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Technology Round-Up (04-26-09)

Posted by - 02:18 PM on 04/26/09
Check out this week's technology round-up in the replies.
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02:19 PM on 04/26/09
Lueda Alia
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Thanks to Chad for putting this together!

Technology Round-UpLast week's round-up was posted a little late, but please check it out if you missed it!

Discussion poll

Should using the phone while driving be outlawed?

Two men have set a record for exchanging 217,000 text messages in a single month. They also win the award for wasting the most time in a single month.

Should we pity a man who was charged $62,000for downloading Wall-E using his data roaming plan if he was too dumb to read the terms of service?

If anyone out there has an old Nokia 1100, hackers might be interested in paying a pretty penny for it. Apparently it can be hacked and used to steal money from bank accounts. Meanwhile, Nokia claims it has no clue why hackers are intersted in the phone.

Though President Obama is currently only permitted use of his Blackberry for personal use, his super-secure Blackberry is almost ready.

For people who have issues dropping their phones in water, Sharp has announced a solar-powered water-proof phone.

The T-MobileSidekick LX 2009 got a strong review from Engadget.

The LG Versa can truly be turned into a gaming machine with the game pad module.

for Blackberry now integrates the phone and the service much better.

The App Store has reached its billionth download courtesy of a 13-year-old who scored an awesome prize pack.

pissed off a lot of people by approving a game called Baby Shaker. The company has since removed the application and apologized for it.

The New York Times has written a piece about why AT&T cares so much about keeping its iPhone exclusivity.

should have planned to provide service to people at Coachella who suddenly found their lovely iPhone application was useless.

AT&T has already leaked its plan to kick the Palm Pre in the shins.

How does access to Twitter and Facebook in every iPhone application sound?

T-mobile has managed to sell one million G1's in half a year.

An Android Cupcake preview shows off a pretty cool new feature called live folders, which should be released next month.


Scandal in The Pirate Bay case. Apparently, the judge is a member of a copyright protection organization. Can we say conflict of interest? Meanwhile, a study has concluded that pirates are 10x more likely to legally purchase music. Or they are more likely to lie on surveys.

An Oklahoma man who threatened over Twitter to die on the Capitol steps and kill police officers was arrested by the FBI.

Music label executives sure have a way with words. A Norwiegan who couldn't download the latest Dave Matthews album on iTunes tweeted a complaint. A Warner tweeted back that he was a "brat" and should "steal it".

Students U.S. failed to prove teachers' use of sites such as TurnItIn.com is copyright infringement.

How long until people realize that work places are checking social networking accounts? A woman was fired for using Facebook while "sick" after making a ridiculous claim that she had to lie in the dark.

Soon there may be an official ranking system for the credibility of blogs' information. And the U.S. now has nearly as many paid bloggers as attorneys (yet they are paid far, far less).

A privacy group in the UK has stated that Google Street View is not a violation of privacy as long as faces are blurred.

Jeeves of Ask Jeeves fame is back! But only on the U.K. version of the site.

Though Time Warner has officially ended bandwidth capping, an Austin resident found his internet shut off after downloading 44GB in a week.

Craigslist's CEO is claiming the "hear no evil, speak no evil" card by denying that the site is a virtual pimp.

Facebook's terms of service vote is over. While the site hoped to get 30% of its 200 million members to vote (60 million members) it instead got 600,000 voters.

Yahoo! Geocities is officially dead. It marks the end of an era.

Ever wonder what the news would sound like if Kanye was allowed to auto-tune it?

Google now lets readers view the news in a timeline format.


A man was caught for stealing electronics from a local Wal-Mart after posting for sale ads on his company's bulletin board.

The FBI now uses spyware to catch criminals.

Chinese hackers appear to be attempting to hack into NYPD computers. China, of course, denies the accusation.

Companies need to be careful with their portable computers. A single lost laptop costs companies, on average, about $50,000.

Scientists in England have developed software that can read lips in different languages.

Windows 7 will include a Windows XP mode that will run nearly 100% of applications that XP can. The new OS will also be able to stream Windows Media Player libraries over the internet. Also, Windows 7's tablet abilities include reading handwritten math equations as text. The Release Candidate will be released May 5.

Apple thinks netbooks are junk.

Gizmodo has found reviewed a device as powerful as a netbook but only a little larger than a cell phone.

Soon we may be able to put our computers in low power mode while keeping our torrents going.

F-Secure recommends that people stop using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Tired of people getting on your computer? The Tarantula Mouse should keep a good number of people away.


A Braille version of the Kindle may be available in the near future.

Some FBI agents are in hot water after allegedly spying on a women's dressing room.

The U.S. Army is working on a laser gun that will defuse bombs from a distance. It is also working on an electronic bomb (physical bomb that targets electronic devices) that will disable most wireless devices within its blast radius.

The Expresso Book Machine is a strange concoction that allows users to purchase digital copies of a book that are then printed at 150 pages per minute.

Squishbot is a robot that looks like a bug and can grow in size.

For people with way too much money comes a faucet with facial recognition that will set the water temperature according to the person's preference.

Am I the only one who thinks combining a Gillette Fusion blade and an electric razor is a bad idea? Is putting the blade used to shave your face near the blade used to shave, well, other areas a good idea?

A Japanese company is releasing an LCD screen that detects human presence and turns off when no one is around, but fires back up when someone returns.

Love sushi rolls but find they take too much effort to make? Osko+Deichmann has created a device that does the rolling for you.

While Ford struggles to get its electronic vehicles down the assembly line, Dodge appears to be well on its way to producing its Circuit EV (which looks like a Porsche mated with a Viper).

Panasonic has released a Blu-Ray player for cars. Can anyone notice the difference between low- and high-definition on a 7" screen while driving down the road?

People from the Polytechnic of Milan are working on software that can determine which direction a blurred ball is heading in a photograph.


Microsoft's profits have dropped for the first time in 23 years.

Steve Jobs appears to be on track for a return in June.

Joe Biden told the MPAA, a group hated almost as much as Victory Records (yeah, I went there), that it will like Obama's nominee for copyright czar.

A design company is working on a toilet which would allow people to safely and comfortably avoid putting their bums on the seat.

A professor at BYU believes that current university classrooms will be "irrelevant" by 2020.

Though shoe companies spend a lot of money in research and development, advanced shoes may do more harm than good to your stride.


A 6-year-old Norwegian boy was denied the right to change his name to Sonic X by the king. If he still thinks it is a good idea by age 18, he will be able to fulfill his dream.

A new study has found that 8.5% of child gamers are "pathological gamers".

Gamefly is not happy with the USPS.

Warner Bros. may be interested in purchasing Midway.

Would you pay for Tetris lessons?

$60 will soon get a portable NES (one that plays cartridges), two wireless controllers, and a light gun. It can be hooked up to televisions for a full-fledged gaming experience.

The Wiimote had some very interesting prototype designs.

I can understand ordering a Triforce shot from a bar--but ordering Boomer Bile?

The Playstation 3 version of Batman: Arkham Asylum will have the exclusive ability to play as the Joker.

Kotaku has revealed their impressions of Bioshock 2 (spoilers in the article, but there is a warning before them).

There is still time to buy the Orange Box Collection (Half Life 2 + two expansion packs, Lost Coast, Team Fortress 2, and Portal) over Steam for only $10.

Madden 10 will feature Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu on the cover.

The first details of Lego Rock Band have been revealed.

Rock Band Beatles will have 3-part harmonies (rumor confirmation).

Rock Band is getting the full Jane's Addiction album "Nothing's Shocking" as DLC next week. And the Pepsi Rock Band promotion is official, so get ready to drink lots of Pepsi this summer.

Guitar Hero: Van Halen is now available for presale. When will the madness end?

Guitar Hero has three Nirvana tracks coming out this week.

Activision has announced the tracks taken from Guitar Hero 2 for Guitar Hero Smash Hits.

Battlefield 1943 has been priced and dated for consoles and PC.

iPhone users may soon be able to get their World of Warcrack fix on the go (full-featured game, not a dumbed-down version).

Silent Scope and Assassin's Creed are some of the new games available on the App Store.

Screenshots: Bioshock 2 | F1 Wii | Madden 10 | Pikmin 2 (162 screenshots) | Punch Out! Wii

Trailers/Clips: Batman: Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn footage | Battlefield 1943 | Fallout 3: Broken Steel gameplay | Fat Princess (beta videos) | Ghostbusters intro video | Madden 10 trailers (what the heck did they do to the Wii version?!) | Plants vs. Zombies | Red Faction: Guerilla footage | Rock Band Beatles | Tekken 6 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 | X-men Origins: Wolverine behind the scenes


Here are some tricks for better commercial skipping on various DVR's.

Txtful allows people to control 40 web services using text messages.

Update Notifier is a nice program for quickly checking which installed programs are out of date. That is step 1. Step 2 is using msconfig to disable jusched.exe (Java updater) and every other little program that serves no purpose other than to eat memory and check for specific product updates.

The Smart Installer Pack makes installing software after a reformat a cinch.

Crazedlist allows searching multiple cities on Craigslist.

NetVideoHunter is a Firefox extension that makes downloading streaming flash videos really easy.

Contributed by: CyberInferno

Articles found via Digg, Engadget, hackinthebox, The Inquirer, Lifehacker, HardOCP, Gizmodo, or Slashdot if not directly linked.

Thanks for checking out the technology roundup!

Please direct any comments or suggestions to cyberinferno@gmail.com (or post them in the replies).
02:28 PM on 04/26/09
Joe DeAndrea
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Jeeves looks really creepy, haha.
02:38 PM on 04/26/09
AP.net's Resident Staryu
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Man, I love this round-up. Sweet work guys.
02:42 PM on 04/26/09
AP.net's Resident Staryu
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If anyone out there has an old Nokia 1100, hackers might be interested in paying a pretty penny for it. Apparently it can be hacked and used to steal money from bank accounts. Meanwhile, Nokia claims it has no clue why hackers are intersted in the phone.

02:57 PM on 04/26/09
Some guy who enjoys stuff
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Thanks for doing this; I love it.
03:08 PM on 04/26/09
Forget your compass and scars.
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These are so awesome.
03:11 PM on 04/26/09
Neil, Play the Drum Solo of Life!
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what is a 13 yr old going to do with $10K in itunes giftcards,and a mac book pro, haha but thats an awesome prize pack!
03:27 PM on 04/26/09
Registered User
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Tetris lessons. Really? I should offer those. Tetris might be my most marketable skill. And Lego Rock Band? Wow.
03:28 PM on 04/26/09
Registered User
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And by the way, this is an awesome roundup. Thank you.
03:43 PM on 04/26/09
Bloodsucker II
Come untie your little son
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the auto-tune news made me lol so hard!!!!!
04:01 PM on 04/26/09
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I was wondering why the info about the Pirate Bay mistrial I submitted wasn't posted. I guess it was being saved for this. Good roundup as always.

So if I find something to contribute to this, who do I send it to?
04:03 PM on 04/26/09
How am I not myself?
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mutualaddiction's Avatar
First time checking out the Tech Round-up, pretty sweet stuff.

That concept toilet is hilarious, as someone on the site pointed out, you still have to touch the toilet with your arms and legs plus you would have to take your pants completely off to straddle the bowl, unless you've got a butt flap in your jeans.
04:20 PM on 04/26/09
Taking new user name suggestions!
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XEmoBoyShandorX's Avatar
Students U.S. failed to prove teachers' use of sites such as TurnItIn.com is copyright infringement.

This reminded me that I had to turn in my English paper to this site 2 days ago.
04:39 PM on 04/26/09
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zachff's Avatar
Thanks! Evidently as a loyal Gizmodo, Engadget, Crave and Lifehacker reader there are still things that I miss.

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