.

My favorite concert, as a whole, would probably have to be either the Acceptance/Copeland/As Tall As Lions/Lovedrug show earlier this year (in March), or it would have to be the Green Day/Sugarcult/NFG (although I don't like the latter) gig that I flew up north to Georgia to attend. Amazing shows; both were full of such energy and passion. Truly breathtaking nights.
11:08 PM on 12/10/05
lurker extrodinare
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randomgrrl2's Avatar
Saves the Day on the tour the just finished up. I didn't care too much for the other bands but STD made it worth it. I'd been wanting to see them forever and I felt like Chris just connected with the crowd that night. My bf was there with me and is a huge STD fan as well. We both jumped around a lot and got totally soaked. Every once in awhile one of us would look over at the other with huge ass smiles. Best date ever. My favorite set ever.

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